The world is filled with so many traditions that sometimes people just stick to them without questioning where they came from or why they are held.

Actually, for them the origin is the least important. As long as they have the opportunity to celebrate, eat, drink and share with family and friends, the rest does not seem to matter. However, would we eat a candy given to us by a stranger? Maybe not.

Some parents have taught their children that they should not accept anything that comes from strangers, the reason? It could be poisoned or contain some substance that leaves them unable to defend themselves. So they would be exposed to what the unknown wishes to do with them.

If parents take the time to prevent their children from attacks by strangers, why do not they care about knowing the origin of the parties they have? We do not want to be dogmatic when saying that all parties have a bad background. To tell the truth, if this were so, everyone has the freedom to choose whether, even so, he celebrates it or not.

The truth is that there is nothing better than being informed, knowing the why and what form of things. That way we can have a clear conscience and not without through ignorance.

One of the most important holidays in the world is Mother’s Day. In hundreds of countries, people pay tribute to the woman who gave them life. Have you ever wondered why Mother’s Day is celebrated?

In this article we will be answering this question. This way you will be able to know what is the origin of this important festivity for families.


The first thing you should know is that Mother’s Day is not a new celebration. It dates from many years ago. In fact, it dates back to ancient Greece, where festivities were held to honor the mother of the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, whose name was Rhea.

Later, in ancient Rome, a festival called La Hillarie was instituted, which was celebrated on March 15 in the temple dedicated to Cybele’s. In this festival, mothers were honored for three days with offerings.

Sometime later, the Christians modified the pagan cults that were held in this celebration and transformed it to now honor Mary, the mother of Jesus. This is not surprising because previously they had done it with festivities such as Christmas, birthdays, etc.

Finally, the Christians established December 8, the day of the Immaculate Conception, as the official day to celebrate mothers.

However, there are other related celebrations such as Mother’s Sunday, which had been celebrated in Great Britain since the 17th century. There were also similar events that were proposed in the 19th century all over the world.

In the United States it is considered that it was Anna Jarvis, who promoted the celebration of this festival after the death of her mother. She was a great peace activist during World War II.

Not only that, but also promoted in other states, the institution of a day where the effort made by working mothers could be commemorated. Seven years after his proposal, President Wilson made Mother’s Day official.

The same has happened globally. But what else do you need to know about this party?

What do you need

Although this woman, Anna Javas, made a great effort to make Mother’s Day official, sometime later she herself stated that she was dissatisfied with the commercial character that was given to said date.

So things did not turn out as originally planned. So she may have been disappointed.

Another interesting fact that you need to know is that Anna Jarvis proposed Mother’s Day, in the singular, and not mothers, in the plural, why is this fact? After this woman created the international association for Mother’s Day, she said that the singular of the word mother should be preserved, why? Because, according to her, the tribute was not for mothers in general, but rather each one of the families had the duty to honor their own mother.

Undoubtedly, a rather unique fact. The fact is that today, in their country of origin, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day.

Now, what are the final tips we have for you today?


Whether you decide to celebrate this day or not, since you now know that its origin is not Christian, you should keep in mind that, although it sounds generic “there is only one mother.” Therefore, while she is alive, value her, spend time with her, listen to her concerns about her and, if it is within your means about her, cover her needs about her.

It is likely that, the day he is gone, you will want to do it but you will not be able to. One thing that goes away and never comes back is time. Therefore, enjoy your mother now that you can.