In this world there is a great variety of festivals and celebrations which commemorate a national date or great historical event. Although we will also find celebrations and festivities given by the religions of each country. However, those that we consider most special are those festivities that are responsible for commemorating the role that a person plays within society. See mother’s day or father’s day. That is why celebrating Father’s Day brings with it great importance.

For the simple fact of allocating a specific day of the year to honor your father, that man who gave your life and who in most cases. He has been an exemplary figure for moving forward and a source of inspiration. As well as motivation to move forward or support to achieve your goals. For this and many more reasons it is very important to celebrate Father’s Day.

In this post we are going to tell you a little about this festivity and its interesting and curious origins. With the sole purpose that you understand why it is necessary that you consider the idea of ​​​​sharing this day with your father.

When should we celebrate Father’s Day?

Being honest, this festivity does not have a fixed date, since it varies depending on various countries. For example, in Spain, Father’s Day is usually celebrated on March 19. Which is considered the day of Saint Joseph (Father of Jesus on earth)? This Date is shared with countries such as Bolivia, Portugal, Andorra, Italy, Macao, Honduras, Liechtenstein and Equatorial Guinea.

Although there are a large number of countries that celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. Given mainly by the influence of the origin of this celebration in the United States. Being a large part of the Latin and Central American countries who share that date. Although it also extends to some parts of Europe.

There are other dates such as February 23. Considered the day of defenders of the fatherland in Russia. And that is why they have established this holiday on that date. Although if we stop to see each of the dates on which Father’s Day is celebrated by each country. This blog would extend us more than necessary. The point is that the date may vary depending on some countries.

Origin of this Celebration.

The most popular origin story of the Father’s Day celebration. It is given out of gratitude from a daughter and US citizen named Sonora Smart Dodd. She who is grateful and proud of her father Henry Jackson Smart. A United States Civil War veteran. He single-handedly raised her daughter and her five siblings with great effort. After the death of his wife in childbirth of his last child of him.

Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of ​​commemorating her father’s sacrifice and effort to raise them on June 5. Same date as her father’s birthday. Although at first she did what she could to highlight this date on the calendars, her efforts were in vain. Although over time the idea of ​​”A Father’s Day” would gain greater strength and importance.

Until the officialization of this celebration was finally achieved in 1966. By the president at the time in charge Lyndon Johnson.