One of the most important days of the year, except for those already well known and marked in red or bold on the default calendar, is the day of the person who gave birth to you or raised you with all their love: that is, your mother. Mothers or people who are important to you as such.

Because yes, mother of course, she is the woman who gives your life. But so is she, the woman who raises you. It is not necessary to always have to be, by blood ties. That said, mother, whether she is by upbringing, being biological, by adoption, by love, etc. The point is that Mother’s Day is not always the same in all countries. Curious, but it is so. For example, without going any further, Mother’s Day in Uruguay is on the twelfth of May.
Uruguay is a country in (South) America. In general, it tends to coincide that this date always agrees to be the second weekend, Sunday, of the month of May. It almost has coincidences with the European country of Spain. That coincides in being Mother’s Day also in the month of May, but it is always the first Sunday of the month.


  1. In each country, even if the day is celebrated for the same person, for the day solely and exclusively for mothers, they do not always coincide on the day, nor in the same month of the year. And be careful, because, although in general, the important thing is to spend that day with that important person, the one who gave your life, the one who raised you, the one you want and love above all things, you don’t always have each other. The same customs and may vary a little in some countries.
  2. For example, although it is true that, as we say, the important thing is to spend that day with your mother, with your family, because it is a family and a beautiful day… a gift is usually given. Something personal, something handmade, invite her to lunch or dinner, spend the day somewhere, give gifts… but in countries like the one in question, in Uruguay, for example, they have their own customs.
  3. What do they usually do on May 12 to celebrate Mother’s Day? Well, in that American country, they are used to preparing barbecues and trying to gather all their loved ones to spend that beautiful day together and happily.
  4. Many people sometimes wonder how this day was conceived or invented to celebrate Mother’s Day. Where did this date come from? It is certainly nothing from the other day. In fact, one would have to look back, many centuries ago… as many as in the time of ancient Greece. At that time, in Greece, there were many festivities and days to celebrate things as important as fertility. For the Greeks, fertility was very important and from there, the celebration that venerated the mother of Zeus, the greatest figure for them, called Rhea.
  5. But we will not go into the history of ancient Greece, because also “something closer to our times”, in the Romans, the custom was followed and they venerated another very important figure that, of course, was also related to fertility. And with the earth. This figure was Cybele. And from there, it passed over the years to the most recent era, the Catholic era. Passing then, to the “figure” fertile person, the one who gives life, generates, cares for and/or gives love. Therefore, she is the mother.
  6. It should be noted, of course, that the fertile figure and the idealistic figure of fertility did not refer as such, in ancient times, to the mother. This happened in modern times. In fact, if documents are reviewed, they all stand out and agree that it was as always, in the American country, when Mother’s Day was conceived as such. Some say that it was for a specific woman and her rights, others, that it was a woman, yes, but that the date was “started”, because she celebrated that day to commemorate a day for her mother. In the case of this woman, her mother, unfortunately, had died a few years earlier. So in the end, this day passed from year to year…until today.
  7. In Uruguay, what the little ones of the house and the children in general do is to do activities in their school for that special day. They prepare little things by hand and personally deliver them to their mothers on this special day to show how much they love them and how special they are. They, for their part, as we said before, usually prepare delicious roasts.
  8. You also have to take into account that not all families are the same, that not all children, children or mothers are the same… therefore, the important thing is always to be able to show your mother how much you love her, what how much it means to you, what it means in your life, what you respect and admire. Do not wait until it has to be a specific day that marks your calendar. The best thing is to show it on a daily basis. But even so, a detail for a specific day is not bad at all. Nobody is bitter about a sweet and it makes them excited.
  9. But as we said, each person is a world. You may not have much of a budget, but that’s no excuse. You can give flowers to your mother. A very pretty and colorful bouquet. Or, your mother’s favorite flowers. You can also cut flowers from your garden and prepare a nice centerpiece or bouquet.
  10. If she likes something more personal, make a nice letter, prepare a poem, recite it to her or write it down so she can keep it as a souvenir, print a special photograph of you, paint her a drawing, write her a letter expressing how much you love her and what you she means to you, giving her a jewel with some inscription to remind her of that moment, engrave a date, your name, a nice phrase, a photo of you or yours… give her a jewel that she will always wear, or a perfume that like, a detail that you know he may like and/or be excited about.
  11. Of course, you must assess what possibilities you have to make one gift or another, from your economy. But even, it may be enough to buy a delicious dessert for the meal that mom will prepare with love or, make it yourself and be more special. Or directly, prepare the food yourself so that she does not have to be working that day and she simply can enjoy and rest.

What do you need

  • Do not forget the day marked on the calendar.
  • Have a nice detail with your mother that day.
  • Remind her, once again, how much you love her and how much she means to you.


Of course, not everyone should do the same for their mother. There is no need to go bankrupt for that day, nor do anything. Being natural is, ultimately, the most logical thing to do. What your mother will truly value on that day is that she knows that you love her de Ella, what she means to you and with one detail, any gift you have with her will delight her.

But if, in addition, it is something personal, something that shows that it has taken you time to prepare, that you have done yourself, with love… it will especially touch the soul. Remember that the most expensive is not always the best. Just think about what you would like. It may surprise you to know that having a breakfast prepared by yourself and brought to your bed is what could make you more excited.