There are days that are significantly special and they are special. That day of the year, designated, that we all try to fulfill and have free. One of those special days is Mother’s Day. Not only national, it is worldwide (even if it is not in all countries on the same day of the year).

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world. But be careful, not in all countries, it is celebrated on the same day. Interesting, right? In fact, Mother’s Day, in countries like the United States, is celebrated in the month of May. In fact, it is always on the second Sunday of May. It is curious that it does not matter what day (number) it falls on. It only takes into account, which must be, the second (and not first, as in other countries), Sunday of the month of May.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about why, keep reading and do not miss this article. Do you know the reason why this celebration is celebrated on this specific day? Everything has a story… we explain it to you.


  1. It is due, in fact, to some American women. Eye, we refer to the day on which it is celebrated. Because really celebrating Mother’s Day has been going on for centuries! For one thing or another or, with one belief or another… but it will be celebrated. From the Greeks to the Romans…
  2. As for the date, the second Sunday in May, it is due to a lady named Julia Howe. Julia was (among other things) a great activist and from there, with the many causes she led, she stood up and fought for mothers to also have her particular day. Also, furthermore, because she was also a mother.
  3. Another lady who is also due in the United States on this day of celebration is Ann Marie Reeves. She was the one who created in 1905, the international day of her mother’s day. All this, you have to think, that it was a complicated time. In the midst of civil war. It was in those moments when she fought for women’s rights. In the middle of the war, for example, she fought and got improvements so that the enemy’s army had better sanitary conditions. Quite a milestone.
  4. We must think and highlight the difficult role that women had then. That is why it is valued and we must continue to do so, everything that we women have achieved thanks to the first ones who decided to break with everything established (despite the consequences that it could bring them) and says enough is enough. Fight for their rights, everyone’s. The one who would listen to them and take them seriously.
  5. A curious fact about Mother’s Day in the United States, contrary to other countries where only mothers are paid attention to and they are the ones who are honored, in this American country it is not only for them. We explain it more clearly. Yes and no… It is also done for stepmothers, mothers who are adoptive, women who are like “mothers” to you, even aunts, grandmothers and even godmothers. A little more generalized as you can see.
  6. The idea is really the same. It is to celebrate that day with a woman or women, who are important to you. That they have helped you, that you respect, that you want, that you love… that they are an example for you to follow.
  7. When it comes to knowing what is done for that day in America, it is already more personal and will depend on each family, each situation, each moment… as in any self-respecting celebration.
    What they tend to do more normally is to go as a family or take the women out for lunch or dinner at a restaurant or bar. It is a day for them to try not to do too many things, except enjoy themselves and be happy and content.
  8. Of course, it depends on each family and what they can afford. Because just as many families go out to celebrate it, there are also those who prefer to celebrate it at home. Full of their relatives. Or, on the contrary, they go out to the mountains or the fields and have a picnic together.
  9. You can also see other ways to celebrate it. Go to see shows, go to the movies in the company of your loved ones, go for a walk, watch movies with your children, go shopping (typical girls’ day), etc.
  10. Very cute ideas for mothers that can be done to have a detail are bouquets of flowers, go to pick flowers and see how the children prepare it in an artisanal way and to their own taste for their mothers, they make postcards, little letters, they prepare breakfast in bed, they make them special letters… the point is not to buy great gifts and luxuries. If not, have details and really be with the mother and/or woman who is so special to you and who knows that you are there. That you love her and how much she means to you.
  11. What should be taken into account and valued the most is that you do not have to take into account only mothers, aunts, grandmothers, godmothers women of the family, whom you love, in a single day. Because the calendar marks it. Nope.
  12. Do not fall into this and always be aware of everything they do for you and always show them, on a daily basis, how much they mean to you and you love them.
    It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, nor is the economy an excuse to have a detail. It is enough to be detailed and in this aspect, money is the least important. Think about what he would like, what hobbies he has, what he likes, etc. It may be enough that you prepare food for her that day, or a dessert, a bouquet of flowers, breakfast in bed, watch a movie together, go for a walk together, write her a letter, go to the movies together, a spa day. To relax or prepare it at home, with candles and in saving mode. You just have to think a little!

What do you need

  • Do not forget that the day is on the second Sunday of the month of May.
  • Tell them in your day to day how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Do not leave it only for a day marked on the calendar.


As you know, Americans stand out for trying to do everything in a big way, and it can’t be less of a celebration of this kind. But to show your mother or the woman who means so much to you, how much you love her and how important she is to you, you don’t need to waste money or do crazy things. It is enough to show it from the heart, in the purest and most sincere way. That is why it is so important that it not only take place on the day marked on the calendar. The three hundred and sixty-five days of the year must be valued and taken into account.

Do not forget it and make your mothers happy, all year round. A kiss, a hug, saying I love you and worrying about them… that is priceless and it will be what truly fills their souls every day. And that, you don’t buy… it’s free.