Are you interested in knowing when Mother’s Day is in Mexico? Or you woke up flustered this morning wondering if you missed this date. We sincerely hope that this is not the case because I do not think your mother will be very happy that you have forgotten her special day, but do not worry. It’s never too late to please your mother and you still have the rest of the day to share with her.

We will start by immediately answering the main question. On what date is Mother’s Day celebrated in Mexico? This celebration corresponds to May 10. And unlike other countries, this does not fit the second Sunday of that month. Mexico being one of the few that keep it fixed.

In this post we will deal with this celebration in depth and we will know a little about its history, as well as mention the importance that has been given to this festivity over time and as even today, despite the fact that it is more a commercial festivity than anything else.. It remains one of the most recognized celebrations worldwide. Well, there are many countries that commemorate and honor women with the title of mother.

Regardless of the date on which this holiday is celebrated in your country, which is worth mentioning that the date changes according to each nation. (Usually round between the months of May, August and December). The interpretation that is given to this party is the same. So without further ado, it’s time to start the publication…

Origin of Mother’s Day in Mexico.

The origin of this celebration in Mexico turns out to have a more interesting background than is believed. Well, as we have mentioned, this festival takes place annually on May 10. And it has remained that way since 1911. However, this celebration was institutionalized back in 1922, by order of the director of the Excelsior «Rafael Adducing». This initiative is supported by the Secretary of Education “José Vasconcelos”.

This movement by the two previously mentioned politicians was motivated by the idea that this festivity was a reaction of a Yucatan feminist movement. Which sought to respect the ideas of liberation and education of women?

This celebration is today supported by various state entities in Mexico, in addition to having a certain religious connotation because it also commemorates the Virgin of Guadalupe in some towns of the national territory.

Importance and Value of the Festival.

The love that a mother can provide is possibly the purest love that can be received in life. There are few cases where a mother does not appreciate the life of her own child, because at the end of the day. A son represents a very special figure. To such an extent that many times they will do everything possible to give us an excellent life, to love us regardless of the circumstances and above all. We have been raised to be what we are today.

That is why the fact that there is a day where we can commemorate that effort, love and appreciation that they have given us, takes on an important value. It is a day that offers us the perfect excuse to give them back all the love they have given us throughout our lives and remember that despite any situation, argument or fight. They are that woman we appreciate most in life.

Of course, it is not enough to write a paragraph explaining how important this holiday is. Regardless of the fact that today it means more a commercial celebration such as Christmas itself or Valentine’s Day. And we know that any day of the year we can show our mother how special she is, but allocate a specific day, even in a symbolic way, to remember that they are special. It is something that means more than we think.

For this and more reasons, it is indisputable that Mother’s Day is important, not only in Mexico but in any country where this holiday is celebrated.


The role that a mother plays within society cannot be replaced, because it is an important factor in forging good citizens. In addition to all the meaning and emotional value that flows around the title of mother. That is why commemorating her efforts by her through a date dedicated to all the women who proudly bear this responsibility is something to be thankful for.