Today it is up to us to talk about Mother’s Day in Ecuador, a holiday that many cannot ignore. And that more than one insurance recognizes how important it is within our society. The reason? I think there is no need to even mention it. For the simple fact that it is an exclusive day to celebrate the woman who loves us most in the world. Our mothers, each of them has an important value and appreciation for us. Regardless of what kind of relationship you have with your mother, the fact that she was the one who gave your life is undeniable, but more importantly, she is the one who has raised you to be what you are.

That is why we have also prepared a special gift for all mothers on their day, and that is that we will dedicate entire post writing about this holiday and its importance. Without further comment it is time to start with the publication.

Date on which Mother’s Day is celebrated in Ecuador.

Mother’s Day in Ecuador is celebrated on May 12. That is, on the second Sunday of May of each year. As expected, this day has the purpose of honoring all those women who are mothers and offering them a special day to show the love and appreciation that they have.

Of course, a very popular saying says that every day is Mother’s Day and you don’t have to wait exclusively for May 12 to show her love. While that is true, symbolically this day is to commemorate that title obtained by each woman who has the joy of raising a child. We refer to the term “raising” and not giving birth, because mother is the one who rises, and we want to include in it women who for various reasons cannot have a child of their own but who with great pride resort to adoption and fill all the possible love for their children.

This day becomes the perfect time to thank them for all the effort and work that their role entails. Both in the family and in society itself. So offering gifts, an exclusive day to share with her or simply dedicating more attention than is normally given to her is something normal.

It is a celebration that is celebrated not only in Ecuador but also in many countries around the world, some on different dates but the vast majority celebrates it during the month of May. At least in a large part of the Latin countries it is established that way. Except for Argentina, which celebrates it on October 20? For reasons of tradition.

How to celebrate mother’s day?

This may be a simple question to answer for some, but there are others who may not know how to celebrate this holiday. Our best recommendation is to give your mother good times and memories of her, so inviting her to dinner or simply spending the whole day with her is enough. Accompanying that date with one or another detail in the form of sweets is a very accepted gesture and one that will probably fill her with happiness.

If you have any talent such as drawing or singing, what better than dedicating an exclusive work just for her? Or dedicate a song to her that represents your mother showing how much I appreciate her.

In itself, the way to celebrate this day varies according to each person, some may give great importance to Mother’s Day, but others may not. Regardless of what your case is, the essential thing is to take advantage of that day to at least tell your mother how much you love her. Because if someone on this planet deserves your love, respect and affection, it is your mother.

Ecuador is a tropical country, so its climate can greatly influence your plans to spend the day with your mother. It is advisable to have a plan for a rainy day situation. In the event of such a situation, why not come to an agreement with your father and organize a family movie afternoon. Where they make sure to share all together. This may not be the best option for some but it is an alternative, the weather does not have to be an impediment to enjoy.

Without further ado, we hope that this publication has been useful to you and that above all you know how important this date is to show your love to your mother.