Let’s find out when it’s Mother’s Day in Chile. And let’s discover the importance of this holiday that is celebrated around the world by various countries. Some celebrate it on different dates and others share it. Although the vast majority is usually celebrated in the month of May, more so if we focus on the case of Latin countries.

Throughout this article we are going to deepen the theme of this festivity, knowing its history and origin until we discuss its importance. Points that some may already know and others may not. If the latter is your case, we invite you to accompany us throughout this entry, because its content may interest you.

However, and not to give so much length to the question that gives its name to the title of this post. We will reply that Mother’s Day in Chile is celebrated on May 10. Being usually the second Sunday of this month and has been established as such for commercial reasons. Chile shares this date with other Latin countries, with the vast majority celebrating Mother’s Day on May 10. Except in a few Latin countries where this celebration takes place on other dates, but in the same month.

As was the case of Bolivia that celebrates it on May 27 or Brazil that corresponds to it on May 12. Although there are also some like Argentina that celebrate it on August 20. Being one of the few South American countries that celebrate it on a date far removed from the rest.

History and Origin of this Celebration.

This festival traces its origin to ancient Greece. Country where it began as a celebration that honors Rea. She knew as the mother of the three main Greek gods. That is, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Later this celebration was acquired by the Romans, who named it Hillarie and used to celebrate it for three days by giving offerings in the Cybele’s temple.

This celebration would undergo another modification with the arrival of Christianity. Which was now destined to honor the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus? March fifteenth being the date where the Virgin Mary was celebrated and honored. Over the years this celebration would be acquired by another religion, this time being Catholicism. Which also gave its own interpretation and date to celebrate it? Marking December 8 as the date to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

As can be seen over time, this celebration has undergone certain modifications, mainly due to the beliefs of each religion. Today it has been adopted in many countries as Mother’s Day and is usually celebrated in the months of May, August and December. Depending on each country.

Although today it is interpreted more as a commercial holiday, the popularity it has achieved and that in a certain way is indisputable. It has not been a bad thing, because it pays tribute to her mother and her important role in society.

Mother’s Day and its Symbolic Value.

Mother’s Day in Chile and in the rest of the countries of the world where this celebration is celebrated. It takes on a very remarkable importance. Since it is the day where we honor that woman who has given us life, the one who has raised us with much effort, love and dedication. And that in a certain way, she has forged the person we are today.

The importance of Mother’s Day goes beyond being a mere business excuse or vague celebration. Actually, this festivity acquires a symbolic value because it becomes a day destined to thank and please each of the women who proudly hold the title of mother.

There are many who share that they think that Mother’s Day can be every day and you don’t have to wait exclusively for this date to be able to show the love and appreciation you have for your mom. This is very true and it is valid to think that way, however, and as we have mentioned, this is a day that takes on a more symbolic value than anything else. Well, like any festivity of this nature, it is only created to pay respect and honor those people who have this title.

We hope that this article has been to your liking and that above all, you have learned something new. We hope you enjoy sharing this date dedicated to her de Ella with your mother and that you remember to show her how important she is to you. Both as a family member, as a social figure.