Many people think that holidays or where a certain social group or historical event is commemorated. It is nothing more than propaganda and an excuse to market any given day. That is why many think that Mother’s Day can be celebrated on any day of the year and there is no reason for there to be only one day where you can thank your mother for being what she is.

For people who think that way, any point of view is fine and valid. However, we consider that dedicating an exclusive to your mother, even in a symbolic way, is something pleasant and in a certain way important. So it is good to know what day it is celebrated. Although there are countries where this festivity is celebrated on another date, today we will focus on Argentina.

We start fully answering the question in case you only seem interested in knowing the date. Mother’s Day in Argentina is celebrated on October 20. And throughout this article we will tell you a little about some interesting facts about this holiday dedicated to all Argentine mothers. If you want to know and learn a little more, we invite you to read the entire publication and give us your opinions at the end.

Mother’s Day in Argentina.

The important role that mothers play in our society is unparalleled. So commemorating and honoring them on their day is something that we should not overlook. And we are not referring to only our mother but to any woman who is exercising such a beautiful role.

Although the material does not necessarily have to be the best gift, it never hurts to surprise with a detail. Or it is even better to dedicate that day to eating with the family, taking her to a restaurant that she likes and indulging in what she wants to eat. There are some who have various talents that can help a lot in these kinds of situations, if writing is your thing. Go ahead and write a poem for her that reflects how much love you have for her and how grateful you are to her. Not only for giving your life but for raising and being a fundamental key to being what you are today.

Hug her, kiss her and make her remember at every moment how special she is. It is a day where you have to show her and “return” all the love that she has given you throughout her life. No matter how you decide to show your appreciation and affection, the important thing is to do it accompanied by the purest and most sincere “I love you”. Why yes, if you are looking for a person in the world who deserves to say that phrase that is your mother. She is the only one who will really know how to value it and above all, she will return it to you whenever she has the opportunity.

Enjoy and have a good time on Mother’s Day in Argentina. This October 20, enjoy with that woman so special to you. Remember that like your mother, there is no other.

Origin of the Festival.

This holiday dates back to ancient Greece, when the Greeks celebrated and honored “Rhea” the mother of the trio of main gods of Greece (Poseidon, Zeus and Hades). The years went by until the Christians took that same holiday to honor the Virgin Mary, who is popularly known as the mother of Jesus. As for the Catholic saints, it took December 8 as the date to correspond to the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Festivity which is celebrated on that same date and that continues to this day in Panama.

As a curious fact, in the beginning, Mother’s Day in Argentina was celebrated on October 11. The same day that the Virgin Mary is commemorated in the liturgical calendar. However, a certain custom of waiting until the 3rd Sunday of October to entertain the mothers was maintained. So over time it ended up becoming official on October 20 as Mother’s Day.

Argentina is the only Latin country that celebrates Mother’s Day in October. Well, in the rest of Latin countries this celebration is celebrated in the month of May. Being Argentina the only one that celebrates it during the month of October. Something that does not occur with the holiday of Father’s Day, because this is kept on the same date as in most Latin countries.