Father’s Day is the celebration of all men in the world and represents the dominant figure and head of the family, due to the great responsibilities that come with being the main being watching over the family. But when is Father’s Day?

The initiative was taken by a woman from the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, because the man had the responsibility of raising all his children after the death of his wife; starting from that country to most of the world and was institutionalized in 1966.

For its part, at the beginning of the tradition, it was given as part of a religious festival, but it was taken by some non-believers in the gospel in the same way because it represents love, understanding, the pillar or bastion of a family and the reward is the values ​​it instills.

What do you need

  • Thank.
  • Support.
  • The teaching of values.
  • Presence of the Father.
  • Protection of all.
  • Shield against the world.
  • Full delivery.
  • Family that works.


The father is the head of the family following the mother and then the children, who are the members that make it up, then the other people who form it are annexed, but more in a similar way such as grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​among many other relatives.

Father’s Day is celebrated as a tribute to the care and protection that they profess towards each member of the family, offering their presence and support so that each of them can defend themselves in the world through what they receive from them.

All about Father’s Day

  1. Father’s Day is a holiday that had its beginnings as a religious holiday, due to the figure of the father of Jesus, head of the Catholic Church, and later became part of one of the universal celebrations in all parts of the world.
  2. It refers to the kindness, dedication and selflessness that Saint Joseph always carried with him and for which this man is taken as a reference as the image of the head of the family with all the responsibilities that have to do with this.
  3. The delivery offered by a father becomes the greatest proof of a man’s love for his family and for this reason it is the consecration of a being towards beings that come from within, the children he procreates to populate the world.
  4. It is the image of the consecration towards the family, for this reason a father takes his family forward despite the adversities, which are usually the ones that originate the strength and dedication of each of the members whose main part is the Father..
  5. The upbringing that a father usually gives is offered without expecting anything in return, because he knows that it is his duty as head of the family; however, he deserves a whole special day for him in order to provide him with the best support and understanding.
  6. The beginning of the celebration is taken on June 19 as it is the birthday of Sonora Smart’s father, a woman who decided to promote this recognition to her father, who, despite not being with her mother, offered her love and support.
  7. Father’s Day becomes the complement to the celebration of Mother’s Day, to pay tribute to the beings that are the main formatters and the beginning of the family in all parts of the world, because without them this would not happen.
  8. Mother’s Day honors women who offer their dedication and care to children within a place called home and Father’s Day gives rise to celebrate men who are the main source of sustenance within the family.
  9. Father’s Day was formally an annual holiday in the United States, starting in 1966, decreeing on the third Sunday of June, always squaring its celebration between June 18 and 22 of each year.
  10. Father’s Day in Spain is celebrated in March, for having a Catholic religious character, through which the Father of Jesus Christ is honored on earth Saint Joseph, for this reason it becomes a religious festival in this country.
  11. It is a religious festival, but very popular among the parishioners who offer all the blessings, gifts, love and company of these beings who deserve this festival and many others that can be offered to decorate them.
  12. This means that Father’s Day has its special day, regardless of the date that has been chosen by each country in the world; the important thing is the concept or message that this party offers to the people who feel the affection of all.
  13. Father’s Day is also a family celebration because all the members gather around that image of being that has given them life and has formed, through struggle and sacrifice, the family union with all those around them.
  14. The celebrations include food and drinks that are prepared with great care by each of the members, doing so based on the participation of all those who make up the family, which has formed this person as a fundamental pillar.
  15. The father’s love is unconditional. And hence the creation of a special day in gratitude for his love and for giving him to families. The father is the protector of the family, so his role is essential for society to progress. Just as the woman is a mother and gives her love, the man also deserves a tribute.
  16. Father’s Day is celebrated in all public and private institutions as well as educational ones with the making of beautiful presents made by the hands of the children themselves and delivered on the special day of the celebration to each of these men.
  17. Parents are the creators of a home, who have the responsibility of providing support as well as the possibilities of getting ahead despite the obstacles that arise in their lives, unemployment, shortages, and illness, among others.
  18. Father’s Day is taught to adults and children to maintain an annual tradition about that special day, to keep it alive in the minds of all the people who care and love their parents for the selflessness and care they profess to the family.
  19. Apart from everything, the effort of the Parents to offer their children the best education must be taken into account, with which they will defend themselves against the world and the society where they feel part of it thanks to that figure that has given them everything.
  20. Father’s Day is something to celebrate together with the family, but also the commercial side is always united where different products are promoted to buy the Father and give him, but it does not stop being a family festivity ignoring this.
  21. Every day happiness and family unity must be given to the Parents who have given their lives and have given all the effort and work to bring their family forward, for which a gift is a way of offering it, but more important is the presence.
  22. The celebration of Father’s Day is done according to the location in which they are, being different in all parts of the world. Although the date of June is common for many, in some the month also differs in addition to the day of the celebration.
  23. On the other hand, there are also countries that use the moon to celebrate Father’s Day, for this reason they take into account that everything differs from the region where the person is, so it is important to know about these dates.
  24. So it is inferred then that the date of Father’s Day does not coincide in most countries, but the mentality of some has been changing, coming to celebrate this beautiful date to honor fathers on their day.
  25. You must never forget Father’s Day being a celebration of Saint Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus Christ who came into the world to suffer for the sins of all, being the image of his father seen as the man of the Holy Family.

Worldwide, Father’s Day is celebrated, but both the month and the day on which it is usually celebrated change. But by month we have countries that we present below:

  1. Month of February: the only country that celebrates on this date is Russia.
  2. Month of March: It is Father’s Day in many European countries such as Spain, Morocco, Andorra, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Bolivia.
  3. Month of May: South Korea, Romania, Tonga and Germany.
  4. Month of June: Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and most of the countries of America among which we can mention: Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Aruba among many more that make up this continent.
  5. In addition to this, countries such as Slovakia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Burma, Antigua Bangladesh, China, among many others, also celebrate it on this date.
  6. Month of July: Uruguay, Dominican Republic.
  7. Month of August: it is celebrated in this month by countries such as Brazil, Taiwan and Samoa.
  8. Month of September: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Latvia, Ukraine.
  9. Month of October: the only country in the world that celebrates Father’s Day in this month is Luxembourg.
  10. Month of November: Estonia, Finland, Indonesia, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
  11. Month of December: Thailand and Bulgaria.

Each country has its day of celebration of Father’s Day and the list is bigger because it is commemorated throughout the world without distinction of race or creed, it also starts from the month of February, leaving the month of January without any country that celebrates it. Celebrate in it.

The important thing is not to overlook that the Parents must also be given all the love, returning what they have left in each of their descendants, being the most important figure within the family nucleus of any society.


In addition to giving back in old age, everything that parents have left their children as a legacy must be provided.

The way of celebrating Father’s Day varies from country to country. But in all of them the essence is the same. Celebrate the figure of the man who gives us life and helps us maintain union, love and progress in societies.

Father’s Day is one of the most emotional since we were little and at school they teach us to make crafts for dad. Let’s not lose that habit of paying tribute to them.