We all know about the celebration of Father’s Day in all parts of the world, but what we do not know is when it is celebrated and it is a party that, according to the country, is held from February to December; Now, according to this, when is Father’s Day in Uruguay ?

As is tradition in that country, Father’s Day in Uruguay is celebrated on the second Sunday of July, becoming part of the countries that dedicate that date precisely on that table, although in other Latin countries it is done in the month of June as in United States.

In spite of everything, this date, as in other countries, takes into account the father as a special being who offers his children everything necessary to establish a bond of union and love, remembering that they are the most important thing and that a special day should be commemorated. Special day for them.

What do you need

  • Fun.
  • Colorful.
  • Sees it.
  • Commemoration.
  • Tribute.
  • Feelings.


As in many countries, Father’s Day is maintained with the traditional effort of children to make cards for their parents in educational institutions, hand in hand with their teachers who have the patience and virtue to teach them how to make them.

Children also use a lot of materials to make this beautiful present with poems, dedications, songs, phrases, among many other things, in addition to fun and beautiful colors, which are delivered to parents in an emotional party.

All about Father’s Day in Uruguay

  1. The gift is one of the manifestations of affection of children to their parents, for this reason what children have the power to offer their parents in an opportunity to express that fraternal feeling is taken into account.
  2. Spontaneity is another of the principles that governs this special day since the children and their creativity are the protagonists in the elaboration of the gifts that they will give to their parents on the day expected by all in July.
  3. In Uruguay as in other Latin countries, educational institutions prepare to carry out different acts that carry with them the act itself of celebrating the head of the family with acts where children are the main protagonists.
  4. The children prepare very well in the company of their teachers the elaboration of the traditional cards with poems, phrases, songs, among many others to give them as gifts on the day of the school tribute to the parents.
  5. All parents deserve a recognized tribute on their day, especially those who dedicate their effort and work to making their children useful people to society, concerned about and aware of their children’s education.
  6. Also on this day, the children entertain their parents with songs, dances, poems and odes sung by themselves, as a prelude to the great celebration in their homes to commemorate that being that becomes the head of the family and responsible for it.
  7. On Sunday the parents gather around the family and the center of attention is focused on the father as the main member of the family and to those who owe tribute, for this reason everything is centered on dances, laughter and food.
  8. For the people of Uruguay on Father’s Day they honor all men regardless of whether or not they carry the title, but rather to the person who fulfills the role without having any qualms about doing so, that’s why all men have their date special on this father’s day.
  9. On Father’s Day in Uruguay, what attracts the most attention apart from celebrating the man is the table that is prepared with so much love where the honoree sits at the head, which leads the baton or is at the head of the family.
  10. What is usually served is a meat of any kind on the grill, in addition to delivering the presents to the parents and of course the dancing and drinking, all with total fun for both adults and children who watch their dad adoringly.
  11. To surprise dad in his day there are many ways to do it and in a surprising way without him knowing, for this it is important to establish creative ideas so that this can happen without problems, for this you can do the following:
  12. Prepare a message with words written by yourself so that you pay tribute to it with letters of your inspiration and creativity.
  13. A present made by your hands that offers the possibility of teaching him how, as well as how much you love him, and thus make you feel the luckiest person in the world.
  14. Uncles, grandparents, siblings, friends, colleagues among many others who are parents are also usually honored on this day and join the family so that everyone gathers around a single table.
  15. Many Uruguayan families have the custom of going for walks or walks to beautiful places with their parents on this day in addition to enjoying the landscape and the outdoors.
  16. Apart from all this, new technologies are also available to offer a beautiful dedication to dad where the whole family expresses itself or simply remembers anecdotes with him.

Among the beautiful month places in Uruguay to commemorate Father’s Day you can get:

  1. network type
  2. Drayman Hot Springs.
  3. Arequipa Hill.

More about Father’s Day in Uruguay

On this day in Uruguay, people also go to mass very early to commemorate those beings who are not alive, and the family also gathers to celebrate the life they gave for everyone in the church, so it is a beautiful tradition in this respect.

  1. During the masses flowers are offered to the altar or to any saint and then they all go together and visit the cemetery to later celebrate the life of the parents in the juicy lunch with grilled meat, music, dance and drink among the same family, neighbors and friendships.
  2. Many children like to buy postcards with their mothers to give their father on Father’s Day, for this reason it is about maintaining a beautiful tradition with the difference that in Uruguay it is celebrated in the month of July.
  3. Uruguayans celebrate their parents and those who have exercised that figure within the family to make their lives a demonstration of love and one day tell them that they are loved and thank them for taking care of the family.
  4. Each country has its date of commemoration of father’s day and for this reason in Uruguay the tradition does not escape being a beautiful commemoration of what that being means for the whole family, that is why this date is important in this country in the month of July .


  • Both mothers and children are complicit in celebrating fathers on this particular day.
  • Everyone gathers around the same table, but they share a lot during the party with members of the community, neighbors and friends.
  • Give your father the best gift that is your love and your attention, no matter how old he is.