Despite the fact that in many countries there is a strong matriarchal culture, the figure of the father is held in high esteem.

It is no secret to anyone that the perfect family is made up of father, mother and children. When one of these elements is missing, it is considered incomplete and, therefore, there tend to be certain problems that the family nucleus should not be complete.

Of course, today there are many reconstructed families. In other words, the father or mother, who has been left alone, either through divorce or widowhood, decides to give themselves a new opportunity with another person and try to form a new family.

This is more common in the case of the mother, who usually stays with the children; hence it is thought that the mother is only one and that the father can be anyone. This does not mean that the father is not important within the family nucleus. Rather, what it means is that anyone can substitute her place for her.

However, despite all this conflict surrounding the image of the father, it is a tradition that, in many countries, his day is celebrated.

Because it is a national holiday, it is considered a jubilant day, where homage is paid to the father, regardless of whether it is the biological one or not.

We usually know when Father’s Day is in our home country. However, have you ever wondered when Father’s Day is in other countries, for example, in Mexico?

It may seem like an irrelevant question. But the truth is that if you come from that country and you want to thank your father for what he has done for you, you will want to know this date. Let’s see it below.


Father’s Day is, by tradition, a commemorative day in which the positive influence that the father has in the family is celebrated, but especially in the children, who tend to imitate his example and feel protected thanks to his presence.

As we have already pointed out, this day is celebrated around the world. In the specific case of Mexico, people commemorate it on the third Sunday of the month of June of each year.

Because it is calculated in this way, each year the date varies. However, we could say that this is perhaps easier to remember, since you only have to look on the calendar for the third Sunday in June to know the exact date.

Now, knowing this, we could ask ourselves: How is Father’s Day celebrated in Mexico?

Since it is a special day, in which the image of the father is emphasized, in general, in educational centers children are encouraged to make cards and other types of crafts to serve as a gift for their parents.

For example, some make cards with a representative drawing of their father, his job, his favorite sport, etc. Others make more generic cards with drawings of balls, ties, cars, among other similar motifs.

Parents tend to like these kinds of details a lot. First, because the fact for his own son and second, because it reminds them of the affection that he feels for him. So they usually value it by placing it in a place where others can see it too.

Maybe they’ll put it on the fridge, attached with a magnet. Perhaps it will be framed and placed in your office, his bedroom, or the family room. Others, with the help of a cord, attach it to the rearview mirror of their vehicle. So they can always see it and remember that, up to that point, they have done a good job as a parent.

Some parents keep these types of gifts for years. In fact, when children grow up and leave home, these kinds of details comfort them and help them remember good times. It is usually a good gift.

However, if the children are older, they will look for more practical ways to show their affection and gratitude. Let’s see how they can do it.

What do you need

As children grow older, they stop doing manual activities of the type mentioned above. They begin to look for gifts that the father can take better advantage of.

For example, some organize a special meal. It can be early in the morning with a good breakfast; others prefer a family lunch, while a few opt for a dinner in the company of the family and some close friends. It can be a barbecue with some beer, etc.

Others plan activities to do as a family, such as: Spend the day camping, go fishing, play sports in the open field, among many other activities.

Since it is a day designed for the enjoyment and use of the father, activities that he may like are thought of. Accompanied by your favorite food and drink from him. So you get him to be the real protagonist this day.

In Mexico, especially, the figure of the father is highly valued. For this reason, they usually listen to songs where they are paid a sincere tribute. These songs are usually indigenous to the region. For this reason, some decide to hire mariachis or some other live musical group. Without a doubt, it is a significant detail that everyone enjoys.

Of course, you have to remember that not everyone can do as much as they would like. The economic level you have greatly influences, also time and creativity. If you lack this, on the Internet you can find fabulous ideas of what you can do, or give, on Father’s Day. So now is the perfect time to plan. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

But, what advice should you take into account when deciding to celebrate Father’s Day? Let’s see…


To start the day, there is nothing better than getting into bed with him and kissing him. This way he will know that you have had him in mind for a long time.

After doing this, you can bring him breakfast in bed and be with him while he enjoys it. They may be able to discuss the day’s plans, although you may want to keep them a secret.

For lunch you can invite your relatives and not only make this day a special occasion for your parent, but also for all those who are parents in your family: uncles, cousins, brothers, grandparents, etc.

To end the day, you can plan to have dinner with your family. If you have young children, choose recipes that are easy for them to make and where they don’t have to handle dangerous tools like knives.

A good option can be pizza, hamburgers, tacos, enchiladas or some other delicious food. The important thing is that they can have a good time together and that they enjoy it to the fullest.

Wives also play an important role. After the children go to sleep, you can organize a romantic and very intimate evening.

If you put into practice these suggestions that we have given you, surely Father’s Day will be a very, very happy day for the head of the family. He will feel loved, valued and motivated to continue being the good father he has been up to now and that everyone deserves.