The ideal family consists of father, mother and children. When one of the parents is missing, either due to abandonment of the home or death, the family is considered to be dysfunctional.

On the other hand, the presence of children in the family is essential. If they are lacking, there may be friction in the home, since it is the natural desire of the human being to want to be parents.

However, some people do not value that beautiful gift of giving life to another human being. As soon as they do, they leave them and look for a new home. Some of the fractured families manage to rebuild themselves.

If it is the case that the mother is the victim, she can seek support from another person, who will take the place that corresponds to the father or head of the family. It is true that there are many horror stories around the image of the stepmother and stepfather of her. But it must be clear that these are exceptions and not rules.

Many foster parents strive to give the best to their new children. In fact, they consider them their own blood. Hence, many of these children, growing up, come to love these people more than their own biological parents. Hence the saying, “father is not the one who begets but the one who breeds”.

Some stepfathers have earned the title of “Parents”. They also deserve to be recognized. A great opportunity is celebrating Father’s Day with them. If you live in Ecuador, you may be wondering when is Father’s Day in Ecuador?

We will be talking about this in this short article. Also. We will be giving you some suggestions so that you can make this day an unforgettable one. Let’s see it below.


By celebrating Father’s Day, the importance of the father within the family nucleus is commemorated. His effort, dedication, work and selfless love of him.

The truth is that being a parent is never an easy task, when you want to do it the right way, which means being responsible. Not every day you have the same spirit to work or the same energy. However, they do it because they know that they need to take the bread home.

But food, although essential, is not the only thing they provide. They also give education, secular and moral, protection and a reliable guide.

For girls, their father is their Prince Charming. For children, he is their hero, a worthy example to imitate. Maintaining that image is not an easy task either, since one mistake could bring the whole thing down.

Hence the importance of taking a day to honor them. In Ecuador, for example, Father’s Day is the third Sunday of June. But how to celebrate it? We will be giving you some ideas.

Within Ecuadorian customs, tribute is usually paid, not only to parents in life, but to those who have already died, how do they do it? People who profess the Catholic religion usually prepare masses in commemoration of the dead. In this way they underline the important role of the father within the family and society.

On the other hand, it is very common for family gatherings to be held in the company of close friends, where some gifts are also delivered. The smallest of the house usually give some crafts that they do at school on the occasion of Father’s Day.

While the older ones, including the wife, usually give purchased gifts. Perhaps items that the parent wants or needs. In general, as they strive to give everything for the family, they tend to neglect themselves a bit and even lack items for personal use such as a good perfume or shaving foam.

Some relatives consider it appropriate to write thank you notes on postcards, also poems or dedicate songs to him. If you think you don’t have the ability to write poetry, you can find a wide variety of ideas on the Internet that can serve as inspiration, why not take a look?

Now, what do you need to celebrate Father’s Day? We will talk about it in the next subtitle. Let’s see…

What do you need

It may seem to you that you need to save a lot of money in order to give your father a gift that he deserves. However, there is nothing further from reality than such thoughts.

The truth is that although it may seem insignificant to you, no matter how small the gift you are going to give him, it will be important to him. In fact, some parents proudly display, in their office or in their vehicle, some craft made by their children, why? Because that reminds them that the effort has been worth it.

So to give a meaningful detail, you may just need paper, pencil, and a grateful heart. However, if you want to go further, you may need the help of other people to organize something more elaborate like a family meal.

For this, you will need all the ingredients that the food has. We recommend something that takes less work, like a barbecue or a picnic.

You must not forget the drinks. If the area where you live is hot, you should make sure you get refreshing drinks. While if it is cold, you can opt for hot drinks such as chocolate or coffee.

Music always plays a very important role. Since it is a celebration, try to make it happy and invite you to dance. If the family gathering is small, then you could accommodate requests from attendees by playing their favorite songs.

If your father has already passed away, you can organize a commemorative mass for him, if it is to your liking and if it is in harmony with your religious beliefs. To do this, you just have to talk to the local priest and meet the requirements that he stipulates, such as a monetary collaboration, etc.


If you want to be successful on this day, you must make sure that the father is the protagonist and that he feels truly honored.

An idea that is very fashionable is to make a video with photos and filters from social networks such as Integra and Snap chat. These videos are usually very funny, so you will not only get laughs from him but from the rest of the family. You will certainly give something to talk about, in the positive sense of the expression.

In the video, after the funny photos, you can add recordings of family members saying words of thanks. That will be the emotional moment of the day. After the laughter, surely one or another tear will jump out there.

Finally, you can do another type of family activity such as watching movies at home and eating popcorn.

The really important thing is to take the day to spend with the family, as rarely can be done, due to the exhausting routine that each member of the family carries out on a daily basis. Especially the parents.

If you take care to carry out every detail with effort, dedication and love, you can be sure that you will make Father’s Day a day to remember for the rest of the year. So get down to work and don’t expect to have the date on you. If you plan what you will do now, you will have a better chance of being successful and making your father happy.