Children, in general, have a tendency to imitate those they most admire. That is the reason why some want to shoot webs from their hands, climb walls, fly, become invisible or have some other super power.

In fact, some of them go further. They dress up as that superhero any day of the year, regardless of whether he is at carnival or not. Actually, for them, in their minds, they are superheroes.

It seems that it was part of the child’s nature to want to imitate. Some children see their parents as their heroes, hence they want to do the tasks they do, dress like them, accompany them everywhere, etc.

For example, surely you have seen a father fix his car at home, who is by his side passing him the tools and observing everything with curious eyes? His sons from him from him! In fact, it is not surprising to see him lying next to his father, under the car.

Children are similar to a sponge, they absorb everything. That is why we must be very careful when we are in front of them. Since, in just a minute, we could go from being your favorite heroes to your arch enemies.

Given their desire to imitate, parents are challenged to be that figure. Some succeed and now the challenge is to stay in that position. So that when the children grow up, their love for their father is intact.

In homage to these great heroes, Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide. Do you know when it is in your country of origin? If you live in Argentina, would you like to know when Father’s Day is? In this article we will be answering this question and others.


Father’s Day is a celebration that originated in the United States. A daughter, grateful for the sacrifice and selfless love of her father de Ella, had the desire to commemorate a special day for these types of parents.

Years later, after this day was legalized, this custom has spread throughout the world. Now, countries like Mexico, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina, among others, have joined this initiative. In fact, it is part of their culture.

But, when is Father’s Day celebrated in Argentina? In the past, this day was celebrated on August 24, the day José de San Martín was born, who is considered the father of the country.

However, in the 1960s, this date was modified, in order to take place, as is customary in other parts of the world, on the third Sunday of June. At present, it is still celebrated on that date.

In Argentina this special day is usually celebrated in different ways. But, what they have in common is that it is done in the company of the father. Of course, it must be made clear that it is not only about the biological father, it is also paying tribute to the foster father or to the one who plays that role within the family nucleus, such as the uncle, cousin, brother, grandfather and, in some cases, up to the mother.

Now, how can you celebrate Father’s Day? Based on Argentine traditions, you can organize a family meal; perhaps a lunch or dinner, what we do know is that it should be a barbecue.

You can organize it in a park or some other place that is open and has a good view, maybe on the banks of a river, etc. You must make sure that the people closest to the honoree are present, to make that day one to always remember.

Accompany the barbecue with a couple of cold beers. More than one of those present will thank you for this noble gesture of kindness.

It is no secret to anyone that they are soccer fans in Argentina. People are passionate about the beautiful game and enjoy a live soccer game to death, why not take dad to see a soccer game of his favorite team?

If he is a true fan, this will be a big surprise. If you wish you can accompany him, if you are not as fond as he is, you can give him a couple of tickets so that he can invite a friend and thus multiply the fun.

The same goes for any other sport you like. For example, if he is fond of sport fishing, you can organize an afternoon picnic in a place where the activity can be carried out. Thus, so to speak, you will be killing two birds with one stone, or rather; you will be fishing two fish with the same bait.

Now, if your father is an elderly person, this does not mean that he does not have the right to have fun. You can plan a trip to a place that you always want to know, in the company of your mother.

Perhaps for work or for some other reason, he has never been able to go. So it will be a dream come true. Without a doubt, a wonderful Father’s Day gift!

It may seem to you that you need many elements to organize a special day for the man of the house. However, in the next subheading we’ll be talking about what you’ll need to make this a reality.

What do you need

In order to organize the barbecue as a family, you will need to give them advance notice so that they do not commit to anyone else that day but you. On the other hand, you will need to buy everything that is going to be prepared. Preferably, do it with time too. Remember that supermarkets will be overflowing with people looking for things for their preparations.

You will also need a place to barbecue and a cellar to refrigerate the beers.

If you are going to organize the fishing day, you must bring food for the picnic. Maybe some sandwiches with some soda, fruit or some other light food. You will also need to bring all the necessary implements for fishing, such as rod, hook, bait, etc.

No matter what option you choose, make sure you bring music, it will be useful to have a good time.

If you want to take him to see his favorite soccer team play, buy tickets in advance. Preferably in low season, because in high season they are more expensive and difficult to obtain.

But what other things do you need to take into account in order to organize an unforgettable Father’s Day? We’ll give you a couple more tips in the next subtitle.


To end the day, there is nothing like organizing a good time with mom. If you agree, you can organize it intimately so that both of you can enjoy a romantic evening by candlelight.

But if you want to be part of the moment, why not cook as a family? Plan something simple like a pizza. Where even the little ones can participate by contributing their grain of sand. Perhaps putting cheese or sauce on the pizza.

These special moments are the ones that strengthen the bonds of union in the family and those that help us endure when the hurricane winds of problems come.

Put into practice some of the suggestions we have given you. That way you will ensure that you spend a very happy Father’s Day with your family, as it should always be.