A poem becomes the representation written spontaneously and with adorned words to honor, delight and offer flattery to a special being on any occasion, more if it is Poems for Father’s Day giving to show sincere and pure love to the one who gives it all for the children.

Poems for dad are a way to express everything you feel for that being, to give them on that day that honors all the men who have brought children into the world and for this the words express ideas and the best we have inside the world. Heart.

There are many poems and there are even some that have not yet been written of all kinds of length that offer the virtue of parents who deserve that and much more because they give their children all the love and care in the world with devotion and without interest. .

Likewise, these poems have been written by great writers as well as by people who do not know anything about beautiful words, but who have the gift of beautiful words and these poems for parents have remained in time.

What do you need

  •  Poems.
  • Fathers and sons.
  • Gifts.
  • Holiday.
  • Understanding.
  • Values.
  • Family love.
  • Family junction.
  • Food.
  • Beverage.


When it comes to commemorating dad. There are many ways to do it with the possibility of offering love to that person with special poems to tell them how much you love them, especially on a special day for them who give everything for the family.

Some poems are made by children for their parents with the help of a family member, usually the mother, but also grandparents and uncles have a bit of complicity in many of them also with those present to surprise them.

The important thing is that each father feels relaxed on his day, at ease, surprised and every detail that he receives with love from his children may seem the most beautiful in the world, enjoying as a family that is the most important thing about this beautiful and full festivity. Of love for the parent.

Poems for dad

  1. Many of the poems that children dedicate to their parents are children’s; because they are made by children with love, simple and very beautiful, even so that they themselves can read them with a beautiful intonation.
  2. Each country has its special date of Father’s Day from the month of February and ending in December, leaving the month of January out in said celebration; In addition, gifts and poems for dad are a tradition in all countries.
  3. In the United States, the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day in June rose and many Latin American countries celebrate it on that day; but in Spain, for example, they celebrate it in March in honor of the patron Saint Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus Christ, the son of God.
  4. But what is tradition are the love and family union that exists in all countries, as well as the drinks, food, songs and, above all, the poems that are dedicated to parents on such an emotional date, especially for the children who they wait with excitement.
  5. We already know the origin is in the United States, but why is this important date celebrated? A good man loses his wife during the birth of his sixth child, but this did not prevent him from neglecting his family.
  6. The selfless father took care of his six children, including the youngest that remained after the death of his wife with dedication and the most complete love for his family, taking into account loyalty, union and the most complete dedication to them.
  7. Because of this, the eldest daughter started the idea of ​​​​celebrating the special day for her Father on the gentleman’s birthday, specifically on June 19, so the celebration of men was initially stipulated on this specific day.
  8. But at first it fell on the day that there was work in the week, so Father’s Day was celebrated in the month of June, but the third Sunday of this month and many countries adopted this specific date to have the celebration.
  9. In addition to being a fairly religious date, it also honors the selflessness of Saint Joseph as the protective father of Our Lord Jesus Christ who cared for and loved his family until the end with total dedication.
  10. In Spain, it began with the claim of some parents to a teacher who always made souvenirs and gifts for mothers in her day, so these gentlemen asked her if they did not also deserve some gifts for being head of the family. This happened in 1940.
  11. This teacher proposed the date of Saint Joseph to begin the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day and today such a distinguished facade is maintained in honor of the fathers who take care of their families on a daily basis, bringing them sustenance.
  12. A Spanish company promoted the idea on that date and since then there has been the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day on this date of March 19 with everything a father deserves and also adding poems to praise him.

Many of the poems are written by great authors, but there are also anonymous people who contribute ideas to celebrate fathers, for this reason below is some poems to celebrate dad as he deserves:

A sun for me (Anonymous)

My father,

You are the sun for me.

In the sea lies the horizon,

But that doesn’t matter to you.

You are next to my heart

With every step I take

You are life and strength

A sun for me.

Cold Days (Anonymous)

Cold days in my heart

They belong to the distance that separates us.

Yesterday I was a son of your hand,

Today a man you of mine go.

You deserve a world

I give it to you today.

Although we are both far away

We will always carry each other in our hearts.

I love you father

I love you all my life.

To Dad, on his rainy afternoon (Fragment by Isaac Frere)

I see my father sweetly trapped by the rains of the narrow street

Immense surrounding drops fall on the ground and between his hands;

Everyone’s dream, mine.

Outside of it: angry and sadly blue space.

Inside: home, waiting and the song of the month of September

Ended love, and life has died

Now standing by the open door

Watch the world curl up in a drop of water

His gaze perched inert. Her delirium of her stirs the songs…

Everyone’s songs…

Remember me (Anonymous)

Remember me


Give me joy and happiness

Together in front of the world

Together in the face of adversity

I love you my father

You give me your goodness.

Alone, inert in the silence

Of a world like no other.

Hope and life;

Hope and love.

You fill my life with infinite love

And my hands I give you with gratitude.

Remember me, father.

Remember me, sweetheart.

Father (Francisco Perez)

How many kisses would I have?

What have I given you?

That they were worth only one of yours.

How many caresses

That they might look like

To the tenderness of only one of yours.

How many things i heard

Before your words

The most valuable words in the world.

Forgive me father

Forgive me for my pride as a son.

Forgive me for haggling you

Some hug.

Forgive me

For not seeing in time,

That the purest love

From this world

You would only give it to me.

Sweet scent of childhood (Anonymous)

Oh my father

That you got up early

The aroma of coffee in the kitchen

Your thinness has brought me.

In front of the wood stove,

I see your slow walk

Oh Father! I see the years before you

On your shoulders remains

That agony of living

Among so many cobwebs

And in front of the light of the fire

Your beautiful smile emerges

I know you feel happy…

My hero (Rebut)

Under your perfume

You saw the scent of melancholy,

She says

Who hates the rain?


Makes her come back to him

To the cobbled streets

To your pictures on the wall

To the forgotten brush

On a wooden loft

What does he have printed on his oil?

The scent of childhood

To get up early

To the firewood under the arm.

In front of you (Anonymous)

In front of you, my Father,

Today I come to give you

The beauty of a poem,

I know, I know you’re going to love it.

I love you my father

You must not doubt that.

And today I have you in front of me,

The uncertain future, we leave it behind.

You are my whole life

I see your slow walk;

That puzzles me

Because I see you’re going to leave me.

Don’t worry my father.

I’m going to stop crying

Because through your eyes

I know nothing is going to happen.

There are many poems that we can give to parents on their special day, however those that come from the heart are the ones that reach their hearts with joy the most, and if it is a child who makes it, the pride of a father comes to light. To receive all the love of his son from him with a poem.

Parents are the head of a family, and therefore the one who responds to society, that is why it is important to pay them a well-deserved tribute every day for their courage, family commitment, unconditional love for their family and above all that fundamental pillar that is in at all times when they are needed.

Despite everything, there are parents who are far from their family or even who are no longer among them, but they always carry each other in their hearts as that loved one who has raised their family with determination and willingness in the face of all adversity.

The dedications that can be offered always go hand in hand with people who are capable of having creativity to elaborate them, however children in their innocence celebrate their loved ones with simplicity, pure love and heart.

It is important to leave inspiration to them and make them write down everything they feel for their children who are the seed that reveals their passage through the world and these in turn in the future will bequeath to their children the heritage and sentimental values ​​​​that his parents have left him.


  • The best poem that can be given to a father is the one made by each one from the heart.
  • Each child is a gift that God offers families and the father is the instrument to plant the seed in the mother.