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Phrases for Mother's Day

Phrases for Mother's Day

One of the days that is marked on the calendar and should not be forgotten is Mother's Day. How could it be otherwise, on this special day, the phrases to congratulate them or express how much they are loved or mean to you, do not wait. There are many beautiful phrases that you can dedicate to them. But in case you can't think of anything or, if you want more original things, be sure to take a look at this article, since we will leave you many phrases for Mother's Day.

Above all, don't forget that the best phrase for them will always be the ones that come from your heart.

We are going to start with phrases that are known, famous, that some famous person has recited before or are famous phrases and attract attention (in this way, you will have more to choose from).


  1. A phrase by lacordaire (a character who, among other things, was an orator and religious) said: that being able to observe the world, one can doubt a woman. But what cannot be doubted is not a mother.
  2. The American activist, Dorothy Fisher, came to say something like this: The mother is not a person you should lean on, mother is a person who makes inclination unnecessary.
  3. Abraham Lincoln, the former president of the United States and politician, said about mothers that “everything he was and everything he hoped to become, he owed above all to his mother. An angelic being.
  4. French playwright Alexander Dumas: A mother is the only being who always forgives. She came into the world for this. Whatever you do, she will always forgive you.
  5. Pope VI also mentioned the women who gave us life with this phrase: All mothers are like the great messiah. They do not enter the Promised Land, but they are the ones that condition and provide a new world.
  6. The German writer, J. Richter, has this other phrase: For the man who has and/or has had a good mother, he will hold all women sacred.
  7. Mom, it will be in your hands to be able to save the world and to be able to save me.
  8. When a mother truly loves, that love is not broken or disturbed by anything or anyone.
  9. The billionaire and businessman Mantegazza said a phrase that went to his hair with his business vein and from there, the phrase he said: A mother is the only person who has a heart as the capital of love and feeling. She never goes bankrupt. With her heart, she can be counted on and always have everything under control. She gives you security.
  10. I cannot have more and better pride than being similar to my mother.
  11. In life, we don't have an instruction manual. We have our mother.
  12. The American poet Barbara Kingsolver has a phrase that says, the force that a mother has is without a doubt one of the strongest laws that nature has given us.
  13. When you grow up and become an adult, you don't stop being the same child for your mother. She will always see you as her baby from her.
  14. You are the best of me.
  15. Mary Anne’s Evans, the British writer, recited some beautiful words when referring to mothers like this: Life began when you woke up and loved your mother's face.
  16. Happy Mother's Day.
  17. You are the best mother in the world.
  18. I couldn't have had a better mother.
  19. Being my mother is my greatest gift.
  20. My mother, my life, my everything. These are the most common phrases, but they are the most sincere and beautiful.
  21. Mother is written with me, that wonderful letter you are.
  22. Mother, you are a warrior. Single mother and brave mother.
  23. No one needs a hero, having his mother. You are my hero.
  24. The word mother encompasses many things: mother is a person who gives everything, without expecting anything. She invests everything, without profit, she gives all her de Ella loves de Ella without expecting it to be returned. She loves without conditions.
  25. If you need to be loved, you only need to think of your mother and that way, your heart will beat.
  26. You are and always will be, the greatest treasure of my life.
  27. It is not true when they say that unconditional love does not exist. Of course it does exist. You just have to see how much our mothers love us.
  28. Being at home is not being in a hotel. Neither is it a bar, nor is it a restaurant. But still, with you mom, I feel like I'm in a five-star hotel.
  29. Make no mistake, although a father can have a lot of physical strength, it is clear that a mother will always gain strength... thanks to her heart.
  30. Try to always keep this in mind and do not forget it. Whenever you look at your mother, she tries to make the most of that moment because, although you will always carry her with you in your heart all your life, you will not always have her there with you, present. Enjoy it, always.
  31. The love that a mother has for her child is the veil of light that goes from her heart to God.
  32. The best friend you will always have from the day you are born is your mother.
  33. Perhaps, tomorrow you will not accept yourself, there will be things that you do not like about how you are, you can make mistakes or have successes... but even in the worst moments, I will always love you in the most unconditional way. Because you will always be my son, and I, your mother.
  34. From the day I give birth to you and hold you for the first time in my arms, I will never be separated from you. When you fall, I will pick you up. When you cry, I'll wipe your tears, when you're sick I'll take care of you, when you're sad, I'll be there for you to tell me... you can always count on me.
  35. My mother is a miracle with legs.
  36. Mothers are like glue, their love unites everything.
  37. A mother's heart is the best school for all children.
  38. Not only do they guide you on the best path in life, they also guide you towards the greatest.
  39. When a mother decides to have you and give you her unconditional love, her love will be the best fuel to be able to do things that you thought were unimaginable.
  40. A woman realizes that she is a mother especially when she goes shopping. Because she goes to the store to buy something and she comes out full of bags for her children.
  41. The writer and poet Helen Rice said that: the affection and love that a mother gives, has no explanation. It is the purest love, with authentic devotion, sacrificing himself daily for her creature of her, without asking for anything in return. It is the purest, infinite, lasting and lifelong love that the human being can have. That bond between mother and son is unbreakable.
  42. Mom, your smile is heavenly. You infect me, you radiate my being and for that very reason, I can't help but be so happy knowing that you are my mother.
  43. Something very similar was said by the great and famous intrigue writer Agatha Christie. She also agreed and said that all mothers (those who are as such) love their children above all things. Without asking for anything in return. That love can with absolutely everything and crushes anything that can mediate between them.

What do you need

  • Don't forget Mother's Day. Taking into account when it is celebrated in that country (keep in mind that it is not the same in all).
  • Be throughout the year, same with your mother. Do not change because it is a day marked on the calendar.
  • When in doubt with any phrase, always choose the one that your heart tells you and be the first thing that comes out when you think of your mother.


Note the correct day of the Mother's Day holiday. Do not forget that they vary according to the country in which you are. Therefore, as a piece of advice, mark the day on the calendar so as not to fail or overlook it.

Many of these phrases can be used both for Mother's Day, and for any time you want to write something different to your mother, let her know what it means to you, etc. Don't just expect to do it once a year.