The skirts are sexy and feminine, and allow a wide variety of combinations as well as being able to be worn throughout the year. If you know what skirts to wear and how to match them, they can be very flattering.

High-waited skirts with the tops tucked in are generally in fashion. This is perfect for us as it lengthens the figure, and makes us look taller and slimmer. As you will see, midi skirts, jeans fabric, leather and pleated are also successful.

Many different types of skirts are used, so you can choose the one that best suits you, taking into account certain indications. For example, for short girls, miniskirts are more recommended. While, for girls with narrow hips, full skirts will be perfect. For those who want to hide a tummy or look more stylized, it is usually recommended that they use black or dark. They also hide skirts that are tight at the waist, but loose in the belly area or those that are pleated or pleated.

If you want to know ideal outfits with skirts for any season and occasion, in this article you will find everything you need!

Skirt plus sweater or sweatshirt

Skirts are not only for summer or hot days. They are also beautiful in winter combined with sweaters or sweatshirts. The type of skirt that best suits this outfit is the one fitted at the waist and flared or pleated (schoolgirl type). It is ideal to be comfortable on a day-to-day basis and not be cold. Wear it with any sweater either outside or inside the skirt (the latter is ideal to highlight the waist). Skirts are also worn with short sweatshirts or sweaters (at waist height or below the chest).

You can complete your look with tights, scarf, sneakers or boots. If you want to go more dressed up, try combining it with heeled boots that reach above the knee. You will go to the last and without being cold!

Denim or jean skirt

The good thing about this type of skirt is that they practically do not go out of style and combine with almost any garment. This season is succeeding a lot, whether short or long. It is perfect for day to day while still looking sensual and feminine.

For the ultimate, wear it with long-sleeved crop tops or off-the-shoulder blouses. You can combine them with ankle boots or wedge or heel sandals if you want to look more dressed up. Although it is also perfect with sneakers on the days you want to go sportier.

This type of skirt looks pretty with any color, although it is especially worn combined with white or black. While brown accessories and shoes are a fantastic option.

The denim skirt is usually worn in spring or summer; however, you can also wear it on cold days with a tight, tucked-in sweater, leather jacket or jacket, and tall boots.

Leather skirt

A leather skirt will give your outfit a rocker air, and at the same time, feminine and sexy. They wear all colors, although black is still the protagonist. They are also worn in different types: miniskirt, pencil skirt, crossed, midi… Combine it with clothes of the same color, for example, in black. This way you will get the “total black” that is so popular in recent years.

On the other hand, this garment is used a lot with accessories and shoes in light colors or nudes. This skirt also allows many combinations. In winter, choose to wear it with maxi sweaters or wide blouses tucked inside. While in summer, you can wear it with crop tops, tank tops, or off-the-shoulder blouses. If you are looking for a sportier look, you can combine this skirt with a basic t-shirt and sports shoes.

A good outfit to go out to a party or go to a special event is a leather mini skirt with a top or blouse with transparencies or lace tucked inside. In addition to a blazer-type jacket, a small bag and high-heeled sandals or high boots. Get the final touch with bracelets, necklaces and earrings in silver or gold.

Midi skirt

Midi skirts are becoming more and more fashionable, especially those made of denim and loose or flared. The latter give our outfit a bohemian and sophisticated touch. These types of skirts are based on those that were worn in the 50s, and are characterized by reaching just below the knees.

You can wear them both with high-heeled shoes and tennis shoes. Although what is more fashionable is to wear it with high boots. However, it goes with virtually any type of shoe.

This type of skirt slims the figure, although you must know how to wear it. For example, if the skirt is full-bodied, pair it with a blouse or top that hugs the body and is tucked in. Another advantage of the midi skirt is that you can use it in any season of the year and it allows for a wide variety of styles.

For day-to-day, wear denim, flared or simple midi skirts. Wear them with loose shirts tucked in or tied at the waist, sneakers or flat sandals, and a handbag. The cowgirls are fantastic with basic t-shirts with a phrase or drawing.

Tube skirts or pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are back to stay. They are those tight, high waited, and length below the knee (minimum). This type of skirt is very feminine, elegant and highlights the curves. Although it may look like the typical pencil skirt, it is currently worn with variations and is put together differently from the traditional one. Thus, now it is worn in any color (such as yellow or purple) or fabric (leather, denim, ribbed). They are also used asymmetrical, with openings and different prints.

With a shirt tucked inside, it never goes out of style, although you can also wear it with sweaters or loose shirts, leather jackets, trench coats, denim jackets… Remember that mixing elegant clothes with other casual ones is trendy.

To go elegant and sophisticated, use the same color throughout the outfit (mainly white, nudes or black). Then add a touch of color with accessories. For example, bag and shoes with prints or bright colors such as red or green.

A rock-chic look can also be achieved with this skirt if it is combined with high-heeled black boots, a white T-shirt or crop top, and a leather or flannel jacket.

Button front skirts

This kind of skirt cannot be missing in your wardrobe. And it is that the skirts at the waist are the latest, somewhat wider at the end, with buttons and that reach the middle of the thigh. They are very flattering, comfortable and perfect for day to day.

As you can see, a lot of denim is used. Although they also triumph in leather, with buttons on the sides, with checkered or striped prints.

The combinations are practically endless. Try wearing this skirt with a loose blouse with transparencies, tucking part of it inside. Or with a well-fitting plain or striped ribbed sweater. For a more casual look, wear it with a wide white t-shirt with a little knot at the waist or a crop top in the same color.

For winter, you can combine it perfectly with a warm turtleneck sweater, tights, boots and a jacket. If you want to be the sensation, complete the outfit with a wide-brimmed hat.

Pleated skirts

Pleated midi skirts are on the rise, very sophisticated and feminine. Taking the mixture of styles, many choose to combine the pleated skirt that is apparently very elegant, with flat shoes and a denim jacket to give it a more informal air. Therefore, you can use this garment for practically any occasion; it will only depend on how you combine it.

Thus, you can wear a dark pleated skirt with heeled sandals, a simple V-neck t-shirt and style it with a leather jacket.

These skirts are worn in all colors and even metallic. The last thing is to wear them with high heeled boots or shoes tied to the ankle in the most elegant occasions. While, for day to day, they will look great with white sneakers and a basic white t-shirt with a simple drawing. Any shirt, blouse or tight sweater will look good with this type of skirt, especially if it is tucked in.

Mini skirts

Short skirts could not be missing from our list. They are being worn both tight for an extremely sexy look and more loose and youthful.

In addition to countless colors, prints and fabrics. This type of skirt is worn with openings, buttons, crossed, with asymmetries and at the waist. While the fabrics that triumph is velvet and leather.

If you are looking for a super sexy outfit, choose elastic fabric skirts that highlight the curves with heeled boots above the knee and a crop top. To go more elegant, wear the same color throughout the outfit. For example, beige, black or very light pink.

For winter, leather or velvet skirts with boots, a long coat and a very warm sweater are perfect. Brown velvet skirts are very flattering when paired with white blouses and black shoes and bags. The black and white combination is also very popular, as is using several light or nude tones at the same time.

Patterned skirts

Whether they are miniskirts, midi or tube skirts, prints continue to be worn. For a feminine air, choose flower prints. They are especially elegant on white or light colored skirts.

Plaid, striped, and of course, animal print skirts are also worn. Do not forget that a patterned skirt should always be combined with plain garments that contain one of the colors of the pattern so as not to overload your look. In this way, your skirt will be the protagonist. Combine it with plain blouses and shirts, or knotted t-shirts, long open sweaters and boots.