Long pants are essential in our wardrobe: jeans, skinny jeans, wide-legs, bell-bottoms… They can all be worn at any time of the year and for many occasions. In addition, each of them can be combined giving incredible results if you know how. To do this, you must take into account your body type and what you want to highlight, the colors and the style you want to achieve.

Which long pants suit me best?

Depending on your body type, certain types of long pants will favor you more than others. In this way, for short girls, ankle-length pants are ideal since they make the legs look longer. This effect is intensified if combined with boots or heels. Another way to lengthen the legs and flatter the figure is to wear pants with a side stripe.

On the contrary, if you have very long legs, those pants with a turn at the bottom favor you. Also, you can make your legs look smaller if you combine it with a wide and long coat.

On the other hand, if you want to hide curves, opt for those with a straight shape. While, if you want to highlight them, choose skinny pants that are like a “second skin”. Women with wide hips will love mom jeans (more on those later).

Also, the current trend is high-wasted pants, which is very flattering for all body classes. They highlight and refine the waist and hide the tummy. Another important tip to create your outfit is that if you are going to wear baggy pants, combine them with a top that is tight to the body. Just as it is not convenient to combine several different prints so as not to overload the look. Finally, it is important that you know that the latest fashion is to combine various types of styles. So don’t be afraid to wear dress pants with sneakers! In this article you will see how to do it.

Black pants

Long black pants will always look good with everything. They cannot be missing in our wardrobe since they are used for multiple outfits, in addition to making the legs look firmer and longer (especially the tight ones). For an evening or more dressed-up look, wear it with high-heeled shoes or boots, a belt, a blouse, a jacket and a mini bag. On the other hand, for a daily outfit, choose sneakers of any kind, a t-shirt or sweater and accessories such as sunglasses or a wool hat. You can add a long vest on top, and combine black and white to be on trend. The completely black look is also worn, very discreet and sophisticated.

Blue jeans

It is impossible not to mention blue jeans. For day to day they are essential, and they are worn both smooth and worn. The most used by the famous are those with rips, skinny type, and with turns at the ankles. However, they are also wearing wide and flared, as well as shades of gray or very dark blue. Blue jeans combine with almost everything, but they are very flattering with brown and white clothing and accessories.

If the pants are narrow, they can be combined with wide and long blouses or sweaters. A look to go perfect for any occasion would be a blouse with ruffles and off the shoulders, ripped jeans, pointed toe heels, a medium bag and a long necklace. Complete with a natural wave hairstyle and sunglasses.

A sportier example would be to wear jeans with white sneakers and a wide shirt that you can tie a little knot to highlight your curves more. Add a matching cap, long open vest or sunglasses.

On cooler days, a slim-fitting beige or brown trench coat will look great with these pants. Give it the final touch with “animal print” accessories, for example, brown leopard prints.

With sneakers

For day to day, to go to work or walk comfortably, long pants can be perfectly combined with trainers or tennis shoes of any kind. They are mostly white or black (so they go with everything) and can be combined with any kind of pants. So we see models that combine them with dark pants, jeans, and leather, white and even tweezers! In this way you can go comfortable and at the same time sophisticated by combining pleated trousers with a turn-up at the ankles, plain white sneakers, a sweater and a medium leather bag.

On the other hand, you can give your outfit a more casual look with jeans and sneakers with a blouse or t-shirt. If you want to highlight your figure, try tucking the whole shirt or part of it inside your pants.

Pants with tie at the waist

This type of long pants is becoming more and more fashionable and is usually worn on more elegant or special occasions. This type of pants is high-wasted and soft fabric and marks the waist, hips and legs. The goal is to show the bow, therefore, it will be combined with crop tops, t-shirts or tucked-in shirts. They are worn in all patterns and colors and are usually combined with high-heeled shoes or boots, although they should also be ideal with sandals. If the pants are printed, try to wear it with a plain shirt in a single color. For example, white is a leading color in outfits with long pants.

Nudes and pastel colors are also popular, although don’t forget that black never goes out of style. If you want to enhance your silhouette, opt for well-fitting t-shirts or tops or ones that show your waist.

White pants

Surely you have noticed that white pants are being worn more and more. They will highlight your silhouette, especially those tight ones that adapt to the shape of the legs. Like jeans, white pants are also worn with rips at the knees. It is usually combined with earth tones, gray and black. However, they also look fantastic with blue. Thus, you can combine a blue and white striped shirt or blouse, long white pants, and a brown bag and shoes.

For a sophisticated and modern outfit, wear white pants with a black sweater or shirt and black (or brown) accessories. These pants are also worn a lot with blue denim blouses and earth-colored bags and shoes.

Leather pants

Leather pants are ideal for achieving a youthful, sexy and rocker look. However, it does not have to be a casual outfit; on the contrary, it can be very sophisticated if you know how to combine it. In this way, you can use them for day to day with tennis shoes or sneakers, a simple t-shirt and a denim jacket. If you are looking for something more elegant, you can combine them with heels or dark pointed shoes, sweaters or blouses, jackets and taking care of accessories (leather bags, silver jewelry…) Black and white is always going to be more arranged colors, being able to combine together giving a very chic result. Normally leather pants are worn black, however, the famous also get to wear white or red, do you dare?

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are a more sophisticated type of long pants, baggy and made of fine fabric. They are increasingly worn for different occasions as there are all colors and patterns. In addition, you also find it in different lengths. These pants are worn at the waist, and can be combined with high-heeled shoes as well as with sandals or slippers. They are worn with matching tops, t-shirts and fitted and tucked-in shirts.

Mom jean

The “mom jeans” or “mama pants” are typical jeans of the 80s and 90s. They are somewhat baggy, high wasted, with a long zipper and reach the ankles. The famous have made it fashionable again, since it is comfortable, stylish and very combinable. For a daytime outfit, try wearing it with white sandals or tennis shoes and a basic t-shirt. As for the night or special moments, combine it with a tight black shirt or a lace barrette top.

The good thing about this type of pants is that it can be adapted to innumerable colors and fabrics, although remember that it tends to mark the curves. If you want to highlight them, use light or more muted colors, while dark colors will accentuate them less.

With leather jacket

Long pants are especially flattering with a jacket or leather jacket. Above all, if they are skinny or skinny, they will give you an alternative and sexy image. Combine them with black boots and a shirt tucked inside the pants. Don’t forget the accessories: rings, a simple necklace and several matching bracelets and rings.

Plaid pants

Checkered pants are again a trend and contrary to what one might believe, they give a very feminine and sophisticated result. They are ideal for autumn and winter, in neutral tones and combined with fine knit sweaters, shirts or tucked-in t-shirts. The typical men’s pleated pants are worn, although there is also tighter, elephant-leg or wide pants, for all tastes! Of course, always high wasted, which is very flattering?

It is best to combine it with a simple shirt or t-shirt, triumphing once again the color white. As for accessories, it is ideal to wear these pants with maxi earrings and rectangular bags. You can wear them with both men’s and high-heeled shoes, and even the most modern dare to combine them with white tennis shoes.

If you want to go more elegant, combine the plaid pants with a jacket of the same print or a solid color. Whereas, if you want to add a sexy touch, wear it with a black low-cut, barrette or backless top.

Elegant High Waited Pants

Are only dresses worn to celebrations? No way! You can go the same or more elegant with long pants if you choose the right ones. A good example is high-wasted dress pants that are cinched at the waist and looser around the hips. The fabric is very important to add elegance to the look, in addition to the accessories. Try to combine it with a blouse with a crossed neckline, or with transparencies and high-heeled sandals.