Many of us have joined the fashion of long boots. It is that they are stylish, feminine and keep us warm or cold days. However, it can happen that they are left forgotten in a corner of the closet. The fault lies with those doubts that wake us up: How do I combine them so that they look good? Will they be very daring? What colors do I use? And in the end we chose to put on our usual shoes.

Well, this is going to surprise you, but as you will see in this article, long boots combine with almost any outfit. In addition, they are very flattering; making you looks taller and more stylized. Whether they are high-heeled or flat, if you choose them in a dark color they will make your legs look slimmer.

Once you see these outfits and tips, you will want to put them into practice as soon as possible. So go dusting off your boots and read on to find out.

Long boots with jeans

Long boots are not only worn with skirts or dresses. On the contrary, whether they are flat or heeled boots, an ideal outfit is to wear them with jeans. You can use this look for day to day, and allows many different combinations. Also, you can wear boots of any color since jeans go with everything. On the other hand, they are perfect in the coldest seasons where we need to be very warm.

You can combine them with your coat, jacket, bag or hat. Even the most stylish wear boots that do not share colors with other clothes or accessories. For example, gray boots with light blue jeans and a white sweater.

Long boots with short dress

Another option for a sexier look is to wear the boots with mini dresses. For this outfit, those that are above the knee or tight XL are usually used. These types of boots are made of elastic fabric for the most part and are widely used by celebrities. Try combining them with knit or wool dresses that reveal your thighs and with an open coat or sweater. The color of the boots can match the coat or an accessory, but it is not necessary if the tones are similar (for example, pastel tones). On cold days try wearing long, thick socks under your boots and/or stockings.

Long boots with shorts

If you are looking for an outfit that is sensual, elegant and youthful, opt for shorts. They look great with dark tights and long coats or vests. They are worn with high boots, especially high-wasted shorts that highlight the waist. Remember to choose dark colors to stylize the figure and achieve a more sophisticated look.

With long sweater

An excellent outfit to go to work comfortable and feminine is to wear your boots with a long knit sweater as a dress. An example is a loose-fitting light-colored roll-neck sweater with black over-the-knee boots and a black coat.

Long boots with leggings

Long boots are not only for jeans and dresses; with leggings they can also make a perfect combination. Thus, the attention is focused on the boots and accessories, especially if they are of different colors. The good thing about this outfit is that you can look polished without giving up the comfort of leggings. Complete your look with a long sweater, an open vest and a matching hat.


It is true that in autumn and winter we prefer dark colors, browns and earth colors. However, try combining light colors with dark ones so that your boots stand out. Don’t be afraid to make them notice! White, gray or light brown boots are often worn with black clothing. Another option is to create contrast by giving a touch of color to the outfit with purple or maroon high boots. The most common is to combine them with your bag or wallet, although it is not absolutely necessary.

Boots with mini-skirt

A very feminine and youthful look is to wear high boots with a flared mini skirt at the waist. You can combine a tight V-neck sweater, the skirt above the waist to highlight it, and a small bag to match the boots. To finish, add accessories such as scarves, sunglasses or hats and do not forget the touch of color in any of the garments.

Choosing short skirts that are tight at the waist is also very flattering for short girls who do not want to give up wearing their high boots, since it lengthens the figure. In addition, another tip that you should follow if you want your legs to look longer is to wear high boots the color of your skin with a skirt.

High boots with midi skirt

Midi skirts are those loose skirts that reach below the knee. Although long boots are usually worn with short garments, it seems that this “norm” is not being met with midi skirts. To go to the last, my recommendation is that you choose skirts made of light fabrics or with flared ones that have an opening that reveals the legs. They are mainly worn with “wrinkled” boots, with pointed toes and earth colors. This look is perfect for girls who want to be comfortable and warm rather than highlight their silhouette. However, it gives a super stylish, modern and bohemian air. How to wear it? An example is brown high boots with an animal print midi skirt, a brown bag, and an off-white maxi sweater.

Long boots with denim shorts

Another alternative for those who prefer a more casual look are denim shorts. You can include them in your day-to-day with flat velvet boots and a wide sweater. If you are looking for a more rock outfit or to go out at night, combine the jean shorts with high-heeled black boots, a dark t-shirt and silver accessories. For warmth, choose a long vest, leather jacket, or denim jacket.

With long shirt

As you may have seen, long boots stand out a lot and look fantastic with any garment that reveals your thighs. A very widespread set in the most stylish women consists of this type of boots with shirt dresses, that is, dresses that look like a long shirt. You will mainly see denim shirt with high boots, although you can combine them with any type of shirt that will look good. If you want to define your waist, place a tight belt or tie in this area. The result will be a very feminine and simple look that is valid for many occasions.

Absolute black

There is good news for lovers of black: this color adds elegance, sensuality, mystery and refines the figure to any outfit. If you like it, don’t be afraid to wear all your clothes in this color. It is especially flattering if you combine long black boots with a short garment such as a dress, skirt or pants, so that your legs stand out. Complete with accessories with gold or silver details if you want maximum elegance.

On the other hand, an alternative for short women who want to wear knee-high boots is to wear black pants or leggings with black high-heeled boots. They will make you look taller and slimmer. Also, if you want a rocker look, choose black leather (or leather effect) boots and pants.

Other types of long boots

In addition to the long boots that we have talked about and that you have seen in the photos, you can try other models that are also being worn and are perfect if you want to vary and give your outfits a different look:

Riding boots

They are called that because they are inspired by horse riding boots (although if you have these types of boots, wear them to go out too!). The good thing is that they are very comfortable and are excellent for walking, going to work, taking a walk… Above all, they are worn in black and brown. They are usually combined with dark trousers or skinny jeans, although they look fantastic with boo chic or hippie style dresses.

Rain boots

Rain boots have gone from being necessary footwear to not get wet to a stylish accessory to add to our outfit. Many of us have wanted the rainy days to start so we can take these boots out of the closet and come out comfortable and warm. Dare to use them in intense colors such as red, green or yellow and even with prints. Thus, you can go completely black and add a touch of color with the boots. Another option is to combine them with a garment that shares their color: bag, jacket, sweater, skirt… These outfits will surely inspire you:

Boots with die-cuts, chains, bows…

There is a world beyond the tight smooth boots, the leather ones or the “wrinkled” ones. If you want to attract all eyes, try boots with cut-outs or crossed laces, which are so fashionable lately. Many of these are designed for good weather and leave part of the feet exposed. They are especially sexy and perfect if you want to put the spotlight on your legs. The most worn colors are garnets, whites and “nudes”, although black is never stopped. These boots combine perfectly with mini dresses creating a super sensual outfit.

On the other hand, there are also other designs of boots that are somewhat less daring but that continue to give prominence to footwear, such as boots with bows, chains, fringes, heels of a different color or material, etc.

Ultimately, it is you who defines your style. Choose the recommendations that you like the most and adapt them to your preferences. Above all, try new things! A good option to start wearing high boots is to try to combine your favorite outfits with them and see the result. I hope these tips have helped you to create the best outfit!