If we want comfortable shoes that are not too sporty or informal, we are not looking for something impossible. We are simply describing the booties.

Having a pair of cleats gives you the freedom to walk confidently on almost any type of trail. In addition, you will be sure that you will look great. Whether you are a man or a woman, they should never be missing from your wardrobe as they could help you out of any fashion predicament you find yourself in.

However, the ankle boots are not only a help so that you can feel good. We could also say that they are always in trend.

But, if you lack ideas on how you can use them. You don’t have to worry because that’s what we’re here for, to give your ideas about the different outfits you can wear based on a simple pair of ankle boots.

It is true that wearing ankle boots does not look good everywhere and that many associate it with informal clothing, but here we are to prove the opposite. We’ll help you break stereotypes while opening your mind to the many ways you can use them and still look great.

Stay tuned so you can check to see if you have any of these pieces in your closet and wear them as soon as you get a chance. Sure, you can create those opportunities.

The really important thing is that you feel good about yourself and that you walk safely. For women, they don’t have to worry about not looking feminine enough. There are many models of ankle boots that have a high heel and that, in the same way, can stylize your figure.

But, let’s get down to business and start describing those fabulous outfits with ankle boots that you will love.


If you are one of those who likes the bohemian style, then you can wear a short simple long-sleeved dress, accompany it with ankle boots of a contrasting color, for example, if the dress is black, the ankle boots can be red, green or purple, and to complete your outfit, you can wear a hat and a maxi bag.

Do you like animal print ankle boots? If so, surely you have a very confident and well-defined personality. For you, an ideal outfit would be to wear black leatherette pants with a wide knit sweater, a hat, and sunglasses and, of course, animal print ankle boots. It could be leopard or zebra, depending on your preference.

A good pair is ankle boots and blue jeans. They are very good in the case of men and also in women. If you are a man, you can wear them accompanied by a dress shirt on the outside and the sleeves rolled up.

In the case of women, they can be worn with a cotton blouse and a beige cardigan, and for a bit of variation you can use a shoulder bag. Although it would also look great with a maxi bag and a long necklace. Surely you will steal the look of more than one.

If you are more of a punk look, then you can wear pre-washed blue jeans ripped at the knees, with black ankle boots, a white cotton shirt and over it, an open red and black checkered shirt and a small backpack.

But if you want to look more chipper then you can wear high-waited jeans with buttons, a tucked-in blouse and a leather jacket and, of course, ankle boots, which can be high heels. Do not forget to take with you a wallet, as a complement. You will look very original!

Now, the ankle boots are ideal in case of being in winter. You can wear them with dark pants, a blouse and over it a coat, your brown ankle boots and a scarf. Leave your hair free to look more glamorous and use a soft makeup so that the great protagonist is your outfit.

In case you’re not very modest, you can wear a high waited jean with a barrette top and your favorite booties. In case you feel a little withdrawn then you can throw on a cardigan and problem solved!

Also, if it’s your style, you can wear them with short shorts, a long-sleeved turtleneck blouse and your hair tied up in a ponytail. If you want to look more feminine, you can replace the shorts with a blue jeans mini skirt.

But ankle boots don’t just look good with jeans, you can also wear them with a floral print dress with a pleated skirt and princess cut sleeves and neckline. If the boots are brown, you will look unforgettable. You could also add a belt to the dress in the same color as the boots to reduce your waist.

For men there are also infinite combinations. They look great with a sweater, jeans and a cardigan. You can also wear them with blue jean pants, a jacket of the same material, a white flannel and sunglasses. If you apply gel to your hair, you will steal the sights of more than one.

In winter you can also wear them with black dress pants, a white shirt, a V-neck sweater and a coat. Don’t forget to bring your scarf so you don’t catch a cold. You could also wear leather gloves. You will look very elegant and very classy.

Or, you could just wear leather pants with a flannel, a nice watch, and your favorite booties. In the end, the fact that you look good will depend a lot on how you make the combinations of colors and textures, not on whether your clothes are designer or very expensive.

In view of all these instructions that we have given you, you may be wondering what you need to meet the expectations. You will be surprised to know the answer we have for you. Therefore, be sure to read the information in the next subtitle. It would be a sin to do so.

What do you need

As we have pointed out in the previous part, you do not need to buy designer clothes to dress well. It is not about how expensive it can be but how you use it; with what clothes and accessories you combine it and on what occasions you wear it.

Therefore, if you want to create outfits with ankle boots as a base, you can do it without having to take a euro out of your pocket.

The first thing you need is to use some of your time to turn around your closet and know what clothes you have. Even the smallest garments or those that seem insignificant to you can help you create a fabulous outfit to wear on an outing with friends.

Maybe you have some shorts lying around that you only wear when you go to the beach, why not take them out and wear them with a tucked-in sweater and a belt? If you put on your ankle boots and sunglasses, you will get a quite urban style that can be used to carry out your activities during the day or to go to the mall.

Take your hair with a ponytail and do a makeup where you highlight your lips. You will see that the combination of all these elements will make you look great.

But if the occasion is not so casual, but a family reunion, then you could wear a floral or polka dot print skirt with a pretty blouse, a beaded necklace, and ankle boots in a color that matches the print. Skirt.

For example, if the color red stands out in the print, the ankle boots can be red. If the pattern is purple, then you could wear purple. Wear your hair in a braid or semi-up do and wear natural makeup. Doing that you will be perfect for the occasion.

If you are men, then you can wear your ankle boots with almost any clothes in your wardrobe. That is one of the great advantages of the male gender that they do not have to worry too much about how to dress because their clothes tend to be more monochromatic and by choosing almost anything, they manage to look good.

Even if you have shorts, you can wear them with a plaid, short-sleeved dress shirt and a nice watch or bracelet.

Although in the case of women there are some differences in how they see grooming and the time they spend on it, it is not a very difficult task to carry out.

You don’t really have to go to great lengths to be well groomed, it’s enough that your clothes are clean and in good condition. You should also have at least a couple of accessories that you can play with when making your combinations.

Look online for some tutorials on how you can style your hair without spending too much time on it. You can do the same in the case of makeup. But pay close attention to these final tips.


A special feature of the ankle boots is that there are different colors, textures, cuts and soles. This fact gives you greater opportunities to use them. You can wear them for almost any occasion. And we say almost because there are super elegant events where it may not be appropriate to wear that type of footwear.

The really important thing is that you are smart when dressing. See how you can get the best out of them, how can you do it? Try to copy the experts, to the best of your ability.

When you watch television, read a magazine or are on social networks, try to see how those who are in the world of entertainment dress. They are usually more familiar with new fashion trends. So imitating them is making sure you’re up to date with what’s going on. You will not run the risk of making a mistake!

Getting dressed is more than just throwing random clothes on. You must be aware that there are colors that do not harmonize with each other. Something that can help you is to become familiar with the relationship of colors. To do this, you can use simple tools such as a color wheel.

It may seem like a bit of absurd advice. However, when you put it into practice, you will realize that it is a useful and easy-to-use tool that will make your life less complicated? You will no longer have to spend too much time choosing what to wear or how to do your makeup, because you will have at hand the way to find the best color combination.

Remember that you may be poor but what is really important is that your clothes are clean and in good condition. Poverty has nothing to do with personal cleanliness and the neatness of our clothes. Unless it is a more careless fashion, like ripped jeans.

Putting into practice the tips and suggestions that we have shared with you today, you will surely be able to create outfits with ankle boots that will please not only you but also everyone around you.

On the other hand, you will be able to look more handsome, something that most people, regardless of their age, gender or social status, want.

You already have all the tools at your disposal, now all you have to do is apply what you have learned and wear an unforgettable outfit with ankle boots.