When we have a date, a walk, go to dinner, work, among many other things, the problem of clothing always comes up or what we want to wear for that special moment, so we bring you the outfits and tips so you can make the right decisions.

It is that in many ways the clothes dress the person depending on the place, time or event to which they must attend and therefore have to be up to the opportunity, therefore the outfits depend on those situations in which we must think about what to wear..

Whether it is a society event or office work, each one has a different way of dressing, although many times we find people who commit a crime in fashion, and they appear with outfits that are not consistent with the event to which we must attend.

For this reason, there are ways to see which outfit best suits our age, skin color, weight, size or body shape, so much so that we always have to establish a type of clothing for the day, for work, for the study., to walk around the house between other times of the day.

what do you need

  • Apply discard.
  • Basic rules.
  • New clothes that fit us well.
  •  Combine the clothes.
  • Give the size on any occasion.
  • Be a diva in fashion.
  • Fashion colors.
  • stand out


When talking about dress outfits, we must think about the quality of what we are going to need and buy, to create outfits or looks that make us feel confident, divas and full of elegance, even if it is just a pair of jeans and any blouse that we are wearing..

The mission is to dress fashionably without creating chaos when getting dressed, to look good without too much cloth on top, with basic tips that provide us with the necessary information so as not to buy clothes that will end up in the back of the closet forever.

The option, to look in the closet for clothes and attire for the occasion that we deserve and not die trying, taking into consideration that the bottom line of attracting attention is in what we are wearing, as well as that it has fit perfectly on the body.

Rules to succeed in outfits

  1. It is not a task that looks simple, but rather an opportunity to play or do wonders with clothes that you have in the closet, also within that space where you do not dare to get into, you get clothes that you can join to do wonders. Do not be afraid to do wonders with clothes, combining is about taste and above all that the clothes fit you well, see the colors that can also be combined with the way of being in fashion without committing an indiscretion that makes you look disheveled, without elegance and terror of fashion.
  2. Applying rules that you can often get from the advice of the greats of fashion, is a good way to focus on the trend with which you identify, and not leave your comfort space as soon as you have any time to go out and stand out with it outfits you wear
  3. Dressing is about having strategies, tools, charm, good taste as well as the clothes necessary to be in the latest fashion, for this reason seeing the current trends by which you can be guided is something that will give you a better idea of wear.
  4. The basic garments. Denim pants or jeans are one of the most essential garments in a woman’s and a man’s wardrobe, because with any other garment, accessories and a good pair of shoes you will have the perfect outfits for any casual and elegant occasion at the same time. without being gala. Among others, the basic garments to have in the closet apart from jeans, so that you feel complete, are: Sports shoes; Black blouse or flannel; A black pants; A black shirt; boots ; Elegant shoes; A gala suit.
  5. The fabric print. The prints should always wear a plain garment, either the top or the bottom, depending on where the garment with the drawing is worn, because it would be a mistake to combine prints without achieving a perfect combination. The same goes for stripes and dots, you have to know how to choose the balance between one and the other to be able to wear your clothes in a correct and tight way, without seeing yourself as the sure victim of the fashion police, who you get at any event or place.
  6. With the exception of squares with stripes or polka dots, which do not match to be combined with each other, so opt better to wear plain clothes that you can wear so as not to see yourself as someone who does not know style or fashion.
  7. The colors according to your character. Colors should always be in the best mix, especially when it comes to fixed and neutral colors such as red, black and white, which should never be missing from a woman’s wardrobe, and why not? In that of a man who likes to dress well.
  8. A look that is visually appealing and full of energy and life is what neon colored garments You can avoid them being scandalous if you wear them with accessories and other clothes with which you can achieve the strength of the look with which you stand out at any time.
  9. Dark colors. Joining or combining two garments of the same color and that it is dark, such as black, is not recommended, especially in a job interview or where you are going to establish an occupation link that you have to do with the career you have studied. Leave this to the lawyers and judges who must always wear a tough, straight and serious tailored suit that exudes security as well as professionalism, now if you are among family, friends and colleagues at some fun time you can choose a look that has black as the main color.
  10. The accessories. Accessories always come to demonstrate elegance, dynamism and go chic at once when you arrive at the meeting place, remember that they must be showy, but not so much, just make you look regal and full of life, without overshadowing the clothing that you wear. you’re wearing
  11. A scarf, earrings, necklace, purse, shoes are some of the garments that are accessories to be worn with anything else you want, what more do you want? Do not fill yourself with accessories, but a combination of a colored bag, shoes and scarf under a black background would look great, don’t you think?
  12. How to combine colors. Brown, beige, black and pastel colors make up a set that you can wear at any time, which combine perfectly with prints, stripes, polka dots or any other pattern on the fabric that you use somewhere above or below., blouse or pants. Many shades are easy to combine with each other, whether they are light colors with dark or simply plain with each other, the perfect thing is that you are the one who wears them with energy showing off your fabulous personality.
  13. The style. The style also comes in handy with the colors, the time of year you are facing, because as you will see a wool coat does not go well with summer or a light silk dress, it does not go with winter, these elements should not mix or use at the wrong time. When you are going to mix a style, everything usually goes wrong because it does not become uniform, remember that everything is a matter of taste, but when it comes to style we should not play to do what we want because we can commit a serious mistake when it comes to dress up to go out
  14. Screw up. It’s easy to screw up when it comes to getting dressed when you don’t have the necessary preparation, but with magazines, knowing what your body is like, the clothes that suit it and all the types of fabrics that exist can give you an idea of dressing without having a failure.
  15. There are many options that we can find in terms of trends and styles, but we cannot go wrong when it comes to dressing and wearing outfits that do not look good on us, so if you have no idea how to dress, seek advice when choosing what put on
  16. The sport. When it comes to exercising, it is not necessary that you go like a star, but neither without style or less combined, there are beautiful outfits that can help you look beautiful while giving yourself the opportunity to burn the fat you have and also look regal.
  17. It is not about being badly groomed wherever you want to go, even if it is only to the gym, also with that simple dress you must show your good taste and glamor.
  18. Always be neat. Even if you are at home, wearing pajamas or a sleep set to be more comfortable should be one of the ways you have to always look good, in addition to a special look with which you will also feel combined despite being inside your home..
  19. Many times choosing an outfit to go out has to do with the need to be well dressed and with the security of attracting attention wherever you want to go, or receiving your family at home with a unique and regal style, where happiness is reflected., beauty and distinction in your clothing.
  20. The elegance. An outfit has to do with the distinction and selection of clothes as well, an attribute that demonstrates the inner beauty you have and that, in addition to this, brings it out in the way you dress up, because even everything must have an exact combination to attract attention.
  21. On the other hand, the perfume emanates the essence of the woman or the man and with this, the clothes you choose to go out on the street carry a race won with the aroma you put on, making everything uniform in style, glamor, elegance, comfort and feel regal before everyone.


  • Remember that you should always have a plan B when the planned outfits do not work.
  • You must be attentive to the weather when you choose to dress in a way, to avoid unforeseen events.
  • Remember that accessories are important, a neckerchief or scarf will look quite elegant on your neck even with jeans.
  • Don’t stop going out dressed up wherever you go with a different outfit every day, combining garments so that the entire wardrobe looks uniform.