Beach or pool plans are best on hot days. However, it may happen that we want to be perfect for the occasion and we do not know what to wearer what the latest in trends is. What is clear is that we have to opt for light and fresh fabrics, colors that highlight the tan, cheerful prints, and matching accessories so as not to lose style. As you will see, details are increasingly important in beach outfits and you have to pay attention to them. In addition, in recent years finer and more elegant combinations are triumphing, leaving aside the typical sarong with flip flops. Of course, denim shorts will never go out of style! Here you will find a wide variety of outfits for the beach or pool of all styles, as well as tips to complete your look in the best way. Keep reading to find out!

Palazzo pants

This garment has become essential in recent seasons. It is perfect to wear on hot days keeping you cool without losing style. You will recognize these pants for being high waited and wide leg, reaching above the ankle. They are usually made of light fabrics and give a touch of elegance to the outfit. Some include ties at the waist or are open on the sides, revealing part of the legs. For the beach, it is best to choose palazzo pants made of fresh fabric, white or with patterns such as stripes or flowers. Combine it with a top or bikini of the same color. As you can see, one of the latest options is to wear it with shirts or tops tied in the middle.

Maxi dresses

Do you only wear short dresses to the beach? This has already changed. Now the trend to go to the beach or pool is long, flowing and fresh dresses. They are found in many prints, with white and blue colors being the protagonists. There are really flattering and sensual designs: with cuts that reveal the legs, back or part of the waist. Complete your beach outfit with large earrings, a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and a straw bag.


Apparently, kimonos have recently replaced the traditional beach sarongs. They are used of fine and light fabrics and even transparent or crochet. You can wear it just over a swimsuit, or with a top and denim shorts. If you want a somewhat more arranged look, you can combine it with loose leg pants. Kimonos are worn long, wide, with elbow sleeves and floral or ethnic prints.

List printing

What prints are trending to go to the beach or pool? Without a doubt, the one that triumphs the most is the pattern of stripes or vertical lists. They stylize the figure and provide a more sophisticated air. To make it beach, remember to choose fabrics like linen and colors like beige, white, gray or light blue. Use it especially in dresses, jumpsuits and top-pants combinations.

Knotted shirts or tops

If you haven’t put it on yet, you’re already late! Shirts or tops with knots or bows are worn both for beach or pool outfits and to go out in summer. To achieve this look, you can use a shirt that you have at home and tie a knot in the center. Knots are used in tank tops (and even without them), in short or long sleeved shirts. A good combination is with denim shorts, sandals and earrings or large hoops.


Ruffled garments are back to stay, and are increasingly seen on beaches and pools. They are ideal in dresses and shorts, although where they are most worn is in off-the-shoulder necklines.

Combined prints

Wearing the same pattern throughout the outfit (including the bikini) is the latest. In fact, in stores you can already find a swimsuit, pants, shorts, kimono or dress with the same type of print. And they even sell crop top and skirt sets that are perfect for looking amazing on the beach.

Shoulders out

Off the shoulders is still a trend for any occasion, especially to go to the beach. Wide boo chic style blouses that reveal the shoulders are especially beautiful. You can wear only the blouse over the bathing suit, hat and sunglasses for a walk on the beach.


Crochet garments or garments with these details, as well as white and beige lace and transparencies, never go out of style to go to the beach or pool. Above all, they are worn in kimonos and vests to wear over bathing suits (what is known as “beach outings”), although they are increasingly found adorning shorts and tops.

On the other hand, if you want a super sexy outfit, the last thing is to wear a crochet or fishnet t-shirt or tight dress over your swimsuit. To make the most of your tan, wear both the bikini and the white beach cover-up.

Jumpsuits or jumpsuits with shorts

Playsuits are flattering, youthful and comfortable. They are perfect for the hottest moments and very practical. The ones that are worn the most are of varied prints, in this way you can combine the jumpsuit with a plain bikini in one of the colors of the print. For the beach they can be used in all kinds: with bare shoulders, sleeveless, straps and even long sleeves. In addition, it is a garment that can be worn on many occasions. So if you are going to make any plans before or after the beach or pool, you will still look fabulous.

Denim skirt and swimsuit

The denim skirt is a garment that will always look good in a beach outfit, it is also the latest! Especially the high-waited and short ones. This skirt is not fully fitted, but flares out a bit at the bottom and some include zippers or buttons down the front. Many celebrities are incorporating this type of skirt into their look, wearing it over a one-piece swimsuit. You can also combine it with a top with a knot.

Floral and jungle prints

If you are bored with the simple and you want a cheerful and feminine outfit, opt for flower, fruit and leaf prints. There are more or less colorful, but the most popular are those that combine mustard, green, red and orange. You will also see that they are usually combined with white. For example, a white bikini with a kimono printed with green leaves or exotic flowers. As we said, you can also combine the same print on top and pants or shorts.

Long and wide skirts

Long and wide skirts for the beach or pool give your look a bohemian touch and at the same time sophisticated. And it is that long skirts are not only reserved for special moments or parties, but are increasingly worn as a beach outing. Replace the pare with a semi-transparent, long skirt, with different prints or light colors, with ruffles or cuts that leave the legs bare. Combine it with sandals with crossed straps, anklets, bracelets and a straw hat to look spectacular.

White shorts

Shorts and a t-shirt or blouse will always be perfect for the beach. Although, if you want to stand out from the typical denim shorts, choose white shorts. They highlight the tan and are in the latest fashion.

Off Shoulder Mini Dresses

For the beach or pool, loose shirt dresses that reveal the shoulders are ideal. These are wide but short, being cool and stylish at the same time. They give a youthful air and can be combined with visors, flowers in the hair and white sneakers or sandals.

Ideal complements

The right accessories can totally change your look and define your style. Perhaps you might think that many accessories are not needed to go to the beach or pool, however, they are being used more and more for these occasions. The hats, glasses and jewelry will give the final touch to the outfit making you look perfect. The latest accessories for the beach are large earrings, especially bohemian style earrings or with brightly colored fringes.


Hats are also super used in the famous, especially straw and wide-brimmed. Those with decorations such as colored pompoms, ribbons, handkerchiefs, die-cuts, embroidery… They are even messages! The most used hat styles are boaters and Pamela’s. In addition to being flattering, they protect our hair, head and face from the sun.

Apart from hats, you can also complete the look with visors or caps if you want a more sporty and casual look.


On the other hand, sunglasses are essential. You can always opt for classic ones, although the latest fashion is to wear daring and original glasses. Colored, elongated, peaked, square glasses…


Another accessory that cannot be missing is the bag. Straw maxi bags of different braids and shapes never go out of style. Like the hats, many have decorations such as colored pom-poms, fringes or ribbons that give them personality.

Flip flops

As for footwear, flip flops are always practical. However, by wearing a more careful and sophisticated look, more and more people are opting for simple sandals with straps. Although flip-flop sandals have been a success in recent years, certain parts are made of leather, so they look more stylish than conventional flip-flops.

Hairstyles for the beach

To finish the perfect beach outfit, you cannot miss the hairstyle. What is most popular is the natural look: loose hair with slight waves and light streaks. You can also do the modern semi-up do with a bun or the “half-up bun” or high messy bun. If you want to be comfortable and at the same time add color to your hair, make a high ponytail and tie it with a patterned scarf.

If you like the boo chic style, complement your look with a loose braid. There are many styles of braids: boxer type, cord, spike… try and use the one you like the most.