All girls are concerned about the issue of the look when going out to a party. It is something that can be very expensive for some, but perhaps not for others, because they have a variety of changes, or simply what little they have, they know how to use it properly.

You may not have much to see in your dressing room, but if you have attitude and know how to use the pieces according to the occasion, you will look great. Perhaps giving your own or personalized style to your clothes will benefit you when it comes to showing off your look.

There are many factors to take into account when going to a party. Many aspects also influence to wear a spectacular look such as; accessories, shoesmakeuphairstyle and many others. All these things have a direct connection to form a splendid look.

You should always take into account that the clothes you are going to put on should be in accordance with your heightbuild, hip-width; whether you have large or small busts, wide or narrowbacks, and all the unique aspects of your figure and personality. There are special garments that favor chubby women, just as there are for skinny women. Everything will revolve around your figure and your attitude.

The most charming thing is that you yourself can learn to design great and exclusive looks that will really surprise and become fashionable. It will not be necessary to spend all your savings, or go shopping for a week. Maybe you have saved clothes that can favor you and you didn’t know it.

With nothing more to add, later, you will see the best tips, so that you have very nice Outfits to go out to parties. You will see advice from hippie clothing to the most posh. Write down the tips that we will tell you.


Party outfits

  • The most common is an all-black dress; it is the star of the looks. It is the prototype that combines with any occasion and does not attract many glances, but it appears elegant
  • Suits or dresses in metallic colors. All the looks of the party will reach you and you will look spectacular. (Remember to minimize the volume of accessories with this type of suit).
  • If you want to be comfortable, but at the same time sexy and captivating, you can wear a long Rosie Huntington style jumpsuit. You can add a cap and high stilettos.
  • Something more casual would be a pair of light jeans with channel-colored high boots and a top with a Bardot neckline.
  • An Olivia style look is achieved by putting on a short denim dress with high heels and a very daring top.
  • For the cold weather in Madrid you can wear a long skirt with a long-sleeved shirt, respecting the values ​​to combine the pieces.

Although we have shown you some look styles that you can use, it is of great importance that you know certain rules when making combinations in clothing; this is so that your combinations never fail and you look fashionable.

We will see some of the rules or norms established for any combination below.


  1. Respect the range of colors making combinations within it. An example is gray with black; or brown with beige.
  2. If you are going to use varied colors, you should do it with colors opposite to each other; that is, green with pink tones, yellow with purple, and colors like that.
  3. Neutral colors (black, gray, and beige, white) should always be present in all your combinations, whether in accessories or clothing.
  4. Beige or brown colors should always be combined with earth, reddish or mustard colors.
  5. The prints generally generate volume. Which is a mistake to use prints in voluminous areas; neither in chubby or short people?
  6. Harris or Vichy type checks are ideal for setting height and at the same time creating a slimming
  7. Vertical stripes produce a sleek, stylish visual effect; while horizontal stripes increase kilos, visually speaking.
  8. Small polka dots on dark backgrounds are ideal if you want to look slimmer; On the contrary, large moles increase your volume.
  9. You should never combine black with dark tones; that is, brown with black.
  10. You should never wear more than three patterns in your outfits.
  11. Avoid combining pastel colors with white.
  12. Pronounce the brands as much as you can, remember that each garment gives a touch to the brand that expresses its personality.
  13. Mark elegance with long
  14. Associate your clothes with your makeup and hairstyle. If the dress is a turtle neck, the ideal will be to wear rings or long earrings with the hair semi-collected or completely collected. On the contrary, if there is a lot of cleavage in your dress, you can wear loose hair and shorter earrings with an appropriate necklace or choker.

If you take into account all these rules, when you get dressed, to go out to a party, you may have the best look of the year. The important thing is to comply with all the established rules, but at the same time, play with them. It’s all a matter of personalitytastes and your attitude.

In these cases, attitude plays a very important role in your look; if your outfit is somewhat simple and evens your makeup, but you have a conservative attitude but at the same time daring and seductive, you will surely be the eyes of the guests.

Do not forget to always be attentive to makeup and hairstyle; both are very important and influential for the final result of your look. If your clothes are of neutral colors and you are a bit simple, you can wear an exotic makeup that attracts all eyes.

However, there are things that should never be missing in your home, and even more importantly, things that should never be missing in your closet, which can be useful when going to a party. Keep reading and we will show you the things or garments that should never be missing in your wardrobe so that you have a complete and beautiful look, for any occasion.

Steps to follow

  1. Look for the clothes that suit you best according to the occasion and the place of the party.
  2. Get a super cute hairstyle that goes according to your dress.
  3. Make up with time; relaxed and with the colors that benefit you.
  4. Put perfume all over your body, especially in main areas such as neckhands and chest.
  5. Smile; your smile may give something special to each look.

This is everything you need to know to go to a party, what better tips than these; you will never go with a dull or common look, but you will stand out and be the best.

What do you need

  • White shirt; it is essential to have a white shirt that combines in the informal environment as in the formal. This goes with men and women.
  • Black dresses. You can combine them with any color of shoes according to their formal or informal style.
  •  Jean; jeans always get you out of trouble and you can use them with versatility.
  •  Long pencil skirt; this will get you out of trouble when it comes to a 100% formal look.
  •  High-heeled shoes.
  •  Black-jacket; this garment looks with all colors and almost all fabric textures.
  •  Heels.


  1. The number one tip is not to stop choosing the clothes you are going to wear at your party at the last minute, beforehand, you should think about how you are going to dress and what your style will be according to the occasion. It does not happen to you that you have to wear what you get because you no longer have time to choose.
  2. If it is night, your outing should always include dark Black never fails.
  3. For people with longhair, a medium bun with long strands on the outside will look great and long tendrils. Generally, for hairstyles with collected hair, the ideal tendrils would be long or large rings.
  4. Clothing should always be in accordance with the season, this is typical of Madrid. Remember that in the month of April you feel a little high temperature, until the month of May.
  5. The most daring outfits are with the look of metallic suits. Always remember to take the occasion into account.
  6. Leather clothes; be pants, skirt or jacket; It perfectly combine with any other piece and you will go to the safe.
  7. The most important thing about wearing an ideal Outfit imbalance. All fashions must be subject to a balance; If your garment is very low- cut at the top, then it is the bottom part you should be more demure and vice versa.
  8. If the party is a bit informal you can take your tracksuit.
  9. With the use of accessories (purse, scarf, belt, among others) you can enhance your style; Minimize the volume of your clothes and give them a new style with your accessories, using plain clothes or basic colors such as black, beige or white; combined with red, shiny, frosted or metallic accessories that stand out as the center of attention.
  10. The combination of black with white always works; you can wear garments of both colors, or combinations of them and you will surely be splendid and elegant.
  11. Experiment with different hairstyles than usual; if you usually wear your hair down, get a braided hairstyle to totally change your look.
  12. Change all the influential aspects such as makeupnail polish and accessories; from basic to extravagant.
  13. Vary with your bandanas or scarves; you can wear the same outfit at different parties but if you have different scarves it will look as if it had never been worn.
  14. Remember that the sexy touch of each look you put on are striking lips and high
  15. If you dress in jeans, keep in mind that you should put on striking blouses with sequinsglitter or metallic to enhance your style.