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Outfits for Christmas – Many Tips That You Will Like

Outfits for Christmas – Many Tips That You Will Like

Christmas is a time of year for parties and gatherings with friends and family. It is usually a period of meetings and many celebrations, so we like to see ourselves beautiful and elegant. If you see that the dates are approaching and you still don't know what you are going to wear, don't worry! In this article you will find a lot of flattering ideas for you and of different styles. In addition, I will give you tips for both the most elegant moments such as Christmas Eve, as well as for a family reunion at home, or to go for a walk on these dates. Surely these tips will inspire you to be perfect at Christmas!

Metallic fabrics

Garments with metallic and shiny fabrics are up to date. You can find them in almost any color, although silver, gold, black or dark blue are ideal for these dates. They will give us a festive and elegant look, and they are used both in dresses and in pants and tops. Thus, metallic dresses can be perfect for Christmas night or celebrating the end of the year. While, for more relaxed occasions, you can only wear a metallic garment combined with another simpler one. For example, a metallic shirt with black pants and ankle boots.

Metallic garments by themselves already attract a lot of attention, so avoid combining them with other prints, excessive jewelry or other highly embellished garments so as not to look overloaded.


Velvet resurfaces strongly on these important dates of the year. They are especially worn on dresses, t-shirts and bags. And the star color is burgundy red, although it is also widely used in dark blue, purple, and of course, black.

The good thing about this fabric is that it is warm and we will not be cold and it is also very elegant. Complete with block heels and black and gold accessories to look amazing.

Christmas sweaters

The Christmas jumper or sweater is ideal for those more informal family gatherings. You can wear it with jeans or a mini skirt at the waist. As for shoes, opt for comfortable Egg boots if you are going to be at home or want a more relaxed look.

To go out, the combination of a skirt with long boots (adjusted above the knee) is perfect. Although you can also wear ankle boots and long socks or thick stockings to keep your legs warm. Keep in mind that you can give the outfit a more elegant touch with a more elaborate hairstyle and makeup.

Dress skirts

On these dates we want to be warm and at the same time look sexy and feminine. That's why we wear more skirts and dresses. But which skirts are the most suitable? Well, for Christmas the ones that are most used are those with sequins, glitter or tulle (which is back in fashion). Short, tight and shiny skirts will transform your entire look and are very sexy, even if you combine them with any plain garment such as a basic sweater. Remember that if you are short, this type of skirt is very flattering, especially if they fit at the waist and you wear the sweater tucked inside.

Another wonderful option is midi skirts, based on those worn in the 1950s. These skirts are cinched at the waist and loose at the bottom. They have enough flight and cover the knees, although there are longer ones. They are perfect for the Christmas season since they are warmer and there are them with tulle, lace, and soft and shiny fabrics. So they are designed for the most elegant occasions. Pair this skirt with nice dark heels and a fitted top or t-shirt to offset the volume of the skirt.

Do not forget that this is the ideal time to dress in red, white, gold, black, silver and even dark green.

Furry coats

The comfortable and furry coats are the best to keep warm and look neat at the same time. They are worn in "animal print" like the leopard, although you can also find them plain. A good outfit can be a leopard fur coat with a black jumpsuit, gold accessories and heels. Thus, the coat gives a touch of color, distinguishing itself from the other garments.

If you are looking for a more casual outfit to walk around the city, a gray or pastel colored furry coat looks great with jeans, a sweater and a micro bag.

Pleated garments

Pleated garments also make a strong comeback at Christmas, especially soft and light fabrics similar to silk. They are extremely elegant and comfortable, wearing a lot in long skirts, wide pants, jumpsuits and dresses.

These garments are recommended for New Year's Eve and more formal celebrations. The most popular colors are black and white (both alone and combined), although you can go a bit out of the ordinary by using red or golden yellow. They are worn together with velvet heels tied to the ankle to highlight it.

On the other hand, if you are going to wear any garment of this type, make sure that the others are of a solid color and without lace or sequins. Although do not be shy about wearing transparencies, V-necklines, bare backs or short tops. Remember that it is fashionable to show the waist!

Sequin dresses

Both silver and gold sequin dresses are practically designed for Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. They are worn well-fitting and long-sleeved, many with a neckline that reveals the back. This type of fabric is very sexy and elegant and will make you shine like a star. In addition, being somewhat thick, it is ideal to hide love handles or a tummy. Wear it with black high-heeled shoes or leather ankle boots if you prefer to be more comfortable. Do not wear many more accessories than a plain coat, a small bag and long earrings. A good makeup and elaborate hairstyle will give the final touch.

Keep in mind that, if the dress is backless, there are bras on the market that adhere to the chest that you can use if they are noticeable. Another option is to wear a plain tank top that hides the back of your bra.

Sequin pants

As the latest fashion we also find sequin pants, used mainly in black and silver. They are very original, and they are spectacular combined with white or beige blouses, matching square bags and heels tied to the ankle. It is a good set for those who want to vary from black, or want an elegant look for the day.

Casual Christmas

On the other hand, you may be wondering: what do I wear for everyday days? It is true that on these dates we usually dress up more, even if we go for a drink with friends or go out to do Christmas shopping. So we look for outfits that are stylish, sophisticated and warm. I leave you several examples. You can combine high-heeled boots with dark leggings or thick tights, a matching bag and a hat. Of course, give it a tender and feminine touch with a pink or beige coat fitted at the waist.

Sweater and jeans

The wide and warm sweaters in neutral tones also continue to triumph with shirts underneath and large scarves wrapped around the neck. Jeans are worn throughout the year, giving a more youthful and carefree look to those with rips at the knees. Light colored coats will add a touch of light to your outfit. Do not forget some warm boots and dare with all kinds of winter hats to attract all eyes.

Long sleeve dresses

Another type of outfit that you can use for day to day achieving a romantic and Christmas look are winter dresses. They are usually made of thick fabrics, fitted at the top and with a full skirt. Red, black and dark blue are the most suitable colors to wear them. You can combine them with black or gray stockings, leather or velvet ankle boots and square bags (they're trendy). As the skirt is loose and voluminous, if you are going to use a coat or jacket try to make it tight so as not to look too wide.

Fringed dresses

If you want to be the sensation of the night, don't hesitate to wear a silver or gold fringed dress. These dresses bound among the famous, especially accompanied by transparencies.

They are hyper sexy and elegant, and can be warm if you choose them with long sleeves and a high neck. Do not forget that the protagonist of the outfit is your dress, so combine it with a more discreet bag and shoes and do not abuse accessories.

Elegant pants

Although, if you are one of those who love pants and want to wear them even on the most elegant occasions, you are in luck! Palazzo, high-waited, and wide-leg pants are now popular. They are used a lot in summer, however, for these dates you can also find them in more winter and sophisticated fabrics. For example, pleated velvet or silk.

This type of pants stylizes, is very comfortable and makes you look taller. To enhance this effect, wear it with a fitted long-sleeved top either cropped or tucked in. It also looks great with a bodysuit with a bare back. The idea is to counteract the volume of the pants with the top part.

In addition, today it is worn together with a top of the same pattern or fabric. As you can see, the combination of black velvet with nude color accessories is beautiful to change. Although you can also use them in gold or silver to give it an even more Christmassy look.