Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most beautiful things that Christmas has today, since it is one of the beautiful traditions that have always been done.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus in Christian culture, which is accompanied by a great party with gifts, parties and Christmas decorations.

The tradition of putting up the Christmas tree is quite old and I think that all of us who are over 20 years old have done it at some point with our family. It is about taking a Fir tree and filling it with decorations so that it can be seen in our house during the Christmas season.

The thing is not to decorate the Christmas tree, but to do it together with our loved ones, since real Christmas is about being with the family and enjoying it, not about consuming Christmas gifts and copious meals.

For this reason, I believe that if you have stopped putting up the Christmas tree, it is time to do it again, since decorating the Christmas tree with your family is a unique experience that everyone should do, even if they are not believers, but only for the pleasure of spending time with the family and working side by side with them.

If you are a person who does not usually celebrate Christmas, surely you are somewhat green in this aspect and you do not know how to decorate a Christmas tree in the correct way, since you have many doubts about the subject, not knowing exactly how to decorate the tree. Christmas tree you just put up.

But don’t worry; we are going to teach you how to put up a good Christmas tree, so that you can also share the tradition with the whole family.

What do you need:

  • A Christmas-tree.
  • Christmas tree lights.
  • Bands to put around.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • The Christmas star.


  1. Lights: The first thing you should know when decorating a Christmas tree is that it must have a good set of lights. The lights that are used in a Christmas tree are elongated, as in strips and are placed around the tree starting at the bottom and ending at the top, putting everything as if rolled up around it. The lights are usually of various colors and give a very modern and bright touch to the tree, making it attract a lot of attention. Use quality lights that wrap well around the tree and make sure it covers the entire surface evenly, so that there is the same amount of light in some parts of the tree as in others.
  2. Balls and other decorations such as little angels: The next step to decorate the Christmas Fir is to put the typical decorations that are put on the tree, which are usually  Christmas balls, Christmas angels, Christmas gifts in the form of earrings and many more. These balls and other decorations usually come with a small rope, which is usually hooked to the small branches of the Fir Tree. This must be done carefully, taking into account that the decorations completely cover the tree, without there being excess decorations in one side and trim defect on other sides. Also make sure that they are well attached to the branches, otherwise they could fall and destroy your Christmas decorations. Learn in this interesting article How to Hang Christmas Balls.
  3. Bands: We call bands that kind of strips of colored synthetic hair that are placed around the tree. These strips give a more elegant touch to the tree, as if it were a tree with more money or that it is better designed. The best of all is that placing the bands is the easiest part of the entire Christmas tree, since all we have to do is wrap them around the tree, in the same way that we have done with the Christmas lights, but obviously without covering these. At the end it will be a beautiful tree, but make sure you tie the band at the top so that it does not fall and that the whole band is supported by the branches of the tree for the same reason.
  4. The star of the wise men: Christian tradition tells that the wise men followed a kind of star to visit the newborn god child. This star is a star that is a kind of star with a tail, which is surely known by all of us who have put up the Christmas tree. Tradition says that the star should be placed at the top of the tree, because as the stars are in the sky, they should be placed at the top. Place the star right on the top of the tree and you will see how it gives it a special touch, that is, a touch a little more Christmassy if possible.  If you don’t have a star with a tail, place a normal star instead.