Organizing a wedding can become a somewhat complicated task that generates great interest among the future married couple, but at the same time it is the ideal excuse to have a big party with friends to celebrate the end of being single. Knowing how to organize a bachelor party is something that may not be very complicated, but you may be looking for something different and you may be interested in knowing how to surprise the groom at his bachelor party.

Looking for something different from the usual and traditional is possible, and breaking with the usual activities can lead to experiencing a unique and very interesting activity. For this reason, over the next few lines we are going to give you different ideas so that you know how to surprise that friend who is getting married. There are different ideas to be able to surprise and make this experience unique.

Ideas to surprise the groom at his bachelor party

When preparing this party, you should not be thinking from the first moment about how to survive a farewell, since it is really not necessary to overdo it in order to have a good time in the company of friends. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can find many options to surprise the groom. We give you some ideas:

Getaway to a rural house or chalet on the beach

One of the best ways to organize a party that can please all the guests and that allows you to relax away from the hustle and bustle are to find a house where no one bothers you; and that it also serves so that you do not bother others. For this reason, you can rent a rural house or chalet, where you can focus on enjoying yourself with greater freedom.

Limousine / fake slime

One option for this celebration is to pick up the groom and go with his friends in a limousine with all the luxuries. However, this is not something so new, but it can be by having the groom arrive on the back of a donkey or similar to the center of the city. This is a way to surprise him and make him more original.

Hidden Camera

Playing a prank on the groom is one of the most common traditions that take place during the celebration of bachelor parties. For this, you can use people who act as a hook and that the boyfriend does not know, or that everything has to do with the friends themselves. In any case, recording it with a hidden camera is highly recommended, since after the prank, if it goes well, you can enjoy watching it; and in addition, there will also be a great memory to remember in the future.

Entertainment activities

Bachelor parties are usually thought of as a perfect excuse to eat and drink with all kinds of excesses. However, for a more creative and different celebration, you can choose to organize entertainment activities.

In this sense, you have many options to choose from. You can go to a concert in particular, do some kind of extreme sport, and go to a paintball game or similar; or any other activity that serves so that both her boyfriend and her friends have fun doing some kind of activity.


Something very classic is to dress for the occasion, so that all those who see you can realize that you are celebrating a bachelor party. For this you can use all kinds of costumes or personalized t-shirts, the latter being a good option to keep as a souvenir. For this you can place a personalized message, with original and fun phrases.

Tests the boyfriend

In order to enjoy the fun even more, you can prepare tests or challenges that the boyfriend must overcome. For this you have to think of original tests that the boyfriend will have to do to get things. Any situation that is surreal that you can think of can be good, although always do it avoiding that it can lead to problems.


Having a professional do your sensual dances is something very typical of bachelor parties, but it is also usually effective. You can find all kinds of shows in this sense, from some that are very spicy to others that are lighter. You can organize the dance in a home show or go to specialized places. Everything will depend on your tastes and preferences.


In addition to the above, you have different options to be able to give the groom a gift during the celebration, and in this sense there are endless possibilities, some of them very creative.

You can give her sex toys or costumes to use on her honeymoon, lingerie to surprise her partner with, an “emergency kit” with condoms, toothpaste, Band-Aids…; a getaway or adventure experience, and even a personalized canvas. When it comes to gifts, you can look for more classic options or opt for more creative ones. Remember that both for the gifts and for the rest of the experience, the limit is set by your imagination