Entertaining a friend or relative leaves beautiful memories in our memory, but if this entertainment were a surprise, it would be much better. Do you want to do something special because an important moment for them is approaching? Do you know how to organize a party without falling into suspicion? If you have no idea, we suggest how to make an unforgettable celebration here.Surprize party

      Select your accomplices and guests

  1. It’s not easy to organize a surprise party, so you need some accomplices to help you solve different aspects without missing any details.
  2. Organize with people with whom you feel more trust. These must have a common and very close relationship with the honoree so that they share your motivation.
  3. In turn, they must know the honoree’s plans so they can update you in case some extra modifications are required, especially to avoid any inconvenience.
  4. Discretion is key among the people involved in the organization, so you can achieve the surprise effect.
  5. The invitation must be personal so that you explain the plans to them and they do not discover your surprise.

Choose the date

  • Take into account the time needed to organize the celebration. Find out, above all, the possible days you can count on for the party.
  • Depending on the occasion you want to celebrate, you must first know the date and time so that no other event coincides with the same day. Remember that the honoree will not be able to attend two places simultaneously, much less the one he is not scheduled to go to.

Select the place

The place of celebration can be related to the occasion you want to celebrate (graduation, birthday, bachelor party, engagement, promotion, competition, baptism, etc.)

  1. A restaurant, the garden of your house, the house of a friend or relative, a disco, all these places are appropriate, including the house of the honoree himself. A party room would be perfect if you have enough budget and are risky.
  2. The size of the place will depend on the number of guests. If these are few, in the same way, leave a margin for possible last-minute guests, who will surely always have some extras.

Instructions for organizing a surprise party

This is the most fun part of the organization. Defining the party’s theme may not be easy, but it greatly impacts the honoree and the guests. Once you check in to the venue, you’ll see how much effort and heart they put into throwing a party on your behalf.

  1. The theme of the decoration is related to the occasion you want to celebrate.
  2. Although it is simple, you should always take care so that the finishes are tasteful.
  3. If you have chosen the theme of the decoration focused on the cultural or exotic (Chinese, Arabic, Gypsy, Hawaiian, etc.), for example, you can suggest to the guests that they go with an outfit related to this theme. This would help to set the mood. Place.
  4. The garden environment will help you save on additional elements because it already provides ornamentation. You would only take care of decorating the tables and the chairs and complementing them with some balloons.
  5. The drink is surely included; you can decorate the bottles with the reason for the party. For example, if it is a graduation, you would make some caps for the cap.
  6. When the party’s theme is Hawaiian, palms, pineapples, and bold colors are space for decoration.
  7. If the party is in the house itself, you must clear the place of the furniture that does not add anything to the decoration or the space.
  8. Many people make a banner with the name of the honoree. You can vary this tradition by designing their name with letter balloons and placing them in the foreground of the place.
  9. Suppose you do not have a specific theme for the decoration, and you only took advantage of the resources that the place or the environment gives you (garden). In that case, you can suggest to the guests that they go with a specific accessory or outfit: a hat, clothes of a certain color, a pressed flower on a shirt, etc. Don’t forget to prepare something for the fete.
  10. Suppose you want to create an atmosphere of emotion for the guest of honor. In that case, you can decorate with some details to arouse their curiosity from the middle of the entranceway until they open the door and get a big surprise, for example, some balloons in the road.


It is an aspect that you must take care of if you expect it to be truly unforgettable. That is why you should try to make it entertaining from several aspects. Here we suggest different ways.

  1. At the party, you should not only choose the music for animation. In this case, you need a host who knows the party before and during the party.
  2. You must choose the music according to the taste of the honoree. Suppose he is passionate about flamenco and fandango. In that case, you can surprise him at the entrance with a dance in his honor instead of the typical cry of “Surprise” and turning on the light. Tears of emotion may flow!
  3. During the celebration, you can vary the music, so the other guests feel in the mood.
  4. If the budget allows it, you can hire a Showman to animate the whole party and entertain the honoree and all the guests with different games.
  5. During the party, you can stop to make a little speech on their behalf. During the wait, the guests could dedicate some emotional words to him and read them at that moment. At the same time, make a toast in his honor. If you hire the showman, you can trust him with this job.
  6. You can have fun photo sessions with the honoree if you have a good camera and party supplies.


  1. You can make it buffet-style or with various dishes. The party room also offers different alternatives of dishes.
  2. They can also take care of each dish to share the party’s organization with you.

What do you need to organize a surprise party?

  • Table linen.
  • Balloons.
  • Chairs.
  • Colored fabrics.
  • Fruits.
  • Floors.
  • Tables.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Cups.
  • Confetti.
  • Cotillion.

Tips for organizing a surprise party

  1. You should consider what the honoree likes, including their temperament. You may not like surprise parties. That is easy to find out.
  2. The year’s season can suggest the party’s theme, so you will not worry about what to do for the decoration, for example, the Christmas season.
  3. If the budget is tight or you don’t have enough ideas for a theme party, plants and flowers are excellent ornaments that give the environment warmth and elegance.
  4. Instrumental music is necessary for the moment of waiting for the guests. A silent environment does not correspond to a party and will cause them to start hanging around the place and ruin the surprise.
  5. Talk personally with the guests about the time of arrival at the place at least half an hour in advance so that they do not bump into the honoree when he arrives.
  6. If the party is in the house of the honored person, organize with the accomplices where they will accommodate the food, the decorations, and even what time they should meet to decorate.
  7. Keep in mind that the honoree cannot be around. So one of them must distract him and accompany him to the place to prevent him from changing his decision about him and going elsewhere.
  8. Don’t forget the rich cake.

If you want to please someone who is appreciated by you and many other people, get organized with some friends to plan a super fun party. Check your budget and throw yourself without fear to make someone who deserves it happy.