It is no secret to anyone that the way we used to live has changed a lot. We went from working on the street to experimenting with teleworking, young people have had to study remotely, we can no longer go out on the street as much as we would like, we said goodbye to trips to the mall, the movies, family gatherings and many other things.

The measures that have been taken to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 have emotionally affected many people. Who now must face panic attacks, overwhelming anxiety and even depression, because they constantly think about the situation that plagues the world?

Since humans are social beings, we greatly need the company of other people. However, it is important that we respect isolation and social distancing measures if we want to maintain our good health.

But does that mean that the quarantine routine should rob us of the fun? Not much less! If we get creative, we can realize that there are many ways to share with our friends and family, since technology opens a wide door of options for us.

For example, perhaps for this year 2022 we had planned to celebrate some important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. How can we continue with our plans and hold a party from home, without overlooking the health regulations that have been imposed?

In this article we will be sharing with you the latest party trends in times of Covid-19. With these tips you will realize that the limits are only in your mind and you will want to put them into practice as soon as possible. Therefore, pay attention to what you must do to celebrate a party at home. Find paper and pencil so you don’t miss any details.

Instructions for organizing a party at home

As we mentioned before, thanks to technology we have a large number of options within our reach so as not to cancel a party at home, you just have to know them and become familiar with them to put them into practice and be successful.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the new trend is virtual parties. They are no longer part of science fiction, now they are a reality. To achieve one, the first thing you must do is choose a platform that allows you to make a multiple connection. Some of the most used are Zoom, Integra and What Sapp. However, they are not the only ones. Choose the one that best suits your circumstances and demands.

When you have determined the medium that you will use to make your virtual party, the next thing to do is this:

  1. Select the theme of the party. This can vary a lot depending on the reason for it. For example, in the case of a wedding, the motif could be vintage, a very fashionable trend. In case it is a children’s party, you can make it the child’s favorite character or the movie that they like the most.
  2. Taking into account the theme of the party, the next thing you should do is select a space in your house to decorate. In the same way, the magnitude of the decoration will vary if it is a wedding, a birthday or a party for no specific reason. If it is a wedding, it can be more elaborate, although that will depend on the taste of the couple.
  3. Design your own invitation. With it you can play a lot by combining different elements. To personalize it even more, you can add one of your favorite photos.

When you have it ready, send it to your contact list, through a link to the email. Remember to include the day, time and platform that will be used for the connection. You can also indicate a bank account number to receive your gifts.

  1. Select the list of songs that you are going to play during the party. Don’t assume that your guests won’t want to dance. Perhaps more than one will be encouraged. Also, remember that there is no party without good music.
  2. Think about the food you are going to serve to your guests. Yes, food. How can you do to share it with them? Very easy! You can pay for a delivery service or take it personally to the door of your house. That way they will feel that they are really part of the celebration. Don’t forget to include the traditional piece of cake.
  3. Organize an activity to keep your guests active and engaged. You could choose a game, sing Karaoke, tell jokes or anecdotes, etc.

Taking these ideas into account, the next thing is to get down to work. Now, what to do in case it is a children’s party? Let’s see it.

Kids party

Children are one of the most affected by the quarantine isolation situation, since they are used to being in constant movement and sharing with other children. To make the quarantine more bearable, from time to time you can organize a virtual party, without the need for it to be a special date.

You can start the day with a rich breakfast. Think about the food that he likes the most and try to please him so that he feels good and we start the day on the right foot.

Contact your closest friends. If you make a small group, they will have the opportunity to share more and better. A large group could make some children feel left out and uncomfortable.

Think of some games that take place virtually. Perhaps they could be riddles, mimes, video games, or the like. Do not forget to include good music so that they are in a festive atmosphere.

The decoration is important, use balloons, drawings, banners and confetti. The party can be themed. Encourage guests to dress up as the character they want. The intention is to have fun and get out of the routine.

What do you need to organize a party at home?

Don’t limit yourself by thinking that you will need too many things. Perhaps you have all of them, or the vast majority, at hand:

  •  A phone or some other device to make the virtual party connection.
  • Download the application that you will use.
  • A virtual invitation or notification of the party.
  • Some decorative elements. The simpler they are the better.
  • Good music to liven up the moment.
  • Some activities to do with your guests.
  • A simple meal or some snacks.
  • If it is a theme party, a costume allusive to the theme you will raise, and that’s it!

Tips for organizing a party at home

Although it is true that we have a lot of time without sharing with our family and friends, we must take into account that perhaps it is best not to have the party with a very large group, since some may be left out of the conversation or activities. And we run the risk that they abandon the connection.

If it is a small group of 5 or 10 people, you will be able to share with everyone and make them feel comfortable. Finally, that is the objective that is pursued when throwing a party. If you like the experience, you can organize another party soon and include another group of people.

When spreading your invitation, do not do it through public means, such as social networks, chat rooms or forums. If you do it like this, you run the risk of unknown people connecting. Also, the number of people will get out of hand. It’s best to send the invitation directly to the people you want to attend.

Try not to be too long, as you run the risk of running out of ideas and activities to do. Currently there are many ways to apply at parties. You can do, for example, a sleepover, a yoga or dance therapy session or an afternoon of video games.

If you dare to put these suggestions into practice, you will be sure that you will be able to enjoy a different, fun, unique and special day that you will want to repeat as soon as possible.

Preventive measures

  1. It is important that you clean your house well and disinfect everything and place before the guests arrive. Remember, although we are no longer in confinement you cannot neglect yourself. Therefore, you can ask your guests to leave their shoes outside, or to disinfect them with bleach before entering.
  2. We know that social distancing is a way to avoid contagion. But how boring a party will be so far away. So, as we are sure that not all the guests will agree not to get too close, we recommend having the party in the patio of your house, which is an open place and the air current will help disperse any virus.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask all your guests if they are in good health. If one of your guests is feeling unwell, it’s better for him to stay at his house and invite him virtually to the celebration so he does not feel left out. Taking care of everyone’s health is important.
  4. After the celebration is over, it is very important that you clean and disinfect the entire area again, the glasses and plates that were used, the door handles and even the bathroom.