At any time of the year, and especially when the weather is good, it is always a good time to organizeparty, be it a costume party, on the beach, a theme… Among the latter we have to mention a type of party that is always original and that can provide great moments of fun, that of the medieval festival.


If you are interested in knowing how to organize a medieval party in your own home, we are going to indicate all the details that you must take into account to make it a complete success. Although when organizing a party you should try to make it go with your personality and that of most of the guests, a medieval party is always a good choice.

It must be remembered that in the Middle Ages, parties were used to celebrate important events, as well as to strengthen family ties. Beyond the weddings, baptisms, funerals… there were the tournaments and jousts, which were frequently accompanied by performances of music, dance, comedians and, how could it be otherwise, some good banquets. All of them are ingredients that cannot be missing in a good party.

Ideas to organize a medieval party

That said, if you are willing to organize a medieval party for your friends and/or family in your own home, there are different points that you will have to keep in mind so that it can really be a success. Next, we are going to talk about each of the points that you will have to assess so that your goal of having a party set in another era can be developed in the appropriate way. These are the keys to keep in mind:


For it to be a  medieval party as such, it is essential that each of the guests, when they arrive at your house and walk through the door, feel that they are in another era, in the middle of the  Middle Ages. The setting is key to making the party a success, since in this way the guests can fully immerse themselves in the celebration itself. Thus, it will be easier for you that everything goes smoothly and that finally everyone is satisfied with it.

To achieve this, it is important that you get down to work and  make or buy pennants that hang from one side of the garden or the room to the other, drawing on them fleur-de-lis, Maltese crosses or the typical ones that are linked to the crusades. It also decorates with ribbons and hangs along the walls with  flags with coats of arms. Depending on the space you have and whether or not you have a garden, you can set it in one way or another. Try to adapt to the space you have and make it possible to breathe an atmosphere of the middle Ages. Strive to make the environment as successful as possible.


In a medieval festival, as you can deduce, there must be the appropriate musical setting. If you are going to serve drinks and typical food of the time, and if not also, choose to accompany the banquet with music. These are songs played on the flute, harp, tambourine or guitar, which are the most similar. This is to introduce people to the environment. As the party progresses, you will be able to opt for more current songs in which you can all have a good time and in an unbridled way.


It won’t do you any good if the music and setting are perfect if the guests don’t manage to get fully into the medieval atmosphere. For this reason, it is recommended that you ask your guests to come dressed as a medieval character. These can be dressed as kings, knights, dragons, jesters…; and if they cannot be dressed in period costumes, they should at least do so with some representative element of this period, such as a sword or a warrior’s helmet.

Photo call

After setting up everything so that each guest feels like they were in another time many years ago, you want everyone to be able to take home a good memory of this party. Therefore, to know how to organize a medieval party, it is time for you to create a  photocell. You can do this manually, drawing a nice landscape with a castle or similar on a sheet or a large piece of paper. You can also place a dragon or other elements that have always been associated with the middle Ages, which your guests will surely want to take a picture of.


To add even more atmosphere to the party, unleash your creativity and create homemade props for the party, such as crowns, shields, vests, cork armor, cardboard swords and much more. You can use all this with your Photocell for the funniest photographs.

Photo booth

If you want your guests to relax and enjoy the party to the fullest, you can use a good photo booth, with which you can personalize photos with different formats and themes, so that everyone can choose the photo that is most to their liking.