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How to Organize a Bridal Shower

How to Organize a Bridal Shower

There is less and less time until, finally, you can celebrate the wedding you have always dreamed of. There will be your family, your friends and, of course, the boyfriend. You will finally join the person you love for the rest of your life.

And what girl would not like, before celebrating the link, to have a successful bachelorette party? It is important that the bride can enjoy a nice party. Do not forget that one does not get married every day. Leaving singleness behind to be able to spend our life with the person we love is, without a doubt, something very beautiful and unique. But organizing a party to say goodbye to our single life can be a bit complicated, so we must prepare it in advance. Thus, the party will be a success and we can celebrate it next to our closest friends, colleagues or family members.

Is organizing a bachelorette party difficult?

No, organizing a bachelorette party is not difficult if you follow these simple tips from dotcoms to celebrate a dream party that neither you, nor the bride, nor the guests at the bachelorette party will ever forget.

What do you need to organize a bachelorette party?

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Instructions for organizing a bachelorette party

  1. Start by making a list with the guests. In every bachelorette party the guests cannot be missing. Make a list with the names of all the girls who are going to attend the party. You can send them an invitation that follows the theme that the party will have later or send them the information by email. If you decide to send the invitations by email, create a group with all the invitees and send a single generic email to all of them at the same time. The date and place of the bachelorette party must be stated on the invitation.
  2. Choose the date. One of the big problems involved in organizing a bachelorette party is choosing a suitable date in which all the guests can participate and attend the ceremony. The best thing so that no one has to miss the party is to prepare the farewell during the holidays or on the weekend. If you opt for the weekend, Friday nights or Saturdays are the best days for this type of party.
  3. Choose the place where you are going to celebrate the bachelorette party. This party cannot be held anywhere. The site will depend on the number of guests who will attend the event. If you are a few friends, you can request a reservation in a nice restaurant or do it in your own home. If you are many guests, you can rent a house for a weekend or look for a large place where you are all comfortable. If you decide to make it at home, remember that you will have to do the preparations yourself or hire someone to do it.
  4. Let's have fun! This kind of party has to be a lot of fun. The bride is abandoning her bachelorhood. So, since it will be her last day as a single woman, this day must be fun and unforgettable for her. There are some girls who hire strippers for the bachelorette party, others prefer to play board games and others go out to have fun at a bar where they can drink, dance and meet people
  5. You can opt for a themed bachelorette party. Many girls like to prepare a completely different party so they turn this party into a great girl’s day. You can meet all your friends to go eat at a restaurant, go out after shopping, go to an amusement park and end the evening having a few drinks at a bar. Turning the bachelorette party into a day of fun activities is ideal to relax before saying goodbye to our single life
  6. Do not forget the gifts. Although it is not necessary to give a gift to the bride, one of the most fun things about these holidays is being able to choose a gift for her from all her friends from her. Giving the bride some erotic item is always fun. You can give her lingerie, a vibrator; massage gel, beauty products, bath salts or anything you can think of that she can use during the wedding night. These types of details will make this party even more unforgettable and fun. If you prefer to give her something more serious, you can always opt for a jewel that she can wear on the wedding day.
  7. Food is very important. A bachelorette party cannot be a success if the food is missing. Although girls usually go on a diet before this type of celebration to look fit and dressed on the day of the wedding, the bachelorette party is a perfect time to break the rules. Buy sweets with erotic shapes, prepare bags of jelly beans for the guests, and buy a lot of ice cream... All the girls like sweets!
  8. Don't forget to take pictures of this special day. Remember to take your camera with you the day you celebrate the bachelorette party. So you can remember the face of joy that the bride had that day. You can even frame one of these photos and give it to her as a gift on the wedding day.

Tips for organizing a bachelorette party

  • If you want the bachelorette party to be a real success, don't forget to ask the bride what she would like her party to have.
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