The arrival of a new member to the family is always good news, so it is a great time to celebrate a welcome party for the new member of the family. In recent years it has become popular in our country to welcome you with a Baby Shower.

This is a welcome party for the minor that takes place around one or two months before his birth, a way to start celebrating his arrival with the future parents; and that it is a perfect day to be able to give their parents the corresponding gifts.

If you want to know how to organize a Baby Shower party so that the celebration becomes a complete success, throughout this article we are going to explain everything you need to know to achieve it. In this way you will have no excuse so that the party is remembered by everyone and you have a great time in company while waiting for the arrival of the new member of the family.

Instructions for organizing a baby shower party

When it comes to knowing how to organize a Baby Shower party, you have to follow a series of steps so that the celebration is a success. We show you step by step what you should do:

  1. Decide the budget. First of all, you must decide how much money you are willing to invest in the celebration. The budget will vary depending on the number of attendees, in addition to thinking about other aspects such as drinks, food, decoration, games… However, you should keep in mind that you can organize a fun and original party without spending a lot of money on it. .
  2. Come. You can celebrate the baby shower in all kinds of places, from public places like parks to in the private sphere in your own or friends’ houses. In addition, you always have the possibility of resorting to private party rooms where you have the possibility of renting the space for the time you need to celebrate the party.
  3. As you find yourself in the final phase of pregnancy, you will need family and friends to help you when preparing for the baby shower. However, if you prefer, you should keep in mind that there are companies specialized in this type of party. In this way you can ignore all the details of the celebration and leave it in the hands of professionals.
  4. Guest list. Once you have done the above, it will be time to draw up the guest list and send the invitations. It is recommended that you do it at least one month in advance so that all attendees have time to organize themselves and to confirm their attendance.
  5. Mixed or for women. This is an important decision, since you will have to ask your friends if they prefer to go to the party as a couple or alone; and in any case prepare some activities and games that serve to spend a pleasant time for everyone.
  6. Music and games. In any party worth its salt, music and games cannot be missing. Prepare them well in advance and do not leave everything to chance, since you will need some or other elements to be able to carry them out. The same happens with music, where you can choose different songs according to your tastes and preferences.
  7. Gift list. Help your guests when choosing the gifts to give you on the occasion of the celebration of the arrival of a new member. To do this, create a list of gifts for the baby shower. To do this, you must choose those products and accessories that are important for the day-to-day life of the future baby. When thinking about the gifts, you should also think about the place where they will be stored during the party.
  8. Photographs: Photographs and videos are two fundamental elements to be able to enjoy a very nice memory of the party. For this you can hire a professional photographer to accept the most emotional moments of the celebration, or ask a friend to do it for you.

You should keep in mind that it is possible to know how to organize a baby shower party without incurring a large financial outlay. Even if you have a small budget, by following the steps indicated you can organize a simple and cheap baby shower, with which you can surprise your guests.

The possibilities when it comes to decorating the party are endless, being able to opt for themed celebrations, betting on a single color so that it is present in curtains, tablecloths, cutlery… In this way you can get the perfect party.

What do you need to organize a Baby Shower party?

If you are wondering what is needed to organize a baby shower, you should keep in mind that you do not need to make a large outlay to enjoy a fun and enjoyable party. To celebrate it you will need:

  • invitations
  • Photo or video camera
  • food and drinks
  • Games
  • decor
  • venue for celebratio