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How to Make the Invisible Friend

How to Make the Invisible Friend

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard of the “invisible friend” but you do not know exactly what it is. There are different theories about this practice, which dates back to the 19th century in Venezuela, when married women were prohibited from having close friends. In order to receive gifts, this custom was created between friends and makes an "invisible friend", in which gifts were exchanged at random in meetings.

Knowing how to choose a gift for my best friend can be complicated, just like choosing a gift for your girlfriend, but the “invisible friend " has a special charm, since the other person will not know, at first, whose it is. Gift.

How to organize the “invisible friend”

The “invisible friend" is a very popular game, especially around Christmas. It consists of making a raffle among a group of friends, making the recipient of each person's gift a surprise.

Cando se celebrate el amigo invisible

If you wonder when the "invisible friend" is celebrated, you should keep in mind that this curious game is usually used during the Christmas season. The reason is that during these dates special meetings and celebrations are usually held, whether with friends, family, co-workers or students, etc. This is a good way to give each other something, get to know each other better and foster personal relationships.

Likewise, during Christmas, fellowship and generosity are values ​​that are very present; and you can take advantage of it to organize this game. In general, the gifts of the "secret friend" are exchanged at a meal or dinner attended by all the participants. In this way you will enjoy the celebration even more.

How to organize the draw

With the traditional method, to organize the ”invisible friend" draw, you choose to write all the names of the participants on paper; and then each person choosing a role. The name of the paper is who they should give it to.

However, today, thanks to new technologies, there are different options to carry out the draw of the invisible friend from a distance. In this way, being far away is not a big problem for it and the organization of the game can be carried out.

Currently there are different applications to be able to do the ”invisible friend" draw remotely. In this way, when it is not possible to meet together beforehand to opt for the traditional method, you can resort to this method.

How to distribute the gifts

Once you have searched and found the “invisible friend” gift according to the tastes of the person you have had to give, it will be time to deliver the gifts to that person.

On that day in which you will all meet, all the gifts must be deposited in one place, so that no one knows who was responsible for buying their gifts.

Once all the gifts have been placed together, it will be time to decide the order in which they will be opened. To do this, a draw can be made again, randomly or by any other criteria. In this way, the gifts will be opened, and the recipient must guess by a message, letter, photo or some significant element, who is the person who has chosen to give him a gift, that is, who is his ”invisible friend".