There are a large number of costumes that can be used to seek originality when attending different types of parties. It is enjoyable to be able to make homemade costumes. For this reason, we will explain how to make a homemade fruit costume, with elements you can incorporate according to your needs to be more creative. So, you can get a unique and inimitable costume.

Fruit costume homemade

Also, remember that making this type of costume saves you a lot of money since the cost will be significantly reduced compared to buying it.

On other occasions, we have explained how to make a schoolgirl, nurse, or military costume. Now it’s time to talk about how to make a homemade fruit costume. It is a much simpler option than you might think. You will only need a few materials to achieve an excellent final result.

Instructions for making a homemade fruit costume

Strawberry costume

Strawberry Costume

Suppose you want to know how to make a homemade fruit costume, specifically strawberry. In that case, you will only need two large red cards, two medium-sized green cards, a pencil, a meter, and glue. The steps to follow for its elaboration are the following:

  1. First, you will have to measure the space you want the costume to cover. It must be from the neck to the middle of the thigh.
  2. Once you have marked the length with a pencil, you will have to measure the width to only let your arms peek out.
  3. Once both measures are arranged, it will be time to make the shape of the strawberry, with more width at the top and narrowing in a rounded way at the bottom.
  4. Once the shape of the strawberry is made, the green cards will be taken, drawing the leaves on the top of the fruit on both sides of the costume.
  5. Later they will be glued at the height of the neck, on the front and back, and when you have finished, use the rest of the green cardboard to stick small pieces of it around the body of the strawberry. This way, you can simulate their nuggets.
  6. To conclude with the costume, you must dress in a red shirt and pants. This way, you will have finished with your strawberry costume.

Grape costume

Grape costume

The grape costume is another option to consider, which is very fun and easy. For its elaboration, only several purple balloons will be needed; a purple t-shirt, a purple hat; purple pants or socks; and glue.

The steps for its creation are as follows:

  1. First of all, you will have to inflate the balloons. The number of them will depend on the height and contour of each person since the larger the person, the more balloons will be needed.
  2. Using glue, they will stick one by one on the shirt. When doing so, the least possible space must be left between one and the other so that the grapes are simulated. The body will act as the stem.
  3. Later, more balloons will be placed on the top of the shirt to properly simulate the bunch of grapes.

Pear costume

Pear costume

After explaining how to make a homemade grape and strawberry fruit costume, it is time to explain how you can do it. You will only need two green cards of a large size, a diadem, a green t-shirt, brown cardboard, and green pants or socks.

The steps to follow for its preparation are very simple and will allow you to achieve a finish that will surprise everyone. You must do the following:

  1. First, you will have to take measurements of both the body’s width and height. The purpose is to ensure that the costume can cover from the neck to approximately below the knees.
  2. Once the pertinent measures have been taken for its creation, it will be necessary to make the pear shape. Keep in mind that this has a shape similar to a guitar. It has a wider part at the bottom and a narrower part at the top.
  3. To create the tail of the pear, you will have to make a headband by gluing a piece of brown cardboard to its upper part. This should be narrower in the area attached to the headband and wider in the position farthest from this accessory.
  4. To complete your pear costume, you must wear a green shirt, pants, or socks. In this way, you will get an original costume.