Do you like to Coplay from movies or series? Are you looking for ideas for the next Halloween? Well, today I will show you how to make a frozen costume so that you look beautiful at your party and stand out no matter what happens or how much time you have to spend.

You will be able to see from the simplest costumes that you can make in a short time, to even more elaborate costumes that you can make with a sewing machine and some fabrics. So don’t worry, here I will show you the proper way to make this type of costume.

Certainly the Frozen movie is very popular, and how can it not be, if it was really beautiful? A well-crafted plot, excellent image quality, beautiful songs and, obviously, beautiful dresses ideal for dressing up as the charming Disney princesses.

The first thing we must do to learn how to make a Frozen costume is to take into account what type of costume we are looking for, if a simple one that we can easily make at home, or a more elaborate one to look great at a party.

Well, to get a clearer idea, what do you think if we start to see the instructions to make this pretty costume?

What do you need to make a frozen costume?

  • Cloth
  • scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • pins
  • sewing-machine
  • slats

Instructions for making a frozen costume

Elsa Machine Costume:

  1. We will start by cutting the patterns on a blue fabric to start making the strapless dress. We can find these patterns on the internet, or based on a top or t-shirt that we have. If we put the double fabric, when cutting we will obtain the pieces of the same size and we will save time when cutting.
  2. We will cut some equal pieces to the center of the strapless in a shiny fabric; it can be a fabric with sequins, glitter, or any shiny blue material that you like.
  3. If you can’t find a shiny fabric it doesn’t matter, you can decorate it with some sparkly ribbons or costume jewelry to give the strapless a sparkle.
  4. With the help of the sewing machine, we will join the pieces and attach them to a blouse of some translucent white or blue fabric, the idea is to create a yoke similar to the one used by the princess in the movie. It is important that the yoke sleeves are just right to look even more like each other. Modifying them a bit we can create a gauntlet on the edge similar to the one on the original dress.
  5. The next thing we have to do is join these pieces to a long blue skirt, it can be a skirt that we already have, or we can make a skirt with the same strapless pearls, or by combining the strapless fabric and the yoke.
  6. With a wide stretch of fabric, we will create a layer that we will join from the edge of the strapless to the entire mid-back.
  7. Finally we are going to decorate with some ribbons, shiny fabrics, or any decoration of our liking.

Simple Elsa costume:

  1. As you can see, all you have to do is combine a few pieces from your closet to achieve this simple Elsa-like look.
  2. A long skirt, a tight white shirt, a blue t-shirt or top (preferably bright), some shoes and a good hairstyle are more than enough.

Machine Anna Costume:

  1. We will create a strapless very similar to the one we did with Elsa, the difference is that we will include straps in the pattern. For this we only have to lengthen the cut. If it seems complicated, we can do it with a black t-shirt and draw on top of it.
  2. The next thing will be to decorate the upper part with some ribbons. We can make the center drawings with acrylic paint.
  3. If you wish, you can create the inside by making a simple blue blouse, or using a blouse that you have with a mandarin collar and you no longer use, and decorate it a little.
  4. The next thing will be to make a skirt, we will take a very long fabric with a rectangular shape and we will cut it following the opposite corners to form two triangles. Measuring the size of your waist and the size of the strapless, we will create a circumference in these triangles to form a skirt which we will join with the sewing machine.
  5. We can also just corrugate a long blue fabric and attach it to the strapless.
  6. We can decorate a little, or do the same procedure by omitting the inner blouse, to get a dress like this one. The decorations can be done with acrylic paint or embroidery.

Simple Anna costume:

  1. As simple as combining a few pieces of clothing that you surely have in your closet. Take inspiration from this image to understand what I mean.

Elsa’s cape:

  1. We just have to corrugate a translucent fabric to sew it into a ribbon that reaches the circumference of the size of our neck, leaving a margin of ribbon to make a tie.
  2. As you can see, it is a very simple thing to do.
  3. It will look lovely, but you want to keep the fabric from wrinkling.

Anne’s Cloak:

  1. We will follow the same procedure as with Elsa’s cape, we will corrugate a fabric until we reach the circumference of our neck.
  2. We will cut 2 half circles that will serve as a hood to protect our head, we will cut the edges of one side and attach this to a corrugated fabric that reaches the same size as the one we corrugated previously.
  3. We will join all the pieces and decorate them with some ribbons and accessories to finish creating the look of the princesses.

Tips for making a frozen costume

  • As you can see, these were some very simple steps to understand how to make a frozen costume at home. To finish completing that Disney princess look, we recommend you make yourself a hairstyle similar to the ones used by the princesses of this wonderful movie.
  • Remember that you can save more sewing time if you use some materials that you already have at home, such as a t-shirt, shirt or blouse that you no longer want, or that you want to give a new touch of freshness.
  • The ideal way to make Elsa’s costume look more similar to the one in the movie is to use a shiny fabric to form the yoke.
  • When we use a circular pattern to make a skirt instead of using a corrugation of fabric, we save more fabric without eliminating the flare of the dress. Therefore, it is better that you choose to do this if you want to save on material.
  • If you like to make your own costumes, in our article area dedicated to how to make costumes you will find a lot of interesting information.