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How to Learn To Dance Salsa

How to Learn To Dance Salsa

Salsa is a dance of Latin origin that has always been very popular not only in Spanish-speaking countries, but in all parts of the world.

Salsa is considered a ballroom dance, created specifically in the area of ​​​​Cuba during the last century, taking until then a lot of tradition and popularity.

This dance is really a fusion of three types of dances, which are the classic mambo, the famous cachucha and the unknown son dance. This dance is famous because the music is very lively, being ideal for all kinds of parties.

This type of music is a type of pachangeo music, which can be played both in the morning, in the afternoon and at night, being an ideal music to start a party due to its slow bums, preparing the environment for the most popular songs. Quick to come later.

Learning to dance this type of dance will allow you to travel around the area of ​​​​Cuba and have a great time dancing it, also being considered a person with a great general culture and a skillful person.

This dance is not too complicated to perform, since it is slow and calm, performing it together with a partner of the opposite sex with whom you will practice the coordination of movements, the sense of rhythm and the ability to dance.

If you want to have a great time, learn to dance salsa, since it is a dance that is always fun and that everyone usually likes, with few exceptions.

In addition, salsa is a calmer and more traditional dance than others such as bacchante, cambia or period, which is exclusively for young people. Instead, salsa is for people of all ages.

Dancing salsa is not as complicated as it seems on YouTube videos, everyone can dance it if you have enough skill and passion for it.

I am going to teach you how to dance it correctly, explaining it perfectly broken down into simple steps for you and your partner to follow.

What do you need to learn to dance salsa?

  • Comfortable clothes for dancing.
  • A dance partner.
  • Salsa music.
  • Possibility of going to a salsa school.
  • A little rhythm and coordination.

Instructions to learn to dance salsa

  1. Get a good dance partner: I always advise starting a learning of something accompanied, since two people can help each other and thus achieve a more efficient and faster learning. In the case of salsa, this is the case, and it is also not only advisable, but something necessary to be able to master the art of salsa, since it is a dance in pairs or in groups. Normally these couples are made up of a man, who sets the pace, and a woman, who follows the pace. However, since it is not as spicy as others, it can be performed perfectly with people of the same sex, whether or not you are a homosexual person. If you have trouble finding dance partners, I advise you to find friends and advise them to learn to dance salsa to have a great time.
  2. First step: Salsa is really easy to dance if you know how to do it. First of all, keep in mind that the man (or the couple who plays the man) is the one who is going to start the movement and the woman must follow him, letting herself be carried away by the rhythm that he marks, which must go to the rhythm of the music to prevent the dance from going out of tune with the song. The man will start by grabbing the woman's right hand with his left hand de Ella, then he should put his left hand forward, at the same time moving his left leg forward (then the girl will go back with her right foot de Ella to follow the rhythm). Now we must move the left leg back to repeat the movement and we already have a slight idea of ​​how to dance salsa.
  3. Find a school: I may sometimes repeat myself, but I like to insist on the importance of finding a good school for any type of dance as long as you want to be really good in the same. Our articles are merely informative and should only be seen as a map to follow to help you make the right decision, since the ones who are going to teach you the best are professional salsa dancers who have been doing it all their lives for that. The advantage of the popularity of salsa is that there are many schools in the world of this dance, even more than other popular dances such as bacchante. Sign up with your partner to dance and practice every time you play class, you will see how in a short time you improve your salsa dancing technique. Continue with the classes and do not leave it, since perseverance is something fundamental in all kinds of dance and more so in salsa dancing.

Tips for learning to dance salsa

  • Choose the correct music: When you practice alone at home with your partner, you should take into account the type of music you should choose, since the correct type of salsa will help you a lot, however, there is a lot of music called salsa from wrong way, which can make your dance totally wrong because it has a totally different beat and rhythm than we want, being either faster or slower than salsa. The way to find out if it's real salsa is to ask a teacher if a song that sounds like salsa really is. You can also ask your teacher for a music CD with the songs he uses, which you can then search on YouTube and play on your stereo to start dancing salsa correctly.
  • Other Latin dances: There are other very interesting Latin dances as well, which I advise you to start dancing as soon as possible. A dance that I really like is cambia, which is livelier than salsa, and another widely practiced dance is bacchante. You also have other types of dance from around the world, such as the sevillanas from Seville, the Argentine tango or the elegant Waltz. Knowing how to dance is a highly appreciated quality throughout the world and very seductive, both for men and women. Therefore, knowing many types of dances will help you to be a more successful person, also making you in a good shape because you are practicing sports even if you don't believe it.