Soon the season of communions, weddings, and baptisms will begin. We all know that in the case of the wedding the protagonist is the bride, even so, there is also someone very special, and she is the godmother since she is a great honor and a fundamental figure. The godmother is the one who has to have everything controlled and tied down.

Therefore, you must be clear about your role and how you dress. The godmother is normally the person who marks the wedding etiquette, the solemnity of her will depend on her.

So let’s see the keys and steps to be and dress like a good bridesmaid.

Instructions to dress if I am the godmother of a wedding

  1. First of all, as a godmother, you must give great support to the bride.
  2. Once the bride is clear about what her dress will be like, whether long or short, you can choose yours, according to it. If the bride is long you should also go like this, if on the contrary the bride chose a short dress you should also go short.
  3. Once we know the start of the dress we can choose the color, the godmother can never wear white, or derivatives, like the bride as well as the other guests. Normally, if the wedding tends to be in the evening, darker colors are recommended (black, grey, dark blue, etc.) rose, etc.).
  4. Following the advice expressed above, it is advisable for the godmother to wear a dress or suit at or below the knee for daytime weddings and long for the evening. You must remember that the godmother must keep her way of being de Ella and her de Ella style, for this you must not wear something that does not suit her style, de Ella.
  5. Once you are clear about the dress that you are going to wear as a godmother, keep in mind that you are going to wear it in your hair. A hat is usually recommended during the day and a headdress for the night, always in accordance with the dress that you and the bride are going to wear.
  6. Finally, you will only have shoes left, in case the wedding is during the day you should wear lower and more discreet heels, if on the contrary, the wedding is in the afternoon/evening you could wear higher heels as long as you do not exceed the height with them on of the groom

What do you need to dress me if I am the godmother of a wedding?

  • Dress
  • Touched
  • Shoes

Tips for dressing if I am the godmother of a wedding

  • Always taking into account the opinion of the bride is important so as not to be upset.
  • Always keep your style in mind and do not change it.