The April Fair in Seville is one of the most popular festivals in our country, which means that people usually look for a way to choose the clothing to attend this event. As happens when we look for how to dress for a baptism , how to go to a wedding as a godmother , or to go to a wedding as a guest, in this case we are going to explain how to dress for the April Fair in Seville.

The April Fair in Seville is the most anticipated festival both by Sicilians and by thousands of tourists who come to the Andalusia capital to enjoy this event. For women, during the day, it is best to wear a flamenco or gypsy dress, which is a regional costume that can have many colors, textures and patterns. However, there are more alternatives.

How to dress for the April Fair in Seville during the day

Flamenco or gypsy costume

To go to the April Fair in Seville during the day, the best thing to do is to wear a flamenco or gypsy dress, although it may mean that you will suffer from a lot of heat. There are an infinite number of suits with different cuts, although if the heat is too much for you, you can wear short dresses.

In the event that you prefer to go for a more traditional option and prefer the classic dress with polka dots and ruffles, they have many dresses to choose from; and if you are looking for at least a classic but flamenco look, you can opt for a flamenco-inspired design suit.


In the event that you prefer to avoid flamenco or gypsy dresses, you can also choose to wear dresses that have a flamenco motif, such as dresses with polka dots, ruffles or fringes.

In the event that this is not an option that you just like, you can wear light-colored dresses with floral or spring motifs. These are also very suitable if you are interested in knowing how to dress for the April Fair in Seville, offering a great final result and being able to look perfect for the occasion.

How to dress for the April Fair in Seville at night

Once the night arrives, knowing how to dress for the April Fair in Seville changes with respect to the day, being able to resort to other options that are very valid to try to look in the best possible way.

Facing the fair at night, a good option is to resort to a cocktail dress that is plain and simple, which you can combine with a manila shawl, or with kimonos, which have been fashionable in recent years. In this way you will be able to look with an elegant touch at the same time that it will help you to protect yourself from the cold in the event that the night gets cooler.

Tips to dress for the April Fair if you don’t go flamenco

If you are not going to dress as flamenco, there are a series of tips that are recommended to know how to dress for the April Fair in Seville in the best possible way:

  • If it is daytime, glitter, sequins and other garish elements should be ruled out.
  • You have to go well groomed but without overdoing it.
  • You do not have to wear flamenco accessories if you are not dressed as such.
  • The youngest can wear jeans or shorts, although the most appropriate are skirts or dresses.
  • It is advisable to wear high-heeled shoes.
  • For the day Fair, it is recommended to use fresh fabrics, while at night, cocktail dresses are more indicated.
  • If you go in the morning and you are going to be at the fair all day, wear a shawl and change your accessories.
  • Hair tied in a ponytail or bun is preferable.
  • Try to avoid wearing sunglasses.

What hairstyle to wear at the April Fair in Seville

As far as the hairstyle is concerned, those who are dressed as flamenco dancers, the best thing to do are to wear their hair in a bun or ponytail, with the parting in the middle or on one side. This will depend on how it favors the person more; and the flowers or combs will go above or to the side, according to the preference of each one.

In the event that you are dressed for the street, it is preferable to opt for a hairstyle that favors you. It should be something comfortable and whenever possible, collected, to avoid suffering from the heat.

How to do makeup for the April Fair in Seville

With regard to make-up, in this case it must be very natural, especially in its base, since the fair is lived to a greater extent during the day. For the eyes, the most recommended are smoky brown, black or gray that is combined with natural lips. Shines should be ruled out and go for matte shades.