Baptisms are not just any celebration; therefore we cannot attend them inappropriately. For example, if you are a woman, it is not appropriate to appear at a baptism with a lira miniskirt or a very long neckline. Remember that it is a children’s celebration and therefore our clothing must have certain modesty.

In case you are a man, you will not be able to go to this celebration with some old shorts and a shirt, or with the clothes from the day before that you did not want to wash. Although it is not necessary for you to dress up, you have to find a way to combine our clothes properly and use the most elegant and classic garments from our wardrobe.

Is it difficult to get dressed to go to a baptism?

No, dressing to go to a baptism can be really easy if you know what clothes to choose and the right way to combine them. Remember that you should never lose your style and personality when choosing the outfit you are going to wear. You always have to feel yourself, both in this celebration and in any other.

From dotcoms we want to give you a hand and teach you a few tricks about the most appropriate way to dress to go to a baptism, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. Leave your doubts behind and read the following post to know how to do it. Let’s get started!

What do you need to dress to go to a baptism?

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Instructions for dressing to go to a baptism

  1. Find out if the celebration will take place during the day or at night. This is important, since we do not wear the same type of clothing to events during the day that we wear to celebrations at night. Ideally, during the day, you use light colors and even a little bright. However, the use of dark colors must be reserved for the night. The ideal is to use less striking colors and not too showy.
  2. If the ceremony is going to take place during the day and you are a woman, opt for patterned fabrics. If you are a man, look for clothes with bright, varied and cheerful colors. You can combine colors if the ceremony and celebration take place during the subsequent day. However, if they are done at night, opt for the same range without mixing different colors. For example, various types of grays or dark blues. The most suitable colors for men are gray, brown, blue… On the other hand, if you are a woman, yours are navy blue, red, purple, black, and even the darkest greens.
  3. Do not forget the time of year in which the baptism is celebrated. Obviously we do not wear the same clothes in winter that we wear in summer, autumn or spring. If the baptism is celebrated during the summer period, opt for warm colors, such as yellow, orange, tangerine… etc. Colors that combine perfectly with summer.  In spring we can dare with greens, pinks, reds, darker yellows, purples and even mix patterns. In autumn, since the temperature is somewhat changeable, we can opt for mixing colors typical of summer and winter clothing. Use yellow tones with serious colors to achieve an ideal look this season. In winter, serious colors are dominant, but we can break this trend if we combine these tones with a touch of more cheerful color through accessories. For example, if you are a woman and you decide to wear a gray suit jacket, you can combine it with an orange, purple, or some other bright color shirt that serves to break with the seriousness of the main colors.
  4. Make sure your clothes are not too conspicuous. Remember that you are going to attend a baptism, not a fashion show. For this reason, it is not appropriate to wear an expensive designer garment and become the center of attention of the ceremony. Think that it is a serious ceremony to which you have to go simple and elegant. Likewise, if you are a woman, it is recommended that you avoid miniskirts and low-cut dresses as much as possible. Although there is nothing wrong with a woman showing her curves, we must not forget that we are at a baptism, not a disco, so we don’t need to wear too revealing clothes. If you choose to wear a skirt, wear one that shows your knees or goes below your knees. The trick is to find the balance between a more daring garment and a more classic one.
  5. The same happens in the case of menYou have to go simple to the ceremony.  Although the baptism is something classic, it will be enough to wear a basic outfit, such as a suit jacket, or a jacket with jeans. Unless, of course, the invitation says something specific about the type of clothing that the guests have to wear. Remember that the clothes you wear will be directly related to the formality of the baptism ceremony. If the ceremony is somewhat formal, opt for a basic suit. If the ceremony is informal, you can go very elegant with jeans and a nice shirt inside. In these cases, do not use a suit jacket, look for an intermediate complement. For example, a V-neck sweater in a nice color.
  6. Avoid wearing too much jewelry. Even if you are one of those women who enjoy wearing accessories more than anything in life, such as chains and ornaments, you must not forget that you are not attending a wedding or a catwalk. There is no need to be presumptuous with our accessories. We recommend that you do not wear too much costume jewelry or expensive or high-quality jewelry. The same happens with maxi necklaces, which are better reserved for other types of ceremonies.
  7. Don’t forget the shoes. Regarding the type of shoes that you will use when dressing to go to a baptism, do not wear heels that are too high. Simplicity is important and it is not necessary to draw too much attention. But don’t go to the opposite extreme either by wearing flat and inelegant sandals. Sandals are for summer, not to go to a baptism. The ideal is to wear closed shoes, that do not have a too high heel, and with which we can be comfortable as well as elegant.