The 70s were undoubtedly marked by fashion, the political revolution and above all by their music; for this reason today theme parties of this time are still given, this music is put on and you must go dressed like this so that the atmosphere is quite real; If you want to know how to dress for a 70’s party, here we will give you some parameters to follow, the idea is to get fully involved in this story to have a good enjoyment of the event.

Some of the trends that marked the 70s were the following: very bright colored pants, geometric prints, quite exaggerated hairstyles, large sunglasses, fretwork, giant flowers that were combined with small ones, lines, circles, especially trying to have a cool dress that would draw attention and we emphasized the color, the more colorful the dresses, the better. In the current era, in some periods, some aspects of the 70s become fashionable.

This fashion is undoubtedly quite controversial since while some love it, others do not like it at all; we can say that this trend has not yet completely disappeared, especially if it is about bags or sunglasses.

Seventies fashion was the one that marked the before and after trends; From then on, fashion is no longer specific as it was until the middle of the 20th century, it is in this decade that women began their liberation, seeking different looks through proposals that turned out to be more risky; If we see today, that fashion may seem absolutely normal to us, but in its time it was out of the established and the customs of women.

The social transformation that was notorious in the 1970s really had its origin in the 1950s and grew in the 1960s, which is considered a decade of revolutions, and ended in the 1970s with a very marked aesthetic, to the point that if we see it today nowadays, we know immediately that it is the seventies, those that marked cinema, music and of course fashion.


Start from the top down, that is, from the head, choose a good hairstyle of the time, what was most used was long and straight hair, also only long at the back and short at the front. Fringes were widely used; if you don’t like to have your hair down, make a messy bun and it will be fine too.


Put on some earrings (earrings) that have the symbol of peace, likewise a pendant (necklace), it can also be a choker. If you want to look more hippies take a scarf and put it on your forehead.

The blouse to dress for a party of the 70s

Look for a blouse that is wide and the sleeves end open (these are called bat sleeves), it will be the best option although you can also use a shirt that is faded, a peasant blouse or a top that has a halter neck. For guys, faded t-shirts or a military-style jacket also work. 

The pants

The pants that were used in both women and men were bell bottoms (they start very narrow and at the end they open up), this is ideal, but you can also use tight corduroy pants or a denim lining. The girls can wear gaucho pants or fairly short pants; both genders can also wear wide-waist pants with darts; colors should be strong and flashy.


The boots will go very well especially if your pants are gaucho; you can also ware platforms, look for them to stand out a lot, so if you like to wear very high shoes, this will be your opportunity.


The bags at that time were unisex, the same was used for both women and men, since a uniformity of sexes was sought; look for a fairly large square or rectangular bag that does not have long handles.


The glasses that were used in this decade are quite famous, they can even be considered one of the most representative elements of seventies fashion, they must be very large, almost covering your face, the frames must be wide; this was especially the case in the first half of the seventies since in the second half they reduced and became a little more subtle.

Make up

At this time the tradition is changed and women begin to make up stronger, with red lips and long eyelashes, use colors.

I touched

Now you just have to talk, act or think as if you were at that time.