An Ibiza party is one of those typical traditional parties of the well-known island of Ibiza. This island is synonymous with parties and fun.

Before the island became the queen of nightclubs in the world, there were more traditional parties known as Ibiza parties. Where you dressed in a certain way and did not give so much importance to excesses but to a more relaxed party.Ibiza dress

Today this type of party is still held, in which the customs, rites, and way of dressing of ancient Ibiza are imitated, trying to reproduce the party as faithfully as possible.

What is most striking in a party of this type is the way of dressing, which we have never seen in another type of party. Faithfully reproducing the way of dressing at an Ibiza party is ideal if you want to be the king of one of these parties and attract attention.

Suppose you don’t know how to dress like the old Ibiza’s used to dress. In that case, you’re practically going to make a fool of yourself at this party since one of the most important things is image, especially at these parties.

We will teach you how to dress for a typical Ibiza party so that you do not clash with the rest of the people and do it in the most faithful way possible.

Instructions to dress in an Ibiza party

  1. White as the predominant color: The first and most important thing you should know about dressing is that the predominant color at this type of party is white. This color is related to calm, which was used a lot by the native inhabitants of this island. The kind of clothing you should wear to this party is white, as white as possible and as simple and loose, being as loose as possible. Among other things, you can wear short dresses, shorts, a short jacket or even a short-sleeved white shirt. The fact is that everything has to be white always so that it looks good.
  2. Flower headdresses: Ibiza is almost a tropical paradise due to its good weather, and flower headdresses are quite typical. In the case of girls, you can make a simple undo using a flower crown that you will place around your hair. These flowers should be light colors, as white as possible, such as light blue, light pink, lilac, and white. You can also choose to use a plastic flower crown of that color. Still, it will not be the same as using natural flowers.
  3. Sandals and other accessories: The Ibiza’s stood out for the use of accessories, such as necklaces, light-colored rings, head ornaments such as brooches, and last but not least, metal hoop-shaped bracelets. On the dolls. Try to wear accessories of this type to stand out at this party, light blue being the perfect color for these accessories due to the correct combination of colors. As for footwear, the people of Ibiza wore sandals due to the high temperature. The sandals should be dressy and elegant to accompany the suit. They should never be pool sandals (flip flops), as they would clash too much with the party’s theme and would not look good. Do not wear sandals with socks since that is not well seen.