first date is always a very special moment, especially considering that today many of them are the first physical contact with the other person, who has been known through social networks or even search applications. Of couple. This puts us in a situation where we all want to make a good impression.

This circumstance causes many women to have doubts about how to put on makeup for a first date, an issue that we are going to deal with throughout this article. This is a much more frequent question than you might think; and it is that there may be the concern of whether it is better to bet on a natural makeup or if, on the contrary, it is preferable to look for a more striking option.

Although this largely depends on each person and their personality, in addition to the fact that it is important that each one is comfortable with what they are wearing, this time we are going to help you when making decisions regarding your makeup for that person. First date.

Makeup ideas to dazzle on a first date

A first date can be the key to knowing whether or not there will be a future in a couple. For this reason it is important to try to make a good impression in every way. Although beauty on a physical level should not be what matters most, it is undeniable that the vast majority of people give it importance, so it is not surprising that you want to look your best.

You should keep in mind that not all types of makeup are suitable for a first date. The reason is that if you opt for a style that is too busy it will make you look too artificial, and what should be sought is to highlight the natural beauty. Now we give you some ideas so you can find the perfect makeup and you look perfect.

Natural makeup for a day date

The ideal makeup for a first date is one that should seek to enhance natural beauty. For this reason, you should completely rule out making a very extravagant and ornate look. It is preferable to opt for a simple style, and for this you must follow these recommendations:

  • To make the eyes look brighter, it is advisable to bet on golden beige shadows on the mobile eyelid.
  • You can make a Cat eye that is fine and very subtle.
  • Lips should be painted in a nude shade.
  • It is advisable that you illuminate the tear duct, since in this way you will make the look deeper and larger.
  • Apply mascara to lengthen lashes. However, when you do, keep in mind that you must be very careful that they are not too lumpy. Therefore, try to look as natural as possible.

Youthful look with pink tones

Pink tones are perfect to be used on a first date by young girls. As in the previous case, it is a makeup that is very natural, but has a more jovial touch and thus gives more life to the person who uses it.

If you are interested in doing a makeup with pink tones, it is recommended that you take into account the following considerations:

  • You have to paint the eyelids white and then apply the pink shadows. This will make them look more defined. You should choose light tones, since intense pinks are not very appropriate for a first date and to achieve that desired natural finish.
  • Put a few touches of brown shadow in the eye socket when you do this makeup, since in this way you will be giving your eyes greater depth.
  • Apply the mascara in the way that makes the eyes stand out to a greater extent, thus giving greater importance to your look in your makeup.
  • Use a pale pink lipstick, although if you prefer you can opt for a matte tone. This will be a matter of tastes and preferences of each one.

Makeup for a sunset date

Many of the dates usually take place at sunset, when the sun is going down and night is coming. The make -up should be, in these cases, the right one so that it can be seen in both moments in the best possible way. To do this, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make an outline with a brown pencil on the line of the upper eyelashes, to later blur it.
  • Line your lower lash line in the same shade of brown.
  • Apply brown shadows to the rest of the eyelid, while the eye socket should be painted in a brown with almost orange tones.
  • Choose a red lipstick or, failing that, have light brown tones.

Makeup for a date night

If what you are looking for is to know how to do make up for a first date that takes place at night, you can opt for a more produced style, but one that must still maintain a natural look. Some tips to achieve this are the following:

  • Make use of brown shadows that are a bit darker than in the case of sunset makeup. You must blur to get the perfect effect.
  • Opt for a somewhat pronounced Cat Eye liner, so that you will get a greater shine in your eyes at night.
  • Make use of a brown shadow to outline the lower lashes.
  • Opt for a red lipstick, being able to choose your favorite tone.