Fantasy makeup is very special because you can put your imagination to flight and let out all the creativity that is required. This type of makeup is intended to exaggerate all the nuances. Fantasy makeup does not have to have a meaning or a character as such, but allows various styles, depending on what you want to reflect.

It is a makeup that is usually widely used in carnivals, in plays, costume parties, among others.

You can even make fantasy makeup with the cosmetics you use daily, depending on the intensity and how simple you require it. If you want a more elaborate makeup, you can get makeup that is used in plays, you can use an additional accessory such as fantasy eyelashes.

Fantasy makeup is also called artistic makeup and is widely used at children’s parties, but it is also a great option for adults to attend the carnival or go to a costume party.

What do you need to do a fantasy makeup?

  • Moisturizer.
  • Concealer.
  • Ear corrector.
  • Base of a whole lighter than that of the skin where the makeup will be done.
  • White illuminating eye shadow.
  • Colored eye shadows.
  • Light pink lipstick.
  • Black eye pencil.
  • White eye pencil.
  • Eyelash, mascara or mascara (recommended blue).
  • Makeup stickers.
  • Glitter (Morella, escharcha) for the face.
  • Face paints.

Instructions to make a fantasy makeup

  1. Apply a moisturizing cream on the face and the entire area where you are going to apply makeup, if it is the case on the neckline and neck.
  2. Use an under eye concealer and a skin concealer to hide minor blemishes and dark circles.
  3. Smear a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone all over the area where you applied the
  4. With a black pencil, outline (outline) the eyes, both below and above; in the lower part do it inwards and in the upper part outwards.
  5. Apply an illuminating white shadow to the entire eyelid, both on the upper and mobile.
  6. Take the eye shadows and apply a green one with highlights on the mobile eyelid, from the inside and going a little outside.
  7. Then take the blue shadow and apply it in the middle of the upper and mobile eyelid, so that it is well blended from the tear duct to the outer part of the upper eyelid.
  8. Choose a light color, the one you like and illuminate the upper eyelid with it, this will give the look a special effect and a little light.
  9. Make a rosy line on the cheekbones, apply blush on top and blend in circular motions.
  10. For the lips use a light pink
  11. Then use a lip gloss to make them stand out more.
  12. Apply a lot of mascara, mascara or eyelashes on your eyelashes, you can also choose to put on false eyelashes to give more volume. It is recommended that it be blue.
  13. Put on Morella, frost or glitter (depending on how they say it in your country) suitable for makeup.
  14. Use adhesives or makeup stickers such as stars.
  15. You can draw figures with a black brush or pencil interspersed with a white one, use all your creativity, you can paint only one side of the face, or both; if you decide to do it in both, they do not have to be the same, it all depends on taste; make them like making arabesques and decorate with face paints of different colors; the most recommended is that they match the colors used in the eyes. Also add glitter.

Tips for doing a fantasy makeup

  • You could even paint your entire body if you wish.
  • You can use a lip gloss as glitter glue (frost or Morella); you pour a little in the area you want to put the glitter and then pour it on top.
  • The accessories that you can include in your makeup are: feathers, glitter, small colored stones, plastic nose and ears or some other material if, for example, you want to personify an elf.
  • The products are usually made with an oil or water base, for children it is more advisable to use the water ones.
  • If you have oily skin, use products that help control oil before applying your makeup.
  • Use a makeup fixer at the end.
  • You can search for photos of fantasy makeup to inspire you to make your own design.
  • If you add false eyelashes with feathers to the makeup, the better it will be.
  • Remember that fantasy makeup is just a style that allows you to do various types of colors and characters, so you have a lot of freedom when doing one; this is just a guide that you can follow.