In evening makeup we seek to highlight our features more, especially if we have a party or elegant event. During the night we can dare with more intense and dark tones. Deepening the look, marking the eyebrows, highlighting the cheekbones, and intensifying the lips are usually the usual procedure for night makeup. Although we cannot deny that in the latest trends we find a bit of everything: natural appearance, “nude” tones, striking lips, metallic colors… If you want to learn how to do a complete evening makeup and according to your taste, do not miss this Article!

What do you need to do a night makeup?

For a perfect evening makeup you need the following products:

  1. liquid foundation
  2. Concealer a few shades lighter than your skin and powder or makeup a few shades darker than your skin. You can replace them with a contouring kit.
  3. Translucent powder or powder makeup
  4. blush or blush
  5. Liquid or powder highlighter
  6. blending sponge
  7. makeup brushes
  8. Palette of eye shadows of different intensity
  9. eyeliner
  10. mask
  11. Lipstick or lip liner of your choice

Optional, to further perfect your makeup:

  1. First
  2. makeup fixative
  3. Eyebrow kit (comb, fixer, shadows)
  4. false eyelashes

Instructions for doing an evening makeup

You can start the night makeup starting with the face, and continuing with the eyes, eyebrows and lips. Although some people prefer to start with the eyebrows and eyes and then apply the base. This last procedure is ideal for you if you think you could spoil your makeup base with eye shadow or mascara.


Whether you want a simple evening makeup or a more intense one, it is ideal that you follow these steps to show off smooth, young skin with the “glossy” effect that is so popular. First of all, make sure your face is well cleansed and moisturized before you start.

  1. Primer: It is a product that prepares the face, reduces pores and makes makeup last longer. Many give illumination to the face. This step is optional but very useful if you need your makeup to stay perfect throughout the night.
  2. Make-up base: Place a few drops of liquid foundation all over the face and spread it with taps using a special brush or a sponge. Also apply to the neck to avoid the “mask” effect. Once everything is covered, pass a pre-moistened makeup sponge, patting the area to blend and remove excess product.
  3. Concealer: It should be lighter than the makeup base to bring light to key areas of the face. It is placed by making a triangle that starts at the tear duct, goes down to the nose and crosses the cheekbone until it reaches under the eye. A little is also going to be added in the center of the nose, chin, and eyelids and between the eyebrows. It is important to blur everything well with the sponge.
  4. Powders: without color (translucent) or the same color as the concealer, they serve to seal the makeup. It is placed in small touches around the reds and eyelids since the makeup usually “cracks” in this area.
  5. Contour: In this step you are going to add shadows to certain parts of the face to make it look more sculpted and beautiful. Choose a color according to your face, but darker. It is very important that it is matte. With a special brush, apply it under the cheekbones, around the face, along the jawline and on the sides of the nose. Remember to blend very well to make it look as natural as possible.
  6. Blush: Highlight your cheeks with pink or orange colors. Apply it to the center of your cheekbones and don’t get it too close to your nose or ear. Try to leave about two fingers of distance from the nose to the beginning of the blush.
  7. Illuminator: it is the star product in recent years, and it is essential for both natural and marked night makeup. It exists in both liquid and powder formats, in different shades, with more or less shine… You can use the one you prefer, although it will stand out more if it is clear and of good quality. Place it on the parts of the face that you want to make shine: just below the eyebrows (if you have not used shadows in this area), on the tip of the nose, on the upper contour of the lips and on the upper part of the cheekbone. Try to blend very well with a long, flat brush or by tapping with your fingers. The highlighter can also be applied to the collarbones and shoulders to highlight them.


Eye makeup at night should be more intense than during the day. Choose dark and bright shadows. The brown color and the blurred effect are a trend this season. However, pink, purple, metallic colors are also worn… Be that as it may, these are the fundamental steps to make up the eyes:

  1. Matte eyelid shadow: Also known as a “transition color.” Use a brown, orange or pinkish color that is slightly darker than your skin. Start in the center of the eyelid and work your way toward the eye socket. As you get closer to the eyebrows, try to blur more and more by making round movements with the brush. Blurring takes time, don’t despair!
  2. Darker eye socket shade: Highlights the eye socket area with a darker color than the previous one.
  3. Bright and light shadow: Choose a very light and bright color (white or silver, for example) to highlight the mobile eyelid. If you want it to be more intense, impregnate the brush you are going to use with any makeup fixative. You can also put glitter in the corner of the eye, and just below and in the center of each eyebrow.
  4. Use the transition color again to apply it with a small brush under the eyes, along the lash line.
  5. Finally, line your eyes with a black eyeliner or pencil to give depth. If you have a hard time drawing the line, you can first make a guide with a little dark shadow and then fill it with liquid eyeliner. You can make the line only in the upper part of the eye, include the tear duct or outline the entire eye.
  6. Mascara: use strong black mascara. Gently apply to lashes, combing upwards in a zigzag motion. To avoid staining you can hold a piece of paper above the eyelid and behind the eyelashes while you apply makeup. You can also apply the mask before the shadow.
  7. False eyelashes: these types of eyelashes are being used more and more, especially for evening makeup or parties, since they produce a spectacular effect on the look. Try to use good quality lashes and master their placement before applying makeup. Some come with adhesives, others are attached with special glue and then there are magnetized ones. Try and choose the one you like best!

If what you want is a natural evening makeup, use less contrast between the three indicated eye shadows. That is, try to make them more similar colors and that they resemble the tone of your face.


  1. Comb: First, comb your eyebrows with a special brush or even a (clean) mascara applicator that you have at home.
  2. Fill in: Using a color slightly lighter than your brows, fill in your brows with quick strokes. The color should darken at the “tail” of the brow and fade to the other side. To highlight them, draw a line with the brush following the bottom of the eyebrow. Remember that currently marked and thick eyebrows are worn.
  3. You can put a fixing product on the eyebrows to keep them neat and defined.
  4. Another widely used trick to highlight the eyebrows is to apply a light concealer around them, and then blend them very carefully.


In order for the lips to last longer and look more beautiful and juicy, it is essential to exfoliate them to remove all the skin and moisturize them.

  1. Currently thick and voluminous lips are worn. To achieve this, use a dark pencil and mark your lips in the following way:
  2. Next, with a lighter color you are going to fill them in and gradually blur the outline.
  3. You can add a gloss with glitter in the center of the lips to accentuate the effect of juiciness and thickness.

On the other hand, red, purple, brown and even blue and black matte colors are also popular. It depends on the look you want to wear, everything is allowed!

Another type of lip makeup that is being used is Asian. It consists of applying a red or pink color only in the center of the mouth and gently degrading it, leaving the edges of the lips unpainted. Use it with transparent gloss on top.

If you want your makeup to stay intact, the last step is to apply makeup setting spray all over your face.

Tips for evening makeup

If you want your evening makeup to be as flattering as possible, check out these tips:

  • Being night makeup, use darker tones than those you use during the day.
  • It is not true that if you have done a lot of eye makeup you should wear a discreet color on your lips. Or that intensely colored lips should go with very simple eye makeup. These “makeup rules” were left behind and today all combinations are worn.
  • If you are looking for an evening makeup for a black dress, there are several options that combine excellently. If you like the natural look, you can opt for a makeup with brown, nude and satin tones. Another possibility is to use discreet eye shadows and give prominence to the lips by painting them red, intense pink or maroon. “Smoky” eye shadow in shades of black or gray is also perfect with black clothing.
  • There are shades of shadows that will favor you more depending on the color of your eyes. Thus, a night makeup for brown eyes should be composed of black, purple, brown, gold or dark green. While the pastel colors are not going to favor you so much. On the other hand, blue and green eyes stand out more with gray and lilac shadows, being better to avoid green ones.
  • Remember that lining the top of the eye makes the eye appear larger. When it covers the tear duct, it has a “cat’s eye” effect. Whereas, if you line the entire eye it can make it appear smaller, but it brings out its color.