The day of marriage, in general, is usually one of the most eagerly awaited. From a very young age, both men and women, imagine who they will marry, what kind of clothes they will wear and what their life will be like from that important day.

As time passes and they get closer to the realization of that dream, things seem to become clearer and, since tastes change over the years and due to lived experiences, reality is usually very different from the expectations that are they originally had.

Sometimes, fashion is what determines the current trend in terms of weddings. At one time, fashion could have been a classic wedding; it could also have been vintage, retro, themed, etc.

If you are planning your wedding, and you want to get out of the conventional, in this case it will be convenient for you to know what futuristic weddings are like. After the arrival of Covid-19 in our lives, the use of technology has gained greater strength. Therefore, this theme fits very well to the current circumstances.

On the other hand, by having a wedding of this type, you will make that day 100% different and that both you and your guests can remember it, as a unique and special event, after the passing of the years.

Now, what are futuristic weddings like? What do you need to do to carry it out? What should you take into account when planning one? What would the wedding dress be like? And the emblematic bouquet? How will it be designed?

You will be happy to know that, in this short article, you will get the answers to these and other questions related to futuristic weddings, a true trend today. Therefore, do not stop reading it, since you will find very interesting ideas that you will love.

Instructions for making a futuristic wedding

Futurism was an avant-garde movement of Italian origin, which emerged in February 1909 and affected the literary language, as well as all the arts. This movement was intended to express what were the values ​​and experiences of the machine age, that is, speed, energy and strength.

Although it originally affected the arts, it has now spread to other horizons; such is the case of themed weddings.

A futuristic wedding is made up of different modern elements. For example, LED lights, costumes, lighting accessories and complements, holograms, silver glitter lights, neon lights, electronic music, stilt walkers, harlequins and very original entertainers, who can be dressed as a robot.

Although it is true that a wedding is made up of certain elements that cannot be missing, such as the groom’s suits, the floral arrangement, which includes the bride’s bouquet, the decoration and the food, these can be designed so that they have the same futuristic approach.

Therefore, pay close attention to what you will need so that your futuristic wedding is a real success and you can enjoy it to the fullest, in the company of your loved ones and closest friends.

What do you need to make a futuristic wedding?

Today’s brides tend to be bolder with what they want and refuse to repeat the same actions that are carried out generation after generation in their culture or family, no matter what the consequences may be.

These types of brides like to stand out and be totally different. To be remembered over time. To achieve this, it is necessary that they have the ability to adapt some important details of the wedding itself.

Wedding dress

One of the characteristics of this type of dress is to break with the stereotype of the traditional and with whatever the principles of design. If the purpose of the dress is to stylize the figure of the bride, a skin-tight fabric can be used, which allows transparent buttonholes, in order to highlight the waist and show part of the skin.

In relation to the traditional train of the dress, this is replaced by soft feather applications, so that the bride can move comfortably and feel free. On the other hand, dresses with transparencies can also be used, which hide the intimate parts of the bride with embroidery of applications that resemble the leaves of ferns.

Of course, to wear this type of dress, the bride must have an excellent figure. Otherwise, instead of looking beautiful and radiant, the result will be a true fashion catastrophe.

Some designers opt for wedding dresses that combine fabric with plastic. Likewise, they prefer brides to wear a short skirt and cape, rather than a long dress and train.

Flower arrangements

For this type of wedding, the arrangements that work the most are those made with white flowers, such as roses and daisies, as these allow you to play with colors. They usually look great with any type and color of tape, be it neon, gold, silver and even copper.

The way the flowers are arranged is also important. The most modern arrays are those that are large in size and linear in design. Another of the most modern arrangements is those made with orchids, as it is an exotic and very beautiful flower.

Bride’s bouquet

While it is true that there are many ways to organize the flowers that make up the bouquet, there are currently much more modern trends that are consistent with the futuristic theme of the wedding.

For example, instead of carrying a bouquet, you can use a single large flower. Also, you can use a bouquet of artificial flowers, adorned with rhinestones. Another different style is to carry the flowers inside a fan or use chains of flowers that hang from the bouquet.

In addition, there are those made with decorative spheres, similar to those used in Christmas trees, bouquets of pearls, colored balloons and flowers made with metallic colored lace.


Also, the decoration of the party should be full of colors such as silver, gold, white, neon, etc. In this way, reference will be made to metal, a characteristic element of the futurist movement.

The dance floor can be crowned with a large disco ball, which emits silver lights. On the tables of the guests, you can place some metallic pieces, such as those of the cars or other similar objects.

Hire people who walk among the guests dressed as robots or who wear futuristic-looking glasses, they are ideal to liven up the night, just like mosquitoes.

Now, what else should you take into account when preparing a futuristic wedding? Pay close attention to these additional recommendations and it will be unforgettable.

Tips for a futuristic wedding

Another important element of any wedding is music. Of course, as expected, for a futuristic wedding, the type of music should be electronic. You can hire a DJ who has a very modern hairstyle and who is dressed according to the theme of the wedding. It will be part of the decoration.

On the other hand, you cannot forget about food. But is it possible to serve a futuristic menu? Indeed, it is possible! A great option is molecular gastronomy. Hire a specialized chef, who has the ability to dispense exquisite but unconventional dishes to your guests.

If you follow these recommendations to the letter, there is no way you can go wrong when bringing your futuristic wedding to life. Let your imagination fly. Imagine you are in a time machine and travel 20 years into the future. Don’t be afraid to risk it. Be daring and, above all, enjoy each step of the assembly process.