The most special day of your life… That romantic act, that love pact with another person. Feel the sensation of a change of life… Leaving your parents to be with the love of your life every day. They are feelings that you will never be able to forget. Your wedding is the most desired, expected, longed-for event and should be the most enjoyed and remembered.Wedding decoration

Because it is your special day, your wedding must have a decoration in your style, where you are comfortable but that you show off. Perhaps it is on a beach, in a large hall or maybe something simpler in a house, the important thing is that you enjoy the last day of your single life.

Weddings are usually organized by special people who take care of them; to relieve work and burdens for the bride and groom. However, there are many ways to save money, such as organizing wedding decorations.

You will see how counting on the collaboration of friends and family, who will surely be willing, will be a piece of cake. There is no need to spend almost a lifetime’s savings on a wedding. You can decorate your wedding together with your female friends or family, and you will enjoy it.

Normally, when someone else is in charge of your wedding, they use personalized decorations and arrangements at their discretion. Still, organize everything yourself, with time and in an equitable way, delegating responsibilities to those willing to help you. Surely everything will be to your liking, and you will surprise at your wedding. Of course! Remembering that the most important thing is that you enjoy it to the fullest.

Next, we will show you many ideas to decorate weddings easily, quickly, and economically. If we get a budget for a wedding, they make very high amounts; because the bride always wants “everything”. Okay, give yourself a luxury, but save as much as possible because consumerism doesn’t want anything good.

Instructions for decorating weddings

The most important resources to take into account when starting to plan the decoration of a wedding are “spaces”. Take note of the spaces you will need:

  1. Where will the ceremony take place?
  2. The space to take pictures of the couple.
  3. Another space for family photographs and with guests.
  4. The space of the tables of sweets, sandwiches, fruit table and cake.
  5. A space for guest signatures.
  6. The space for guests to be seated.
  7. A space to dance and celebrate.
  8. A sanitary room appropriate in size for the number of guests at the wedding.
  9. An appropriate place for guests to park their vehicles safely.
  10. There are people who like the ecclesiastical ceremony with a priest in one space and the civil ceremony in another.

Remember to include everything in your budget, that your eyes go out for the ostentatious, and then you do not know how to pay your debts.

The motif or style of decoration

Now comes the good part: the type of decoration or the main details that will enhance the wedding; that is, the theme or style. Here comes the color, the centerpieces, the arrangements, and the decoration of the spaces, among others. Also, you must precisely clarify the number of guests; remember that, for the spaces, we will work based on it.

For the traditional

You can organize a girl or boy with the rings, the rose petals, the bouquet of flowers, and someone to carry them while the bride walks. Do not forget to find someone to help the bride raise the veil when kissing the groom.

Other important details that should be focused on in the chosen decoration style are:

  • The bride’s makeup.
  • The invitation cards.
  • The bride’s dress and the groom’s suit.
  • The dresses of the courtship or the women who go behind the bride.
  • The branch.
  • The bride’s garments.
  • The bride’s hairstyle.
  • The design of the photographs.
  • Cake and food in general.
  • Background sound and music.

Beach Wedding

  1. Choose the spaces. Remember that the best space for photographs and for the wedding as such is the shore of the beach.
  2. Use materials in nature, such as dry sticks, branches, and stones, to build a structure that simulates an altar.
  3. Place in each corner and in the center flowers. The rose is the most used at weddings, but carnations are also good.
  4. The colors of the roses you are going to place should be warm, showing coupling with the beach.
  5. Make a path of stones or snails; in the middle, you place scattered rose petals.
  6. Place the chairs on the sides of the stone path for the guests.
  7. On each chair, on the side of the stone path, you can place bouquets of roses or a flower arrangement. You can place them on a chair, one yes and one no, or according to your preference.
  8. You must place a table to sign if it is made of old wood better if you do not use materials that match the environment.
  9. A crown of roses on the bride’s head is a natural style. It will also help maintain the bride’s hairstyle.
  10. The cake must be covered in boxes or bags as a gift type; so that sand does not fall on it. Remember the breeze from the beach; it can spoil your cake. But to decorate you can place an artificial cake.
  11. Guide the guests not to go so formal and perhaps suffer on the beach. You can put on the card “remember to be barefoot” or something like that that interprets that they should be comfortable.

Outdoor wedding

Remember that the outdoors should be a comfortable and natural environment.

  1. Assemble an altar with wooden sticks, cover them with white cloth, make bows and organize them as shown in the image. You can put other details of your preference.
  2. Place something that hangs from the altar. It can be a heart like the one in the photo or something that goes with the decoration. It can also be flowers.
  3. Place the armchair that must be lined with some white fabric, and make bows like the ones above to decorate.
  4. Add an environmental touch by placing some green branches of a vine plant and hearts.
  5. Remember to place the table where the minutes are signed.
  6. Place candles and green branches on the table.
  7. Guests can sit on wooden benches from various stalls.
  8. Decorate them with bows in the corners and a heart or flowers.
  9. Do not forget the long-awaited trail of petals.

Wedding with specific reasons

If your motif is the Little Mermaid, then it is marine style.

  1. If your wedding is in a room, you can use shades of blue, beige, white, and coral red.
  2. Place tablecloths on the tables in blue with beige tablecloths and make centerpieces with coral and white combinations.
  3. Decorate with snails, corals, starfish, and even beach sand, the table where the cake will go.
  4. Make bouquets of flowers with coral and blue tones, tying them with white fabrics or ribbons and some beige details to highlight.
  5. Your white dress can be decorated with coral makeup.
  6. You can put on coral shoes that will combine with the whole scene.
  7. The groom’s tie must be coral or blue.
  8. In the space of the photos, we can make an altar with blue and coral fabrics. Decorating with light-colored roses.
  9. The sandwich table and the cake table should have tablecloths of different colors for the guests to distinguish. The cake table can be coral color already if the cake is blue.
  10. Even if they wear the same outfits that the little mermaid and her boyfriend have on the cake, that would be great.

Elegant wedding

In elegant weddings, the essential elements are fabrics and lights.

  1. Make a surprising arrangement on the ceiling with white fabrics and lights.
  2. Place luxurious lamps throughout the room.
  3. Make centerpieces with candles, white roses, and water and glass containers.
  4. The cake should be white with small gold or silver decorations.
  5. Add tablecloths with iridescent tulle-type fabric that will help to better reflect the light.
  6. The path of petals can be made with fabrics on the sides and inside the light fabrics to stand out. The petals would go in a scattered way inside the path.
  7. On top of each table, you can make a connection between the centerpiece dropped from the ceiling and a chain of crystals.
  8. In the space of the photos, place a large white or beige piece of furniture lined with tulle fabric and raised petals on the floor and a beautiful lamp with dim light so that it does not damage the photograph when intervening with the camera.

Wedding with balloons

  1. Place the balloon letters of your choice on the wall before entering the room, forming words that allude to your wedding.
  2. You can use silver, gold, and red colors. Some white latex balloons are satin, which looks very cute and delicate.
  3. If you decorate the chairs where they will be married, you can place a balloon with helium tied to each chair.
  4. Also, on the guests’ chairs, you can put balloons with helium, and there may be a surprise in it. It would be so much fun.
  5. You can place balloons with helium tied to the cake table on table. These look more delicate since it would not be the common way to stick them to the wall-forming figures.
  6. Let your imagination fly, and you can release helium balloons at the moment of the kiss, so they fly. At the same time, the photos are taken, and the guests applaud.

What do you need to decorate weddings?

  • Fabrics.
  • Flowers.
  • Balloons
  • Sticks, branches, and dry leaves.
  • Green bouquets of flowers.
  • Wooden tables or according to the reason.
  • Original centerpieces that you can design yourself.
  • Stones.
  • Snails.
  • Wood chairs.
  • Rose petals.
  • Lights.
  • Lamps.
  • Explosive ideas.
  • Hands-to-work.
  • Cheer up to start.

Tips for decorating weddings

  1. For beach, weddings are very careful with food and snacks. Remember that there is a lot of breeze with sand, and certain foods can harm you. Cover things well, so you don’t suffer accidents.
  2. Remember to clearly announce the wedding venue in the invitation, if it is on the beach they should go comfortable. If it is in a party room, the ideal is to dress formally; if the place is outdoors, the clothes must be fresh. Specify all that well on the card, so everyone agrees and enjoys them as much as you do.
  3. The type of makeup should be according to the place. Outdoors is simple and warm. But if it is in a salon elegantly, you can put on makeup with first-class makeup.
  4. Save money by using things you have at home to make centerpieces, decorations, and details.
  5. Gather your closest friends and family and explain that you need their support to achieve your dream. Most likely, they will not refuse and will come up with fantastic ideas.
  6. List your entire organization and your boyfriend; Note what you will do and who will do it. This will ease the loads, and you will enjoy the whole protocol more.