Before thinking about Christmas dinners, the ideal outfit for these dates or ideas to decorate the Christmas tree, you need to know how to decorate your house in general in order to make it have an ideal atmosphere. In this case we are going to explain how to decorate the house for Christmas following Fang Shun. 

This philosophy will allow you to surprise all your guests, in addition to creating a very special atmosphere; and with which you can attract all the positive energy on these dates.

Decoration of the entrance of the house according to Fang Shun at Christmas

According to Fang Shun, the entrance of the house is considered the “mouth of Chi”, that is, the largest entrance to attract positive energy to the home. At Christmas you can get a better look by decorating the front door; and for this you can opt for a Christmas wreath created with pine cones and pine branches, with details in gold and red.

You can also add some holly or mistletoe as they are good luck items. In addition, the house should be properly lit, to invoke happiness and prosperity.

Christmas colors according to Fang Shun

Fang Shun focuses its decoration on the incorporation of different natural elements such as metal, wood, earth, water and fire. As for the colors to choose, Christmas decorations in green and red should be included; as a symbol of wood and fire; and combine them in silver and gold tones, which represent the metal; the color brown, which represents wood; and the blue tones, which symbolize water.

If all these colors are included in the Christmas decoration, you will be able to attract abundance, prosperity and tranquility to your home.

Location and Fang Shun decoration of the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas and represents the element of wood. In addition, it also represents family growth and vitality; and the ideal for this element is to choose a green pine, although its location inside the home is more important.

In this sense, following the instructions on how to decorate the house at Christmas following Fang Shun, you should place it in the east or southeast area of ​​the room to enhance harmony and health for the whole family. In addition, you must decorate it with decorative elements that follow the colors that we have already mentioned about Fang Shun. Of course, when decorating the Christmas tree you should place the classic star or an angel on top of this element; and it is essential for Christmas wishes to come true.

Christmas table

The main table of the home is the place where the family gathers during the days of Christmas celebration; and for this reason Fang Shun pays great attention to this aspect. Seek to decorate it as a symbol of peace and good energy.

When choosing the Christmas table, it is recommended to opt, according to your philosophy, for round or oval tables, since they are the ones that tend to improve family communication, making dialogue between guests easier.

In addition, it is recommended to place a centerpiece in which there are different elements that are essential, such as candles, red and white flowers and apples. In this way, with these elements you will be able to attract all the good energies.

Candles and essential oils

The rooms of the home, according to Fang Shun, must have fragrances and aromas that are pleasant. To achieve this there is nothing like making use of essential oils and aromatic candles. You can choose those that you like the most, thanks to which you will be able to create a more welcoming and pleasant environment, being those of lavender, geranium, lemon and cinnamon, perfect options to be able to enhance positive energy.

Good luck Christmas decorations according to Fang Shun

There are many Christmas decorations that we can use on these dates to decorate our home. According to the philosophy of Fang Shun, colored balls, horseshoes, apples and bells stand out above the rest.

These are elements that offer better vibes for the home this holiday season. The reason is that they represent good luck, abundance and joy for the following year.

Good luck plants

According to the Fang Shun philosophy, there are different plants that attract good luck, and that you can include in your Christmas decoration. Among them we have to talk about:

  • Lotus flower. It symbolizes perfection in its maximum splendor.
  • Peonies. It is another of the flowers that attract good luck, and according to the philosophy of Fang Shun, above all they serve to attract romance and love.
  • Cherry-blossom. They attract good fortune and positive energy in the beginning.
  • Chrysanthemums. They attract good luck to the home and to have an easy and balanced life.
  • Orchid. They bring positivity and luck to the home, as well as being a symbol of fertility, perfection and abundance.