When we prepare a party, we would like everything to turn out as we thought at first and for that to happen we have to organize everything very well and above all, know how to decorate a party. Because when the guests arrive the first thing they will notice is the atmosphere, what the hosts have thought of to decorate it and if they like your party they will always remember it for the decoration.

That is why here we are going to give you some tricks so that you know how to decorate a party without having many headaches and being the envy of your friends.

Instructions for decorating a party

  1. First think about what you would like the party to be. If a theme party, for example theater or circus, or if it is a party for a specific date such as Halloween. Because depending on the type of party you choose and the theme you will have to focus on one thing or another.
  2. Now that you know what the party is going to be about, think about what things should be in it: cutlery, borders, food… but don’t just stay there. If, for example, it is a dramatic art party, think of everything that stands out in the world of dramatic art, think that there are clapperboards, scripts, scenarios; characters… write down everything there is because you are going to get a lot out of it.
  3. Instead of them entering through the normal door, decorate it as if it were a stage with a curtain that slides to the sides so that they enter at the beginning of the function that will be the party. On the walls you can stick cardboard with typical phrases like ‘a lot of shit’ or ‘let’s roll’. Anything you can think of will be fine. Instead of drinking from classic glasses and if you can’t find glasses with an original theater set, name them, not after the attendees, but rather after theatrical characters, more or less known to everyone.
  4. So that everyone is amazed as soon as they enter, that near the curtain of the entrance there is a kind of dressing room with different costumes and that each costume corresponds to a typical character and according to the character that each one chooses to dress, that is how it will be the name of the glass they will take to drink.
  5. Both the music and the walls and the rest of the objects in the house have to participate in the decoration. The music that is animated, according to the theme you have chosen and on the walls and ceiling or other corners of the house you can put or draw, on cardboard so as not to stain the walls, objects such as clapperboards or film tapes so that the people feel like protagonist.
  6. If you have chosen to be theater or acting, you could put cameras around the house that are recording so that when people go home they see that they have been the protagonists of a real movie.
  7. Above all, be original. Consider an idea of ​​how to decorate a party and take it to the end no matter how difficult it may seem.

Tips for decorating a party

  • Choose the theme that you like the most and write down on a piece of paper what should not be missing from it. So as you have it you can cross it out and you will see how less is left.
  • Ask more people for help so that it takes much less time to decorate the party, the idea may be yours but that does not mean that you can speed up the assembly with more people.
  • If there is something you have thought about but cannot find, do it yourself. It can’t be that complicated, whether it’s with cardboard or paper.
  • The party cake is also important and it is logical that it should go according to the theme you have chosen, so decorate it, or order them to do so.
  • Decorating a party is not complicated, you just have to have very clear ideas and carry it out, and so you should write everything down and have a list of the things you have to buy to cross them off.
  • On the day of the party, preparations begin well in advance. Leave the house or space decorated and then you will be the one to get ready, but first finish decorating the whole house.
  • You can look at ideas on the Internet to get inspired and know how you want to decorate your party, even if there is a movie that you like and in which there is a party, you can copy the style. It’s your party and probably no one will notice if the idea is yours or not.
  • The most important thing is that you end up satisfied with the decoration, because even if you ordered something to decorate it, all the ideas have been yours and after the effort of preparing everything, the best you can do at this point is enjoy your work of art and above all see how the rest of the guests are also enjoying the decoration you have chosen.