The wedding details are physical reminders that are given in the links and that allow the guests to take away a memory of the special day for the couple. In addition, it is a good opportunity for the bride and grooms to thank the wedding guests for their presence. For this reason, you have to be careful when making the decision to opt for a wedding gift or another.

In the vast majority of occasions, original wedding ideas are sought for the details, where it is about finding an ideal combination between the taste of the bride and groom and that of the visitors. However, there are a series of tips and considerations that it is always advisable to keep in mind to make a good choice of the appropriate details.

Tips for choosing wedding details

If you want to know how to choose wedding details, we are going to talk about everything you must take into account to make a good decision.


Although it may seem more than obvious, the reality is that it is worth remembering the importance of the budget. You must be clear at the time of getting married about the budget that will be allocated to each of the items, giving more or less importance to each of them depending on your preferences.

In general, the budget for wedding details is usually lower than for other items, but depending on the case, you can opt for handmade details, simple gifts or even small luxury items. Everything will depend on your possibilities and the type of gift you want to offer. However, you should not fall into the mistake of thinking that, because it is more expensive, it will be better.

Available time

On the other hand, you will have to take into account the time you have until the wedding to buy or create the wedding details if you choose to do them yourself. One tip in this regard is to always try to personalize the detail to the maximum, thus leaving your personal stamp when giving that gift that can remind everyone of your link.

Message to transmit

When choosing a wedding detail, you should not look for a random beautiful object. This should try to convey a message or provide utility. You must decide if you will seek to give them something that they can use in their day to day or something that is related to your interests or hobbies.

For this you will also have to keep in mind if it is a themed wedding, in which case the gift may also be. In addition, you can also focus on giving something edible that will delight them. Everything is a matter of taste.

Determine your style

Once you have already had to give many thoughts to the decoration ideas for the wedding, take advantage of it so that the same style is also present when choosing the gifts. This will help you to ensure that the wedding detail does not clash with the wedding itself, being a perfect way to fit it into the celebration.

The use of detail by the guests

A key point if you want to know how to choose the wedding details correctly is to determine the use that the guests are going to give to the details. This is key to being able to choose one gift or another, being able to distinguish:

  • Personal use: if you want them to be able to use it on a daily basis, you can give an  accessory  such as sunglasses, scarves, bracelets, socks…; natural cosmetic products (mirrors for handbags, perfumes, pill boxes, soaps…) or  useful technological products (adhesives for mobile phone covers, USB flash drives, etc.). That is, objects that can really give them utility. This is the most recommended today so that the detail does not end up forgotten in a drawer or shelf.
  • Consumption: If you prefer, you can opt for a consumption wedding detail, for which you can choose to give gastronomic delights from the place where the wedding is celebrated or some handcrafted products. Within this category we can include oils, wines, chocolate, sweets, honey…, which, presented in an appropriate packaging, can be a more than interesting and original gift.
  • For the home: Among the wedding details for guests, you can also give away small accessories for the home, such as  decorative candles, carved wooden boxes, picture frames, etc. The possibilities in this sense are enormous, but try to find that they are always useful.
  • Social causes: One way to give an original detail is to opt for solidarity wedding details, which allocate part of the wedding budget to an item for an NGO or a special cause for the couple. In this sense, a card or a symbolic gift informing them of the economic contribution can become a very nice and meaningful gift

If you take all of the above into account, you will find that it will be easier for you to know how to choose the wedding details.