One of the news that many like the most (and others not so much) is that there are people close to them who decide to get married. Once the moment of hearing the news has passed, it is common for many doubts to arise about how to dress for the wedding, how to choose the dress, the shoes, the bag… 

For many it can become a hard headache to know how to choose the wedding guest dress, which is why we are going to explain the points that you must take into account when making the final choice and being able to dress within your personal style but always up to par. Follow our tips to choose the perfect wedding guest dress.

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding guest dress

To avoid some problems in making the decision to choose one dress or another as a wedding guest, we leave you with a series of recommendations and points to take into account to make the right decision:

Evaluate the closeness with the boyfriends

The first thing you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect dress is to assess the degree of closeness or kinship with the bride and groom, since based on this you will have to fulfill one role or another on the day of the ceremony. It is not the same to look for a dress for those ceremonies in which you must go unnoticed than if you are a bridesmaid or a brother is getting married, for example.

The role on the wedding day

On many occasions, the mistake of putting too much pressure on oneself about the role to play in a wedding is made. Regardless of the role you have within it, you should not condition your look so that it is more or less exaggerated than that of the rest of the guests. You should always look for a look that reflects your personality.

However, it must be taken into account that the fact of being a godmother or sister makes the protocol more flexible. For example, the sisters of the groom or bride, as well as the godmother, can go long if they wish, although in this case it will depend on the type of wedding.

Type of celebration

Once you are clear about your role and role according to what was mentioned above, to know how to choose the wedding guest dress, you must take into account the type of celebration. For this you must know when and where it will take place.

The first thing is to know the date since this will mark the type of season that your look will have to have, whether it is spring/summer or autumn/winter. Also, you need to know the time, as this will dictate whether you will have to dress for day or night. The attire will also be conditioned by the type of celebration, if for example it is a cocktail type or not.

Regarding the type of celebration, it will also be necessary to know the type of event and the place of celebration. This will determine whether you can opt for a more informal look, such as if it is celebrated on the beach, or more classic and strict if it is celebrated in a mansion. Therefore, pay attention to the wedding invitation to know these details.

How to start making decisions

Once you know the date, time, place and type of celebration, it is time to decide when to look for your style. You can watch for months, but it is recommended not to make the final decision until a month or a month and a half before the date of the event. This way you will not make the mistake of choosing a dress and then see another one that you like much more.

On the other hand, you will have to take into account your silhouette and avoid innovating excessively. If you think that one type of dress favors you, look for a guest design that can be adapted to what makes you feel comfortable. A wedding is not the best time to innovate, since it is very possible that you do not feel comfortable with the dress.

Purchase order

It is important that when making your purchases to attend a ceremony you focus first on the main piece of your look, which will usually be the dress or outfit it, and then the accessories.

However, in the event that you are clear that you want to wear a headdress, it is something that you should keep in mind when choosing a dress. It is easier to change accessories than to look for another dress if necessary.


Of course, at all times you must manage the budget. Avoid looking for tempting brands that are not within your reach at the moment. The best thing is that you set a maximum budget for everything that has to do with the wedding. From that moment, you will be able to check what you spend on the dress and each of the accessories. This way you will avoid unnecessary expenses.

Hairstyle and makeup

Once the dress and accessories have been chosen, it will be the moment in which you can make the choice of hairstyle and makeup. The hairstyle will be determined by the type of headdress and the type of neckline or details of your dress.