The first wedding anniversary is the best of all for many, but every year, when this date is reached, you can find a different way to celebrate it in a special way. In addition to knowing how to find the best gift for your girlfriend, what to give for a silver wedding or knowing how to celebrate a glass wedding,

If you are now looking for how to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a special way, we are going to give you a series of original ideas to make this day very special.

Ideas to celebrate the Wedding Anniversary

There are many ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary in a special way. We talk about different options:

Celebrate the wedding anniversary in your city

Some ideas to celebrate this special date without going on a trip but without staying at home are:

  • Go back to the place where you met. A good option is to return to that place where you met or where you had your first dates, be it a pub, a restaurant, a nightclub or any other place.
  • Hotel night. You will not need to leave your city or the province to enjoy a very special night in a hotel, being able to choose a suite to make it more special. It is perfect to relive the wedding night, especially if it is accompanied by a romantic dinner and services such as a spa.
  • Throw a party. There are special anniversaries, such as golden or silver weddings, in which a great option is to prepare a great party with friends and family. However, you can always organize a surprise party, as well as being able to combine the party with a vow renewal.
  • Sign up for some classes together. It is about taking advantage of the occasion to do something together, such as signing up for art classes, dance, a sport, etc., something that interests you both.
  • Jacuzzi, Spa, Massage or sauna. In the event that you live very intensely, with a lot of work or simply to relax, a great way to relieve stress is by going to sauna, Jacuzzi, beauty treatments or massage services. It is, without a doubt, a good way to celebrate this day.

Celebrate the Wedding Anniversary from Home

In the event that you want to celebrate the wedding anniversary from home, you have different possibilities to do so. Some of the proposals for this are the following:

  • Relive the wedding. One of the options you have for this is to relive the day of the wedding, preparing a few glasses of wine, something to snack on and enjoy the video of your wedding, soaking up the memories of that special day.
  • Plant-flowers. If you plant the flowers you chose for your wedding in your garden, it will also be a way to make reference to that special day. They can be flowers from the centerpiece, from the bride’s bouquet, from the decoration of the church…
  • Spa. If you have a bathtub at home you can make a spa at home. It will be enough to fill the bathtub with water and bath salts, prepare some candles, a decoration and enjoy a glass of alcohol.
  • To the table to prepare a breakfast, a lunch, a brunch or a romantic dinner there are different options to be able to enjoy and give pleasure to the palate. You can also hire a chef to come to your house and prepare a dinner or lunch for you, and you can even ask him to cook the dishes you ate at the wedding.
  • Picnic or romantic dinner. Preparing a picnic to enjoy outdoors or a romantic dinner is a great option to celebrate this special date. For the second you can go to your favorite restaurant

Travel to celebrate a wedding anniversary

If you are people who like to travel and see the world, there are several options:

  • Weekend getaway. A romantic getaway is the perfect plan to celebrate love and relax, making time for the two of you. It is an option to take into account to celebrate this day.
  • Plan a Road trip. A car trip where you plan a very special route and travel from one place to another is a great option. This way you can enjoy the trip in a different way.
  • Wine-tasting. In Spain you can visit many wineries that offer wine tasting, being an ideal option for lovers of this drink. In addition, you will also find alternatives with other drinks.
  • Unique experiences. Among the most popular options is resorting to unique experiences, there are many options to celebrate this day looking for something special that you will never forget. In this way you can ride a balloon, a spa circuit, drive a supercar, etc.

In this way, you have different options to know how to celebrate the Wedding Anniversary, thus making it a perfect day for both of you.