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How to Celebrate Christmas at Work

How to Celebrate Christmas at Work

With the arrival of the last months of the year we are already beginning to think about celebrating Christmas, a time of the year long awaited by many people. This is a holiday season when it is common to start decorating homes, looking for how to hang Christmas balls in the best possible way or even trying to know how to make a Christmas stocking to decorate.

However, beyond filling our own home with a Christmas atmosphere, we can also do the same in our office or work. In fact, carrying out Christmas activities at work can be an excellent way to create greater communion and a better atmosphere in the workplace; although the possibilities in this sense, as is logical, will depend on the business sector in which you are.

Ideas to celebrate Christmas at work

Working during the Christmas season is not the most fun in the world for many, but there are different ideas that you can take into account to make this a better experience; and also to promote the festive spirit of the different departments of a company.

In this way, if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to encourage colleagues and make work more fun during Christmas, keep in mind our recommendations:

Decorate the office with Christmas motifs

One of the most fun aspects of Christmas is to flood the home or premises with decorations. For this reason, the first thing you should do if you want to know how to celebrate Christmas at work is to decorate with lights, socks, nativity scenes and, of course, the classic Christmas tree, an essential.

The fact that there is decoration and decoration in the office or workplace will help in making the workers a little more motivated. In addition, the whole team can be involved when decorating to encourage teamwork.

Invisible friend

The Secret Santa game is a Christmas classic and perfect for the world of work. While it's always a good idea to be original, some traditions like the Secret Santa tradition should be upheld.

This is a great way to bring employees together into different teams, allowing them to receive a small gift for the holidays. It will be as simple as preparing cards with the name of each employee and for each of them to choose one. The chosen one will correspond to who is your invisible friend, setting a maximum budget so that buying the gift is not a problem for anyone. It is not about looking for something expensive, if not something cheap but that is original or that can make the other person excited.

Originality at the company Christmas dinner

On the occasion of Christmas, the usual company dinners are held, which are already a traditional part of the holidays. However, beyond the conventional, you can choose to seek originality. Unfold your imagination and look for creative options, such as a costume contest or a Christmas sweater contest. The idea is to look for a Christmas full of fun in the company.

In this way you will get all the employees to soak up the Christmas atmosphere, which will also probably make them feel more motivated. Likewise, there are different plans that you can use and that are alternatives to celebrate Christmas in the company. This is the case of theme parties, fun days, trips and other company events.

Enjoy the Christmas delicacies

Something very representative of Christmas is sweets, so you can take the opportunity to share meals and treats at work. Each of the workers can bring their favorite dish to work, or share different Christmas sweets. In this way, everyone will feel part of the celebration and it will help the workers to feel even more this holiday so desired by many.

Christmas themed games

This time of year is a good opportunity to make work also is seen as a place where there is room for fun. For this you can prepare different activities and games with Christmas themes, something you can have, for example, during lunch.

You can organize a gymkhana by organizing the workers into groups and preparing different tests of memory, dexterity or mimicry, taking the opportunity to reward the winner or winners; and with consolation prizes for the others. The possibilities of activities to do are endless and everything will depend on how creative you can be.


Christmas has always been associated with happiness and joy. In order to make the workers feel more engaged with each other and get into the Christmas spirit you can gather the staff to carry out some kind of charity work.

To do this, you can resort to visiting orphanages or hospitals, collaborating with foundations or NGOs, going to nursing homes and volunteering for a day; make small donations, etc. Solidarity is always a reason to celebrate.